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To sit on my lap :(
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but anon, black girls like big cocks, not that little thing.
Post yours then.
You are a complete autist if this is serious

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I'm feeling quite lethargic with a side of melancholy and was wondering if any of you guys had any sad songs that I could listen to that could well capture this emotion.

I'm looking for sad songs that are also kinda chill that I can just listen to while I ride out this emotion.

Any suggestions?
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This is some facebook tier shit faggot
this song always either enhances my depression or gets me depressed in the first place

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Cummy on my tummy.
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No. You're disgusting
>tfw your cum gets out of your dick so rapidly you hit the wall 1 meter ahead
Noosey on your neckey


Meet some robots in your local area.
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That way, retards.
Tfw only trap in NZ
>all robots also browse /soc/

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ITT we post comfy snacks.
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post a better picture you cunt
>post a better picture you cunt

You get the idea you ass
it's ritz crackers, cheese and turkey.

what level of photography do you need?

You are approached by a sketchy RnD company, they say they're testing new methods of live cryonic-suspension and need volunteers who don't have much social connection to modern life.

You may choose to be suspended for anytime between 100 years and 1000 years.
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100 years

long enough that everyone I know will be dead, but not long enough that everything will be completely alien to me

plus I feel like we might not have more than a couple hundred left in the tank on this planet, and I dont want to miss the last boat out
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so basically they are asking if i just want to kill myself since this shit doesnt work
fuck it ill sign the 100year shit and get frozen to death

Also fuck Kelogg.

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Anybody else here actually prefer chicks who are slut, even whore?

I find they have a much more alpha personality and "IDGAF" attitude, much easier to relate to as a man.

Compare that to the usual princess GF who demands to move in with you before any sex. What a dreadful nightmare.

I don't know what I'd do without slut and especially whore (the filthier the better). My life would be over.
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You're a virgin though.
i love sluts desu they always swallow sluts are fucking amazing desu
They always hate me for being beta.

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Some femanon please help me, I need love a pure and loyal and please don't ever leave love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me love me

i really need it..
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i feel so empty i feel like shit i feel lonely more than ever all i get is pain and pain and nothing more, why I was born this way why i want a pure love whIch never dies LOVE LOVE
i wish i really wish but no one is ever going to want me i am a useless piece of shit
This is freakishly pathetic

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Hey r9k I'm addicted to pussy.
I'm being sent to pussy rehab by my family, I've destroyed their lives and mine over this addiction. Will update you once I get there.
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You fucked your mom?
@[email protected]

Do you want some more content? Really?
not him but might worth a read

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>day 9 of starvation diet
>mom cooks steak on grill outside
>scent fills entire room


>eat two steaks and accidentally inhale 3 hot n' ready pizzas from lil c's
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>starving yourself
>starvation diet

Yeah, nah, you're retarded
>>eat two steaks


>>and accidentally inhale 3 hot n' ready pizzas

you fucked up

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What is /r9k/'s opinion of licking buttholes? Would you try it? Would you let someone try it on you?
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I'd lick a girl's butthole if it were clean but I wouldn't let her lick mine
r9k is not a hivemind.
look licking butts is disgusting, no one licks poop.
Bleache it and i wouldnt lick. thats gay.
Why not?--

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>get frustrated with someone or something
>relax and have a cup of coffee

>get frustrated with myself
>have a cup of coffee

>brain fogs, feel angry at life in general
>have coffee and a joint, float off for an hour or two

>have another passing wave of self-hatred, everything feels pointless and disorganised, powerless
>drink at least 400mg of caffeine, 2 joints, several cans of beer and browse rekt threads on /gif/ to depressing/aggressive music

I am growing stronger.
coffee is causing you stress.
you should enjoy a line of dope with a joint
Coffee doesn't help you relax. Have some chamomile tea or something instead.

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God, bald people are fucking disgusting...
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>starting to lose my hair
>shave my head
>look better than I did with hair
>as I'm losing my hair I'm slowly getting my beard
>see myself slowly turning into Jason Statham
I am ok with this
Better start lifting, boyo
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extreme autism.jpg
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already do and I'm 6'3.

too bad I have the social skills of an autistic child.


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>first gf: chubby homely girl, 5/10 at best
>be proud of her, ugly myself
>second gf: somehow a 8/10 "I post pics of myself on instagram"-hottie
>not unexpectedly she cheats after three years together

>tfw having to go back to girls my own league after having having a girl way way out of your league

Call me shallow, but holy fuck, this is a bitter pill to swallow. Anyone else relate to this? How'd you deal with it?
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Don't seriously date a girl with an active social media presence, they aren't faithful and use those beta males to fuel their need for attention. Sooner or later a guy with higher status then you will show message her and then steal her from you.
Yeah just get used to it

Altough would you date a hot girl, who you know will cheat on you? I xan honestly say nothing hit me quite tthat hard so far
Just dont go back?


>make sure they what your ex looks like
>drop hints/tell them they better make up for the fact that they're ugly as shit by being good at something
>sex, cooking/cleaning, being chill 24/7 and not causing drama
>make them feel like if they slip up at that you're going to drop them and go back dating hot girls
>dont let them know you've only had the one

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