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Post the prettiest woman youve ever saw
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Pic unrelated? You first faggot.
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this guy

I'm not a robot
10/10 face for me.

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Who /lowlibido/ here?
>tfw it takes me a month to get horny
>fap once a month to get rid of it
Feels good knowing I'll never have to worry about women
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I wish. I am usually horny every day, but sometimes I am skip a day. I usually break down whatever barrier I set up to try and resist it. I've been trying to do more and more degenerate things to make myself so disgusted that I can't, but I haven't gone far enough.
So far I've
>stick things in my ass
>tasted my cum
>cummed into and started fermenting my piss jar
I'm not sure what else I can do. All I want is to be free from the grasps of women
Not me

>constantly horny
>wake up hard as a rock
>can't stop humping my bed
>have to take my pants off because it hurts my boner
>have to fap multiple times a day
>always horny
>ready to burst after a few rubs
>cock is hard as a rock
>have to hold back my cock
>cock is trying so hard to explode it hurts like fuck just edging but I don't want to let my load out after a few minutes
>balls are so full of cum once it shoots it just hits whatever I'm targeting hard as fuck and spurts all over and just keeps cumming and cumming and I'm still hard even after that

Sorry if this is erotic to you faggots
I like having a high sex drive, but now I wish I was more like you
>jack off 2-3 times a day for the when past month
>dick constantly hurts but can't stop beating it
>develop prostate problems from how much I masturbate

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>"Hey there, Robot. What, no good morning kiss?"

What do you do?
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>tfw look kinda like that
why was i destined to be a manly man and not the disgusting slut i feel like at all times
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I have body hair like that.
Will you be my boyfriend, then? If you look like that, then you're adorable.

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>20+ normie degenerates dead and getting to watch this ungodly immoral society collapse in real time

Sometimes you Muslims are alright...
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Yes it's glorious, brother
source m8? I want them keks as well
Any news site is probably reporting on it. Search "manchester arena bombs".

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I'm coming for your girl anon.. I'll let you watch if you'd like.
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Haha, I don't have a girl, joke's on you
Wish you were on me. Femanon here.
She(male)'s right here: >>37207079
You can have her(him).

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Got my first disability check after faking a mental disorder.
I applied to over 500 jobs in the past 3 years and didn't get a single job, finally gave up and just pretended to have a disability.
I wish I was born in 1960 so I could just walk into a factory and say "I sure would like a job that pays enough to buy a house every year" and get one.
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always wondered, is that really true? the whole u cud walk in anywhere and just ask for a job thing?

also i just recently got autismbuxx too. not sure wat to really spend it on tho
How did you get on disability? How old are you?
I think I could get ssi if I tried.

I have ADHD and anxiety diagnosed my mom thinks I'm bipolar I'm definitely depressed and my body gets shittier and more tired by the day. I can't even stay awake after sleeping 12 hours I need to sleep like the whole day.

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What did they mean by this?

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usually get ISTP, but apparently this test says im an ISTJ
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There is already a thread on this.

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>when someone tells me they're a "traditionalist", "fascist", or that "the family is the backbone of society"
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he dabbin!
The family IS the backbone of society...
Murder is the backbone of society

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What did those of you with mental illnesses do during school?

>despite being schizo I was the smartest one in my school
>I was placed in the tard class though because I wasn't normal
>the way I see it, school is just wasting my time, and they can't control me
>people always said I have a blank stare and the admistrators always thought I was on drugs
>they searched my backpack every weak on random days and I screamed and fought them but they held me down
>the funny thing is that I never actually took my meds and I put it in my pockets to sell to the stoners
>hit one of the administrators one time because he was watching me through the camera and got away with it because I was in the tard class
>for a couple of months I was convinced that I was the antichrist
>covered every window of my house to keep the neighbors from controlling my mind with radio waves
>dug in my wrist with a knife one night trying to find a chip the government put in me
>always took copies of the school paper and would spend hours finding messages they would put for me in the text
>never ate lunch because Chads would try to put poison in my food
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>tard class
>lol I'm smart guyz
Im super smart but they were plotting to sabotage my education so logically they put me in the worst classes
>the smartest in class

>tries to block radio waves with news paper.

Well it WAS s retarded class so I guess it can be true.

Ask someone who went from Robot to Chad in a couple of months anything. I'm open to give legitimate advice if anyone wants it.
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Sure I'll bite.

I'm working on that. Been working out, having brief conversations with people I see at the gym, and learning to play the piano

What did it take for you?
You can't go from robot to chad. If you think you can then you don't actually know what those words mean.
Here's another reply before your shitty thread dies

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How do I leave my shit small town for a big city?

>just leave

You don't go to a big city where rent is 3500 for a broom closet with 5 other Mexicans sleeping on the floor from inbred truck pullin redneck hell without being homeless. Can I live in a hostel or a hotel or something and just work for my room? Can I go with a few hundred bucks and sleep on a couch and find a job real quick?
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Well it depends, where do you live and what city are you planning on going to anon?
just go to a medium sized city don't dive straight into new york or LA
Upstate ny hell


>hates America
>bombs bongland
What did she mean by this?
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She's a terrorist
We can't let her back into the States

Start spreading rumors and get that hashtag trending. All the news is saying the cause is unknown and maybe normalfags will really believe shes muslim now.

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losing it.jpg
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>8 months since I've had pussy
How do you virgins live like this?
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wh-what does pussy taste like?

>3 mnths since ive had pussy
>only thing stopping me is because i might have literal herpes and im too scared to get tested

how do YOU live like this???
Herpes isn't so bad

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>be straight
>all of a sudden not welcomed on /r9k/

what the fuck happened bros? I can't relate to 50% of the posts here because there all some garbage /lgbt/ bullshit.
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The robot favors fags because they reject woman and comfort the stronger beta males.
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fuck the fr*ck off breeder loser
Your kind isn't welcome here

Let me make this clear: /r9k/ is a gay board and has ALWAYS been a gay board
it's because everyone who claims exclusive heteronormativity is a proven liar
and only the most truthful are welcome here

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There is still time left brothers.

Don't be like me and become a bitter old virgin wondering where all the years went. You can still change.

Believe me. You will regret wasting your life on imageboards.

You have to at least try.
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Timestamp or gtfo oh honorable grandwizard
I want to believe that's you. Greentext your life story if you're really an oldfag irl.
hows your first day?

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