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Think about it, if we weren't addicted to Vidya and sitting on the computer all day, we would be /fit/ and be forced to go out because what else would you do? We would find other Hobby's which would certainly be more productive and we would be forced to socialize or read books in order to gather information. Porn wouldn't be as easy to access so you can't even save a pic of your oneitis for you to bust to or x ray, making it more likely for you to approach her.
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I'd be sat mindlessly watching reruns of shitty tv shows.
I'd feel even lonelier because I wouldn't even have internet friends.
no we wouldn't be fit. I'd just be watching tv,probably playing with toys,and hanging out in a fort.
Obviously, if I wasn't exposed to the internet when I was only 8, I would have kept reading books and being outside. I was captivated by the internet and there was no going back. But I prefer this existence. Once I find a lifestyle that involves as little normie interaction as possible, I'll be in bliss. Until that day, I'll wallow in misery and regret.

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How much are you supposed to pay for chinese food?

>ordering takeout
>first time since parents usually do it
>nam man speaking incoherently on phone
>oregano thought he said nagasaki at one point
>get food
>23 fucking dollars

What the fuck. Is this how much its supposed to be or did I get gooked
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I've spent anywhere between $6 and $70. Rally depends on portions and quality.
>ordering on the phone instead of through an online form
this is what you get faggot
you didn't include ANY fucking details, so yea 23 sounds "right"

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Found this while going through old greentexts, made me feel too much.
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some people are better as dreamers
but the great dreamers should be cautious not to dream they'd be better as doers
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That's a sad one.
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Please delet this immediantly.

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Anyone else feel like having conversations is like pulling teeth and you have to do all the work? Especially for women?

I only really talk to people online at this point, but getting anyone to give more than a few word answers is painful, and it always just turns into an interview where I ask all the questions and do all the heavy lifting, moving things from topic to topic. They're not always just uninterested either, since I'll end the conversation and they'll message me first thing the next day looking for more a lot of the time.

Are people just fucking boring? I mean I am too, but I can stretch my boring life out for longer than ten minutes.
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simple answer: yes. iktf. stay tuned for more boring conversations...
Same here desu
I especially hate it when I ask a question, they give like a couple word answer, and don't even say "what about you?" or something
i noticed that too
while i feel more comfy talking on the internet it's actually more difficult
when you meet irl you share a moment and have something in common to talk about

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>sister comes up to me
>tells me she wants to be an aunt
>say okay
>ask her why she's telling me this
>says that older brother and sister doesn't want kids
>oh fugg
>she tells me I better get married and have kids
>I say "don't worry! I'm going to"
>actually don't have IRL friends and only e-friends
>pic related

what do
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Go on /r9k/ and make a shitty post about your roastie sister of course
Does she have kids herself?
Thanks anon. I'll make sure to do that.

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hail augustus.jpg
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>tfw you will never fight with sword and scutum in hand
>tfw you will never rise through the ranks of plebs
>tfw you will never be elected consul
>tfw you will never charge through the gates of Carthage
>tfw you will never explore all over the known world
>tfw you will never retire to a beautiful villa in southern Italy with household slaves treating to your every whim
>tfw you will never conquer Gaul in the name of Rome
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germanic fucking shits
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I should have been born a farmer in Rome, then I would have a purpose and serve the republic, not shit post and wagecuck myself 8 hours a day
>you will never be a subterranean social outcast with no obligations or need to do back breaking work, allowing unlimited time to jack off to drawn portraits of women from the far east

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What do you do when your personality is the problem?

I have no idea how to change that. There's so much wrong with me as a fundamental being and I don't know how even begin change. How do you change your entire self?
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>What do you do when your personality is the problem?
>I have no idea how to change that. There's so much wrong with me as a fundamental being and I don't know how even begin change. How do you change your entire self?
Change it
go through something so emotionally painful that your personality changes
Wow that solves everything, OP needs a starting point stupid ass

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Why the FUCK hasn't an easy, cheap and risk free cure for baldness been discovered yet!?

