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>you will never watch gakkou gurashi! for the first time again
>you will never watch mirai nikki for the fist time again
>you will never watch angel beats for the first time again
>you will never watch tasogare otome x amunejia for the first time again
>you will never watch kimi ni todoke for the first time again

what anime has really touched you in a special way?
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i would enjoy watching miyazaki's films for the first time again
honestly other than that idk.
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Angel Beats was pretty based desu
>what anime has really touched you in a special way?
Clannad and Planetarian
I remember binge watching Angel Beats one day. Good times.

Anohana here.

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I'll start:

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ok i'll continue:

>>>/an/ animals and nature

I'm not good at this...

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Inherited my fathers rifle collection. Around 16 various rifles and shotguns. Some were owned by my grandfather. My brother is holding onto them since he got my dads house and I have to make space to accommodate the giant locker at my place.

I am proud that I am getting my fathers rifle collection, but something crossed my mind the other day

When I am at my lowest, I think the only reason I haven't ended it is because I didnt have an easy means to do it... now I am kinda worried this may put me at risk.

I really want these rifles and I think I am the only member of my family who really appreciates them but I am fearful that I may make a stupid decision with them.

I have a bit of a dilemma on my hands, what should I do?
Off the top of my head, I think a solution would be to not keep any ammunition in my house and only buy ammo when I am going to the range or something? that way if my life is going to shit, at least the drive to the store to buy bullets would give me time to cool off.

dang it
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It's not worth the risk, brother. If they are truly yours, sell them.

You wouldn't let a recovering alcoholic near a dozen bottles of whiskey. You should let yourself have access to something that can destroy you.

My suggestion would be to have a relative hold onto the collection until you feel able to keep them yourself, best of both worlds.

I love you.
How do I know when I am ready?
Hey bro we are in the same boat just got all these from my grandfather. I have suicidal thoughts but I love these guns.I'm just going to take the risk of shooting myself or I might ragequit and rodger my way out. I've got pics if you wanna share bro

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Anyone else feels like blowing up his college from time to time? Or setting it on fire. No victims, just the building. And no reason, just to do something that gives me adrenaline.
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Amanda is a whore.
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She makes me hard tho


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>"free market" capitalist country has financial crisis
>state seizes sectors of the economy
>bails out the rich with taxpayer money from the poor and middle class
>hands it back over to the rich
>tells everyone else that nothing is given and they have to work for their money and that the rich got theirs through the free market
Really makes you think.
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Really reddened my almonds
>muh evul corporashuns!

not an argument
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>spouting molymeme lines

okay so ive been seeing this girl who ive had a crush on since i was 11 (im 18) for a little less than a week
shes fucking gorgeous 9/10
hilarious smart and was always super popular
ive always been this beta loser i have no idea what she sees in me
im a virgin but shes been having sex for a while
anyway today she was telling me she was really hurt that i hadnt tried to fuck her yet so when we got home we were making out and i was rock hard so we tried it
but it fucking hurt
like it was wayyy too tight and as soon as i felt the pain id lose my erection

idk if its cus i built it up too much or the pain or nerves or if im just asexual (if its the last one ill an hero)

wat do?
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also she feels really bad because she thinks the problem is that she rushed me into it before i was ready
>beta loser
>wants to fuck you within less than a week

You fucking normies a disgrace get the fuck off my board
i think im an okay looking guy
im just very quiet and autistic and could never really talk to women
so i had never kissed a girl until this year

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Just going to leave this right here for a second it, you don't mind watching it while I'm gone, do you anon?
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Sure anon, you can count on me!
*cums inside of your chocolate milk and mixes it in*

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yummy in my cat tummy

I can't believe there's no thread yet.

It's 4/20
Bump when high

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>tfw it's legal in my state
>tfw never had a desire to smoke it
>tfw been listening to Marley all day despite this
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I'm not high but I wish I was. Smoke one for me bros
>tfw havent smoked weed all day because i havent had any
>tfw probably will smoke weed in a bit
>tfw been depressed all day and kinda dont even feel like smoking

Not sure how to feel right now.

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why does blond business man want to harm him
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I hope it's just a prank br0!
because /pol/'s retarded view of the world doesn't actually align in reality. also, it may be the case that a businessman who has no prior experience in politics and practically sold his presidency as he'd sell any other product, doesn't uphold any real principles in a political office! really makes me think!
i hate trump, /pol/ and assange

what're you drinking tonight robots?
pic related
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65% ABV?!

I'm not much of an alcohol enthusiast, but I didn't even know that existed
Finally a thread not made by that weird tripfag

I'm drinking Tito's vodka
are you drinking that neat?

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Why are there no girls that exist who unironically like men shorter than them?
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I'm sure there's a few.
But the best you can realistically hope for is indifference.
>Why are there no girls that exist who unironically like men shorter than them?
It's called a fetish
It's a fetish that doesn't exist.

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> 28 y/o virgin woman that had oficially gave up
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>> 28 y/o virgin woman that had oficially gave upAMA
Kys woman, no one likes you XD
>> 28 y/o virgin woman that had oficially gave up
Will you please be my girlfriend?
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for the 1,000,000th time
If you have a penis, you CAN'T be a woman

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who else is stuck in the wagecuck life?

>20 years old, never had a job in my life, dropped out of school at 16 and lived the good NEET life for 4 years.
>Even though I'm a depressed NEET I still manage to have a friend
>friend works in this local independant fast food place
>he puts my name down for a job without asking
>get a phonecall from the manager and get asked to come in for an interview
>I really don't want to work there but I don't want to disappoint and lose my only friend so I bite the bullet and go for the interview
>get the job
>the shifts are anywhere from 9-12 hours of constant standing, servicing customers, scrubbing floors, cleaning machines and lifting food and shit
>literally get one five minutes break in 12 hours
>they make their workers do loads of other shit thats illegal but it doesn't matter because it's just a singular fast food place owned by a family.
>have had back problems since I was a child
>constantly standing for 12 hours is killing my back, making it so bad I can barely stand when I get home
>i am experiencing the exact opposite of the "having a job cures depression" meme - mental health is worse than ever

>literally doing slave labour for minimum wage

>would quit but it would disappoint my family who are so happy I've got a job and actually consider me an adult now and are proud of me
I literally don't know what to do, this shitty slave job is killing me
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There's a third option - Quit your current job after you find a better one. I'm pretty sure your parents won't be disappointed in you quitting a shitty fast food job.
I dropped out of college, I work 70 hours a week to support myself and my fiance. We have a kid due in August.
Maybe you could tough it out a little bit longer, but quit and find another job eventually. You're family won't be disappointed if you quit for a good reason (the illegal stuff), and find another job. Working sucks anon but we all gotta do it.

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What kind of a fucking faggot cares about ass?
Thigh is where it's at mate
damn that ass gives me a boner and makes me consider jerking it

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>having argument in thread
>get absolutely devastated
>wait until thread is about to die and make short sage reply so I get the final word and win
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only bitch niggas do this
but you lost the argument and it's archived now.
If someone actually cares enough to check the archives (which nobody does) they'd look at the times of the last few posts

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