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Anyone else drinking tonight? I couldn't see a frogs n feels thread or anything like that up.

>What are you drinking?
>Anything to get off your chest?
>Just want a chat

Last university exam was today. Everyone went out to a BBQ after and will be going out tonight. Feels bad missing out on it all, but at least it's over now. I hope.
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I'm trying not to drink cause I'm fat and it treats me like shit but my mind is screaming at me to use again
Iktf. tfw left out and tfw drinking problem.
I just tried rum and coke

I'm not familiar with hard liquor yet so I have no idea if it's supposed to taste like topical antiseptic

Have you succumb to cocklust?
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Which one is best, Gujira or Nagi ichi?
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b-but wouldnt that be gay

Nagi is GOAT

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ITT: Robots petition for a new board, /wiz/ - Wizardry.

Are you tired of nomalfags shitting up /r9k/? Let's try for a new board.

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Wizchan bro
wizchan is fucking dead but no we don't need a wiz board here (god no)
Way to slow. I gotta have a board to post on all day as I have nothing else going on

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how do i kill myself without my family feeling bad?

i want to die but i dont want to hurt my family
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wait for them to die first
Be a hateful asshole piece of shit that makes their life miserable so they hate you and want you to die.
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Why do you wanna kill yourself, anon?

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Post anything you want in this thread, and I will translate it into my super secret cipher.
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cum gargling cock receptacle
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An odd request, here it is.
A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z :3

Girlfriend had to get an abortion. 2 months. She took it super bad. I just spent the past 4 hours with her trying to get her to stop crying and
now we've decided that it was a girl named Sirris and the gf seems okay.. I am not. Im shattered. I couldnt show it coz i didnt want her to get any more upset, but i feel sick. My first child was killed and i am losing my mind. Someone help.
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Use preventive measures next time, dingus.
I'm sorry anon. It wasn't the right time. Have you both been offered counselling?
retard. How fucking hard is it to not get your girl pregnant you dumbass

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You have 24 hours to live. What do you do?
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Indulge in as many vices as possible before I die.
Try to have sex, listen to some good music, eat some good food, get together with family, and then repent to Jesus Christ just in case.
take as many people with me as I can desu

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Normies welcome edition
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My guilty pleasure is those "shop/eat well for less" shows

Middle class morons who don't understand basic personal finance
I see Hitchens posters here on the same level as Nazi bronies, basically what are you doing lads?

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What kind of chance do we stand if Elliot didn't even make it? He was literally perfection, and couldn't get a gf or excel in life as a chad.

Just what the hell are we standing against if HE couldn't handle it?
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He was a supreme gentleman to be sure...

But he was also a total narssicist.
>total narcissist
You mean total realist?

...and chads are love incarnates? Scince when is weakness attractive?

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>bring up my past bfs to current bf
>he doesn't mention past gfs, stays silent
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>thinking anybody cares about all the guys who reamed your loose asshole
Are you sure he even has any past relationships? Maybe he was silent cause he had nothing to share and was embarrassed?
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Came here just to say checked and I hate you

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>just turned 20
>I've only had sex with 4 girls total

Am I the biggest robot of them all?
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is this some sort of humblebrag cringe
no this is very low tier bait.
Time to get out normal fag.

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I'm bored and have no one to talk to
let's all be friends, friends
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Fine, I'll try to be your friend. How are you, anon?
add me on discord fren..
I know the feeling. The truth is we're all going to die alone.

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Are we allowed to talk about Ella Freya here?
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she has a cool name
iu want to see her boos
no close
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she's Dutch

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>have very close and loving relationship with older sister
>whenever we meet we hug and kiss and touch each other
>usually on the lips and sometimes several times and sometimes a bit more sloppy
>every kiss feels intimate and sexy as fuck
>want a gf but sister takes more attention from me so I never manage to do it
>sister even offered me to take my virginity

why is big sister the best kind of sister?
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If she's not a tanned deliquent who bullies your dick when mom and dad aren't home she's shit tier tbqh
she doesn't bully me, she is a like a second mother to me.
she loves spending time with me and we cuddle a lot.
shit is cash.
Post her panties pls

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Have you met any strange or unusual people online? Who's the most interesting person you've ever met on the internet?
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I met a guy in an r9k Skype group who sometimes sends really thoughtful messages to me. Like, "I'm thinking about you" "I love you" and more obscure things like song lyrics and nervous reaction images.

I'm not gay, but I'm really glad I met him.
Are you trans?

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