How god fucking damn hard could it be? They'd make fucking gorillions on the first day!

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Yeah, it's called shaving your head and gettig over it like an adult.
>This is what balds actually believe
Because it only happens to men.

If it happened to women there would be a cure for decades.

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How many of you robots are left-handed?
I remember reading some article which mentioned that left-handed people are more prone to have/get some mental illness than right-handed people.
So which hand is it?
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I am ambidextrous
I am both left-handed and mentally ill
Lefty sperg here

ITT: Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it.

It's been a while since we had one of these, it's nice getting these things out of your chest
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Dear V,
I saw you today at the uni and had to stop myself from running towards you and trying to talk. I hope you didn't notice me, otherwise you'd think that I was stalking you. But you ignored me before, and even ran away from ne the last time, so now I'm finally convinced that I should not bother you anymore.
But it's really depressing to see you being all alone. I hope you find yourself a company soon.
I wonder, have you stopped thinking about me? I hope so, it would make everything so much easier. If you are happy, I don't mind being lonely.
I still have a question about what happened in March, but I think I should find another way to ask it.
Please, try to forget me and everything that I did and become happy again. Find someone you can truly trust and don't lose this person. I believe you can do it.
You're the best person I have ever known. I wish it could have worked out between us, but I wouldn't have deserved you anyway. I aspire to be more like you, even though I don't always agree with your point of view. Thank you for being the person you are.

What's the point of these threads and why should I write in here? Convince me.

I just found this searing through google.
Made me go hmmmm
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what were you searching for that you found it?

that's from the attitude era of wwe. the suspended guy is val venis. the blue pants man is taka michinoku. it was an angle with kaientai, if memory serves.

hope that explains the picture for you. i don't feel like giving a youtube link, but i'm sure that one exists.
I was looking for femdom porn and this showed up
fuckin' mark


Anybody here actually retarded? Not meme-retarded, I mean actually retarded like pic-related.
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Most of the people here and on /pol/ have some level of autism and/or aspergers. Not severely but its definitely there.

>irrational anger
>difficulty detecting obvious social cues
>not understanding bait/jokes
>blaming problems on arbitrary group of people (blacks, jews, females, etc.)
>periods of intense self loathing mixed with periods of intense hatred

Thats all I can think of right now
What the fuck, not OP but that fits me well.
This made me laugh, I don't know why
>blaming problems on arbitrary group of people (blacks, jews, females, etc.)

p.s. I'm potatoes, so I'm here, I'll answer any questions unless I get distracted
P.s.s pediatrician and kindergarten teacher and school councilor said so, so it's real

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just bee urself.jpg
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You see anon? Maybe if you didn't have such a shit personality you would have a gf and a job.
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Yeah, that's probably true. What's the point of this post?
>operate from a transactional perspective

I am actually really nice, I'm just very introverted and don't like meeting new people, and that's just who I am.
I was lucky to find a job where I can be this way, I haven't been lucky enough to meet a girl yet.

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>tfw I want a girl who's taller than me
>tfw I'm 6'0"
>tfw girls taller than that are hard to come by
Anyone else with this struggle?
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5'10 with a giantess fetish, I know the feeling op. It could be worse but it could be a hell of a lot better too
Ultra manlet but no taller females want to date.
I'm 6'2 and the only girl I ever crushed on was a 6'0 rower and she was really confused about what she wanted.

I think I can only feel snap attraction to tall strong women.

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I just got back from an anime convention and it smelled like hell.

Why do you fat neets hate showering so much? Showering feels good.
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Some people can't help the way they smell because of how easily they sweat. If the convention is big enough and has nice ventilation then having big sweaty neckbeards shouldn't be a problem. Anime Expo is always crowded and it doesn't smell like body odor.
>I just got back from an anime convention
Was it in Portugal?
No, it was in Texas. Fat, sweaty spics in cheap, shitty cosplay everywhere.

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