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I wasn't happy with my practice girlfriend even though she made me food, talked to me and serviced my body on the regular. I laid awake at night and dreamt of someone else.

I think I'd rather have a qt girlfriend who treated me like absolute shit and cheated on me. Am I a terrible person?
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yes you are lad, yes you are.
My guess is that you found the relationship boring because you were never challenged in anything and she was more of a servant than a partner.
Although you probably wouldn't like a relationship with conflict either. It's the human condition
You are the Chad of gremlins, OP

>be me
>12 yrs old, cringy chick in middle school
>best friend asks if i wanna go out wit her
>i say yes for no fucking reason
>im not even gay, or bi
>we make out everyday
>i break up with her
>she gets mad
>she poisons my cat in anger
>10 years later im still fucking sad over my cat
>i cant watch lesbian porn anymore without thinking of her
>i cant look at any woman without thinking of her

what the fuck do i do. I cry everytime a girl slightly mentions she would date me
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:( rip catman
Poison her next love to avenge cat
Was he a cute cat

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what do cute black girls smell like?
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>what do cute black girls smell like?


t. around black girls often
Like niggers.

Unoriginal comment for an unoriginal shill thread.
>t. redditor meme faggot

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What's stopping you from acting on your fetish?
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The fact a person may be created from it, KYS
took me way too long to figure out it was a penis rather than a really bloated vagina

also fuck out of my board you degenerate faggot
Can't drive, don't have cute hair cut, don't have the faniancal resources and the absolute shame from parents.

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>that social game that men play where everyone tries to exert dominance over one another

This shit is especially awful in the workplace and becomes especially pronounced around succubi

Anybody else know what I'm talking about? Shit is so fucking tiresome
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No, I only work with women.
I'm planning to plant cocaine in the truck of a former co-worker who got me fired through this "I gotta assert my dominance" shit. We'll see who's dominating who when he's getting beaten with a nightstick in county jail.
Only a normalfag would be this petty.

>"I'm ovulating anon"

wat do?
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use trap in comment so filters can do their work please
Honestly just fuck off you fucking moron
probably start crying
i hate being gay. i hate that part of myself. shit cost me the only friendship i ever had and my job along with my relationship with my parents. everytime i see i pic like that and get hard, it makes me cry. it sucks that even masturbation cant give me comfort anymore

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crossdressing pepe.jpg
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I'm really into scat, in fact it's pretty much the only way I'll ever masturbate. Whenever I do, I'll do a shit in a sieve in the toilet (so that the watery stuff leaks through but the solid doesn't), take the shit out and use it like lube on my cock. I just get a rush out of the smell and the fact that it's so lewd, its usually enough excitement for me to want to masturbate again when cleaning myself up. I typically don't masturbate any other way unless I'm really desperate and it's in a place like a public toilet or something.

I was wondering, how should I disclose this information to people I date? Since it's the only way I can have sex, it seems kind of rude to get right up to getting kinky then being like 'oh yeah, by the way I'm into scat'. Should I make it super clear right from the first date? I'm really struggling to think of the best option here, since sex is important for most people's relationships, so I don't want to lead people on, but I also don't want to put people off me so quickly.

What do I do? How would you respond if the person you were dating told you they were into scat?
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Get counseling
Everyone has their kink, I wish more people understood that. Scat is not for me(even though I've licked several girls asses) My only suggestion would be to post something on Craigslist, or somewhere here on 4chan. If you do ever meet someone make sure its public at least a first.

This is out of curiosity, do you do anything to prevent bacteria from getting you know, anywhere? Seems like a fetish that you should take a couple precautions for.
Jesus fucking Christ.

I've seen 100's of videos on bestgore, and regularly browse rekt/gore threads, but that is fucking disgusting.

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guys whats somethibg fun to do besides sit around bored

inb4 video games, whacking off or suicide
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night walk

Truely patritan.
does this or can this include cigarettes along the way

that does seem quite nice
I would have the cops called on me if i went for a night walk, lol.

