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What is the most feminine of the 16 types? That is my goal personality because I'm a MtF transgender. I think it might be ESFJ. Currently an INFJ.
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Probably INFJ because emotion based and such
INFP is probably most feminine, but I think as a dyke that INFJ is by far the cutest, so you're already perfect.
please explain Ni to me, i dont really get it. what does it feel like to use it?

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/r9k/, I am posting this to you in extreme agony. This is no copy pasta, this isn't a stupid post trying to get attention, this is a serious cry for help. I have been faithfull to you, /r9k/, for many years, and now I hope you can help me.
I was trying to shave my genitals today, to make them a little more comfortable for summer. I had no razor, so I was using some titanium scissors. Needless to say, I missed and accidentally removed a sizable chunk from the head of my PENIS. I passed out at first, but I woke up an hour or so later, covered in blood. I was able to stop the bleeding...but I wanted to put it back on and hope it would all be better.... I used super glue. It's holdong on there, but theres still blood, and a really bad line around the chunk, and it hurts oh god so bad... I have no medical insurance so I can't go to the doctor, and I live by myself so I can't get anyone else to help.
I need someone on /r9k/ who knows something about medical stuff. What can I do? I don't know, if I leave it on there with the glue will it heal itself back on? Help me please, it hurts a lot. I've already taken 4 extra strength tylenol and its not helping...
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go 2 gospital
go to the hospital or ur dick is gonna fall off
Run to hospital you dumb son of a bitch

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Are Anglos with light hair and eyes allowed in?
Yes, welcome my Saxony brother
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Wer /Hahnrei/ hier?

Anyone actually take this guys advice?
Also, he's only 5'6"
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mantlet meme need to stop
He never once mentions proof where his grooming and alpha tips gets him pussy. He's just getting money off sad beta cucks
why wouldn't you take his advice? a lot of it is really practical and barebones, like what to wear with slacks, what to get fitted, how should you be dressing when going to clubs.

i subbed because i eventually wanted to start dressing like a grown up man and he has awesome fashion advice, basically.
everything else i don't really pay attention to, it's probably trash.

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American cops are either domestic terrorists, or the militaristic nature they've taken violates the Third Amendment of the USA Constitution. Prove me wrong.
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Nobody cares about your shithole 1st world country.
Prove me wrong.
Anonymous, you are wrong.
I care.
bumparoni with cheese

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>be me
>poor my whole life (sharing one can of corned beef for a household of 5, living in really disgusting apartments, no computer, no air-conditioning, etc)
>constantly jumped from different schools
>was bullied at school by shitskin fuckers (teachers included) because i couldn't speak or understand their language and also because i wasn't fuckin BROWN
>didn't finish school
>stopped at 5th gr because family couldn't afford it
>all this because my dad was a violent abusive absent drug addict
>18 now
>still fuckin poor and backed up in debts
>only academical knowledge i have is from 5th grade
>can't get job in 3rd world shit country where healthcare isn't free nor education because gov is corrupt and they only hire highschool grads here
>feel so fucking useless and dumb for not being able to help my mom out or provide for my little brother
>don't even have skills, talents or even hobbies

i want to kill myself but i'm too much of a fucking pussy to do it. i am literally worthless and i feel like i couldn't do anything to prevent this. i don't want my family to lose their home or starve anymore. i'm sick of seeing my mom struggle but there's nothing i can do.
can anyone relate and do you have solutions?
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What country do you live in? You seem to have a pretty good grasp of the English language
>one can of muh beans a day
>can afford a device used to post on the internet

where the fuck do you live?
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>only academical knowledge i have is from 5th grade

literally the same as me. 6-8th grades are a blur and dropped out of highschool. Am 19 now. I think it's too late for us my phamily

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ITT autistic things you do to feel superior to normies
I'll start
>collecting vinyl
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>be a virgin
Vinyl is pretty fucking normie

that's all it is, we aren't superior at all - that's why society loves them and hates us

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For 100,000 dollars a year would you join the Yakuza?
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Yeah I don't care if I live or die, thing is I'm white though.
I would join the Yakuza for free.
What would they need me for? 100k sounds like a sweet salary, but what do I need to do?

I can make more by continuing on my current path anyway.

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>just had the ''traps aren't gay talk'' with parents
>they got confused so I had to explain what trap meant
>mom looks visibly disgusted after I use the phrase young crossdressers
>try and explain the idea of how all men find cock appealing
>dad has none of it and keeps encouraging me to just accept that I'm gay
>mum stays silent the entire time
>dad asks me if I'd suck a dick
>say I wouldn't suck a normal guy's dick
>asks me if I'd suck a tranny's dick
>say it's not gay if she's feminine looking
>insists I'm gay and tries to comfort me
>mum still dead silent
>get up and go to bedroom, watch some spongebob and try to forget about it

how did your parents react?
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Why do you have to convince yourself so hard that they arent gay?
Sounds like you're the one who brought the topic up, seeing how they're confused about what trap meant.
>told them I like short-hair, tomboy girls and have a burning desire to make them pregnant many times
>my dad gets drunks and beats me to near death yelling things like "thicc mommy gf only" and "i wish i had a cute daughter to hug"
>my mum converts to islam and voted for hillary just to spite me
It could have been worse OP, your mum wanted to be a grandma pretty bad thats all

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AMA Brobots
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Who is your favorite Asian pornstar?
Lucy li even though she isn't even remotely Asian
Get the fuck off r9k you piece of shit

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Robots, be honest, how many of you crossdress?
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I'm a repressing tranny, so yeah I do from time to time.
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What do you mean? How tranny are ya?
I still didn't try it but I really want to. I already have a wig but I'm planning to buy another one or two, and some clothes and make-up stuff too.

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Lottery Tickets.jpg
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I need lucky numbers guys
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Well you got dubs

So that's pretty good
The numbers only go from 1 to 45
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kek has bless you with double dubs choose whatever>>37348700

I'm a 26 year old girl and have never had a relationship.

Am I emotionally stunted due to this? If so, what can I do to develop the maturity levels of my peers?
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All I can say is you need to get with an older man and get married ASAP before you hit that wall and you're forever doomed to crazy cat lady status.
Idk,maybe Try online dating? worked for me,lasted a couple months though
I don't want to get married

Tried online dating, guys were only looking for sex even on okcupid

I'm not trying to get a boyfriend anymore anyway. I just want to know how to make up for a lack of emotional development.

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Is a woman's life easier than a mans?
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a woman can get away with a lot of aggressive and disrespectful behavior without getting hit. As a male, you gotta be more careful.
agree with this

Additionally when they eventually push it to far they either get a lighter sentence or when she gets hit (in public) she is more likely to have people flock to her aid even though a few moments before she may have been beating a man
Socially yes, professionally no.
Depends on which you value more I suppose.

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whats your excuse? robottards.
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shes 22 and married to him when she was 19 and most likely as a virgin.
>but full head of hair and good nose

she could have married much worse. kids should be incredibly hot.
>A South Indian with a European makes a North Indian
Really makes you think

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