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>decide to be more open
>start expressing my opinions
>everybody dislikes me
>literally everything was better when I was the quiet one

j-just be yourself hahaha
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>>start expressing my opinions
In a rational or autistic fashion?
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I actually try to give rational, well expressed thoughts.

But it turns out going against the most popular opinion isn't the wisest choice if you want to be liked.

>mfw lesson learned
>But it turns out going against the most popular opinion isn't the wisest choice if you want to be liked.
Post a story how it went

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I intentionally become friends with females over Discord/Kik/Social of Choice only to ask them to ERP with me. I'm a pathological liar and I'm afraid I don't care.
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What does ERP mean?
Erotic Roleplay

(Original comment, I swear)
>get girls on omegle to like me, show tits etc
>lie about myself in order to promote said tit showing
>record using hypercam2
>rarely ask their age
>after fap feel guilt and delete all the hypercam recordings

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This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts, rerards?
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What's a rerard

You made that word up admit it
File: IMG_2535.jpg (67KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts? Regards? Insight?
His nipples look like they're trying to escape his chest.

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>be me, from belgium, 22 yo, khv, no friend, no family, dropped out of high school, unemployed, ugly
>have to pass a theory before passing the driver licence test
>you can only fail this theory two times, then you need to pay 100 euros for 12 hours of lessons
>you have 50 questions, and you're allowed to make 9 mistakes
>tried once when i was 20 years old, got 39/50
>decide to get my shit together and pass it again now that im 22
>study for 3 months
>go there, get 40/50
>even stupid muslim shitskins that barely speak our language passed this shit successfully
>i know nobody that failed two times, and 90% of them didnt study as much as me
>all the jobs in my city require a driver licence so i cant even apply and because of that i will probably even lose my neetbux
>tfw eternal loser, why am i even trying
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>could only have 7 mistakes
>got 46/47
tough luck mate
Where you from anon, I'm in Brussels. Nice to see a fellow belgian robot.
Does living in Belgium lend itself to robot behavior?
At least you can get a rent-a-whore (or drive to NL dunno how it works on your side)

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>talented motion graphic designer
>becoming homeless for reasons

anybody wants a motion graphic video? hire me bros im gonna die
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>looks the other way
File: 1498133431511.png (139KB, 394x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>fell for the arts and media career meme

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Why is anime not a bannable offense on /r9k/?

It has nothing to do with being a robot.
Neither does porn.
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"Being a robot" has nothing to do with /r9k/ either.
Omg you're a retard. Robots love anime stupid
>>23675599 should answer your question.
Will that be all?

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>over 200 people burn to death in oil tanker explosion in Pakistan
>Nobody cares
>80 (probably non-white) people die in a fire in London
>Nobody cares and the number of the dead victims still isn't clear
>UN designated hospitals are blown up even when they're telling them to stop
>Nobody cares because those bombs were made by Christians so they don't kill people, they only hug them to death

>7 white people die on the London bridge because a van hit them
>some guy waves a knife in front of the parliament

I sense a pattern here. Things only matter if white people die.
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Ofc it does, do you see us crying about all the cows being slaughtered?
wow! people care about their own group over others? who would have thought! it's not like this is proven time and time again when different human groups intermingle!
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Lord Humungus.jpg
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great bait m8te

>created astronomy
>created written language
>advanced the beginning of mathmatics
>created medicine
>literally were the first human beings


>get treated like trash in 2017
White people have no respect for their lineage.
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Fuck off neckbeard, don't you have a cuck themed Tumblr to run?
>despite being great at everything they somehow managed to get enslaved by arabs and whites
>live in houses of mud in this day and age
>eat biscuits made of mud
>commit murder and rape more often than any other race
What went wrong?
This us the modern 21st century male folks. Ignorant and proud of it.

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eliza bus.jpg
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>average lifepsan of a heroin addict is 50.
>fent+heroin is 30.
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who cares?
she sucks niggerdick anyways
is it bad that those statistics turn me on?
>Citation Needed.
Can you give me a link that proves your claims.

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what are your weird enjoyments anons? shit that is really strange or odd but you enjoy anyway.

>Enjoy playing games while listening to porn in the background
>not fapping but just listening to the shit acting or story
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I really enjoy jam and cheese together, especially on toast with brown sauce
am i a bad person?
I really enjoy the sound of bones cracking, whether its someone cracking their neck or videos of bones being broken. i find the sound oddly soothing
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I enjoy trolling everyone I know on Normiebook

>Make tinder profile
>almost no matches
>Few matches that I have almost no one answers back
>Talk to one a little bit
>She wants to fuck
>Sends me a pic
>Is this thing
Should I?
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no, you'll regret it
Just look at that house. That door, the wooden flooring. Not only is she a gross walking manatee who sends pictures of her disgusting body with ease, she lives in a shit hole of a house.
You will regret it.
absolutely not whaty the fuck

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name a better anime opening than this one

you cannot

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I should really rewatch Zeta Gundam

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As a hispanic, how do I get an indian/middle eastern girl?

No other girls do it for me.
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>As a hispanic
pic related or find literally the fattest one you can lmao
What can desi or arab women offer that spic girls can't?

Better off sticking to spics desu.
Go for a pajeeta.
Make her spicy food.
Work hard.
Have a designated shitting bed.
Be a man.
Grow gross looking facial hair.
Her Sungbulli heart will be yours.
Remember to watch out for poo.

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>System update in 28 minutes
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Also general Runescape thread
any anon want to have 25k worth of runes? don't play anymore i'm standing by lumbridge castle in a cow suit in world 381
File: Screenshot_8.png (257KB, 758x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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still waiting for someone to come by (also giving away rune axe)

3 week old baby left alone with three "nanny dogs". You wont believe what happens next!
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You just don't leave these things alone together
Virtue signal Dog eats you like a pringle

The dog was just poorly trained :^) There are no bad dogs, especially not ones that were bred for the specific purpose of fighting :^)

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