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Is it normal for the smell of pussy to make you gag? I hired a woman of the night to take my virginity as a 25th birthday present to myself. I went down on her and the whole time the only thing I could do to keep from barfing was to breathe through my mouth. Is this normal? This was three days ago and I can still smell it on my fingers and gag every time
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>doing the submissive act on the whore
Anon, we've been over this...
It's a submissive act because it's dirty
Either enjoy smelling for days or get a girlfriend whose smell you do like
One time I went 30+ hours without washing and smelled great. Idk what I did differently. I wash/shave beforehand every time and if he can't wait or wants some heat of the moment bullshut he can finish without me, fuck it.
You went down on an escort, lad? Yikes.

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White people and nonwhite people can be equally smelly but the nonwhite will still be seen as more disgusting. In order to just be equal to a smelly white man, we should smell good. We always have more pressure to smell good to be accepted but white people don't. Why is that ?
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Everyone stinks or appears to stink in their private parts. All humans naturally smell and anyone who's had sex knows there is some smell involved
I think it's more an effect of in group vs out group mentality than anything else

because white people are the majority so if one smells like shit they can just say "damn that dude smells like shit"

but if they meet a brown boi who smells like shit they can easily say "damn those people smell like shit"

that being said, as an Indian I gotta concede there's a lot of people from the Indian + MENA part of the world who just smell fucking horrible, and when I meet a guy at my university with strong body odor he is Indian almost 100% of the time - don't know if this is due to genetics or due to a lack of importance placed on the use of deodorants and antiperspirants, probably both
It's probably what you eat. I've met a lot of smelly whites (nonwhite country btw) who smell like hotdog water.

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I drink too much on a pretty regular basis and got particular excessive last weekend with cheap rice liquor. The next day I couldn't keep down food and threw up a decent amount of fresh blood.
Anyone ever have a similar experience?
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how long have you been drinking?
do you have ulcers?

It could also be from the esophagus, that happened to my alcoholic mom.
I'm 22 but I've drinking since like 14, though only excessively since I was 21. Not aware of any preexisting conditions other than acid reflux, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking that I just some temporary damage to some gastric tissue, but I'm worried I could've done some serious damage to my liver. Either way I'm taking it easy on alcohol for a while
How is your mom now? Honestly I think it's the esophagus for me too

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>be trap
>flirt with guys online for attention
>they think I'm a cis girl and orbit me
>several of them confess to me
>ghost them once I get bored
Anyone else do this? Being a girl is so fun.
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>>ghost them once I get bored

you're mentally and emotionally ill.
>inb4 no I'm not
>also degenerate
lol you sound mad
>implying anyone on /r9k/ is mentally sound

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people go on about all the inventions they are gonna have in the future but no-one will care about any of them once they invent a euphoria machine. why would you care about anything in real life if you just feel a constant euphoria from some sort of device? maybe it will be a advanced form of virtual reality or some kind of drug that is cheap with no side effects. no-one will care about real life if they just feel euphoric constantly. the goal of humanity should be to make people as happy as possible, and they can do this by artificially creating happyness. in the future we could be all hooked up to these machines. no-one will care about real life. there will be people that, for whatever reason, think that the machines are bad and unnatural so they try and live a pure life without them. maybe there will be people whose job it is to feed the people hooked up to the machines.

i posted this on my facebook but i have no friends so i am posting it here.(plus they are retarded christians who probably couldnt comprehend what i am on about.) what are your thoughts on this?
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wow i thought my post was really revolutionary and people would find it interesting. i guess even people on this board are vapid.
heroin achieves basically this and is deadly. plenty of people use it.
yeah but its expensive and correct me if im wrong but i think it has side effects.

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Is this what sleeping with a boy is like /r9k/?
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>tfw no nezumi bf
why aren't 3D boys like anime boys
men just being in the same bed is really fucking gay
that's a cute gif,

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Thoughts on the Rolling Stones? They were unbeatable in their live shows 1969-72 IMO
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wild horses is one of favourite songs ever

File: sage.jpg (96KB, 615x615px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I dunno, Flashpoint is still one of my favorite collections of live recordings. As far as songs written, the era you posted was definitely their highlight.

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