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>go to a nigger safari
>boipussy starts ovulating
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great post opee
>see image of junko
>penis immediately erect

Post more
Yeah man pure quality.

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Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had one or two loyal friends?
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Tried and failed. Loyalty is a one way street, so don't bother.
I have one loyal friend. He is all I need in this life. Fuck getting a gf, a good friend is much better.
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Pout 4 Tsumugi.png
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No, I knew it once before but now nomore

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Was 2007 when everything truly went wrong?
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No. In 2007, Adam still had fervor for murder. :( 2012 was the year everything went wrong.
Yes. That's when my best friend moved away (middle school) and my social life spiraled downward ever since
whats wrong with iCarly?

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>tfw DCK dependent

it cures my depression but I'm pretty sure it's compromising my immune system.
I have a rash and sores on my feet and an ear infection.
I bought some of those surgical masks for the few times go outside and I'm planning to see a psych about Ketamine but haven't yet because I'm spineless.

should I tell my him about my involvement with dissos or pretend I've only heard about it from the recent research?

anyways general drug discussion
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What household items can I get high off of, is it true that inhalants cause permanent brain damage, I don't want to fuck my brain up.
Someone please drop the screenshot
>What household items can I get high off of
canned air. it feels like to moment you cum but stronger and disorienting
I only did one hit out of curiosity because it's super fucking bad for you
>is it true that inhalants cause permanent brain damage
yes, dont do it

buy DXM over the counter in most parts of the world

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Reminder that sissy white bois are made for brown cock.
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>tfw you walk past a group of manly latino construction workers
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>Reminder that sissy white bois are made for brown cock.
what if I am a sissy brown boi
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Could a brown stud ever truly love a little white boy or are we just there to be bred?

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Anyone else here have low self-esteem?
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no. i no longer have any schema of values on which i could be evaluated, there's no way for me or anything else in this world to be good or bad in my eyes.
i wish i were dead

i thought i didnt but every tells me i do

what does low self esteem mean

Onii-chan~! I had a bad dream... can I sleep with you tonight?
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only if yo usuck my dick
Only if I suck your dick
>tfw ywn be this onii-chan

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>when you remember how much of a complete fucking loser you are
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Yeah - it happens. It seems to get worse with each passing year, but I try to remain optimistic.

everyone in my family is functional except me.
>out in public
>facade of self confidence is holding up
>accidently walk infront of mirror
>visably shaken
>lose confidence
>want to die
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>Brother is basically me but successful

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I am going to get /fit/ and then find a cute 18 year old boywife. Or I'll kill myself if I fail. That's what I've decided my life mission will be.

>inb4 kill yourself now faggot
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I'm an 18 yo potential boywife, and I believe in you, op!
Good job OP I wish you the best
Ill be your boywife right now
We can work on getting fit together

What is the easiest, most reliable, quick way of becoming an hero?

I don't care about pain as long as it doesn't last long

Pic unrelated, I kinda like history and couldn't think of any other picture that wouldn't make me look like even more of an edgy faggot
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Pole-Lith were the biggest faggots who betrayed the One True Church, fuck you cunts pole genocide when
Buckshot to brain.
>an hero
>a hero

We're witnessing the death of a meme here boys

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sweaty pepe.png
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>my boss's boss wants to meet with me tomorrow
>I don't know what for
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Better clean out and lube up, son.
You're getting fired obviously! What did you anon?
I don't think I did anything wrong. I come to work on time and do what's asked of me.

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sudoku pigeon.gif
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>Get $15k bonus
>Still suicidal and lonely

There is no escape from this eternal suffering fellow robots
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WHat do you do? Just that computer shit everyone does here?
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>Just that computer shit
You mean the best career in existence for turbo autists?
>doesn't use his money to fulfill his desires


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>see anime-related shirt on ebay
>"oh wow this looks pretty cool"
>its in asia sizes
>am 6'4 but recovering skele
>height doesn't go past 185 cm
>185 cm is 3xl
>3xl bust is 112 cm
>im only 93 cm bust
>~90 bust is the smallest size

What the hell am i supposed to choose
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choose the patrician choice of not buying fucking clothing over the internet
What's this animay, please?
Why don't you choose not to be a raging faggot.

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cultured pepe.jpg
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Why am I so different to everybody else? Why does everybody else get to have meaningful relations with people?

What the fuck am I doing wrong?
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well, you're on this website for starters
you spend your time posting frog images online that's why
Collecting underage frog memes and just being a massive faggot, also as a reminder under 6ft and dick below 7" by 6.5" you are a girl not a man.

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hey fellow bots, i need some advice

>meet girl a few weeks ago
>shes really nice, cute and fun to hang out with
>i like her but not enough to date her
>we hook up a couple times and the sex is good
>she really likes me and doesnt talk to any other guys because of it
>always snaps me and texts me
>meanwhile im fucking this hot blonde who models on the side
>im also fucking other girls i meet on the weekends

am i being a shallow asshole? have any of you guys ever been in this situation? i dont want to break anyones heart, what should i do? i like her as a friend but i just cant see myself dating her and i dont want her to get too attached to me
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You're not a fellow bot. Fuck off to /adv/ where you fucking belong, norman
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2/10. Add more detail to your made-up sorry next time.
yes i am, i have depression

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