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Who is your favorite philosopher?
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Either the one Jefferson noted as the best of them all or the one that says philosophy is for faggots.
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Peter Singer.

His work for animal rights, effective altruism and overall ethics is great.
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>Peter Singer

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Ask a 23 year old drug deal anything
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Why did it take so long to happen?

I'm a fucking spastic
And I thought my dealer took forever

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>be girl
>literally just don't be fat
>dumb men take care of you your entire life

Pic related

Seriously what actual problems do women have in life? I know multiple girls that are nothing special, but because they're thin and nice their law school bf's dig them. There's no comparison to an average man. It's obvious they got them locked down for life. Being a woman is the easiest goddamn thing in the world.
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>men take care of you

Hehehe good one
It's easy. But not when you have paranoid schizophrenia.
They would be but you don't take care of yourself, whale.

>shitting in public
>this happens

How do you react?
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curl up into fetal position and cry uncontrollabIy
Why do Mexicans do this? I had a Mexican do this to me at a movie theater.
show the rest of the video you stupid idiot

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wtf man !.jpg
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enough is enough! we need to solve this problem now.
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>As a blackbot, I'm starting to fear for my safety

what happened?
I'm guessing between the dozens of young African-Americans who were shot and killed this month by other African-Americans, a white person did something naughty.
is this the shit about the alt right?
if so blackbot don't worry you can take on the rednecks

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Who here autistic Chad?
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me, though I'm 5'4 and blading. only 130 pounds so that's good. still a virgin but only 21 atm
that movie was dope
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>still a virgin

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>You'll never be able to make a woman's heart flutter in excitement because she loves you so much


I'm sorry! I'm sorry for whatever I did to deserve this!

I just want someone to love me!
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>tfw i have a par excellence imagination so when i make up my stories it feels like im living my characters and it fills the hole in my heart

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>know pajeet in high school
>he's classic pajeet, but also manlet as hell, super beta, total /r9k/
>complains about being a virgin, jokes about how he can't get a girlfriend, etc
>end up talking to him because I felt kinda bad
>learn about how fucked up some of the shit he does it
>dude has a oneitis, who I'm kinda friends with, but not super close
>end up getting closer with her at one point in the year
>he gets super salty about it
>hear from a friend who is in a group chat with said pajeet that he really fucking hates me
>makes these memes about me and how she doesn't deserve me and how she should love him
>eventually gets suspended when he jokingly threatens to shoot up exams and kill me for taking his oneitis away, when I wasn't even close with her
>we weren't even that close, and she was literally leaving the country in a month's time
>tfw we're going to the same uni and learn that he's been going on and on about how much he hates for the past week, and how he's gonna make me regret ruining his life
>tfw school is less than a month away

/r9k/ you guys are the experts in this shit, how do I defend myself against this virgin robot pajeet?

I can post some of his "memes" if you want. I'm afraid he's here though.
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Post memes.

Look. Let's be real here, it's a manlet beta pajeet - what fucking damage can they do? You shouldn't even worry. If he had any stones about him he wouldn't have a oneitis
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You deserve what's coming to you, normie.
post the memes anon and let us see what we are dealing with

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>mom opens my door
>"still enjoying life in your room, anon?"
>"um...i, i dunno"
>"been on your computer all day?"
>"um, yeah"
>stares at me disappointed, closes the door
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kys yourself loser

What else would you do anyway. I can get you should exercise and all but if you even apply to jobs you need to be on computer. If you are poor you cant even do anything anyway.
>mom comes home from work
>"what did you do today, anon?"
>"oh, just did the groceries and cleaned the kitchen and the living room."
"Wow, thanks, anon! You're so helpful. Here, have some money."
>"thanks, mom"
Living the dream

I wish he won
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Yeah, I wish so too. He was cool :(
>I wish he won

why do democrats post political shit on not /pol/? go discuss politics there, i browse /r9k/ for cringe and neet stories.

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What do you do to make money /r9k/?
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Bot accounts on RuneScape and farm gold. Then sell said gold for real money.
Play poker. 1k-3k per month on average.
I work as an apprentice sprinkler fitter.

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You will NEVER again get in from school and play this with your autistic friends without a care in the world.

How does this make you feel?
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Sad, why are you bothering asking?
File: 1491424225966.png (11KB, 321x339px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like shit. That's how it feels. Or really, not being able to relive the days of 2007-2011 Xbox Live.
I never did it in the first play. I played Scott pilgrim, ninja gaiden sigma and little big planet in those days. Little big planet 2 is a true masterpiece that can't be replicated not Halo basically chad the game.

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instead of a white stacy, why don't you just settle for a chubby latina girl like this?
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this girl is pretty sexy
Bitch is bad. One more
Because racemixing is immoral and a crime against humanity.

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Stop being racist towards Mixed Girls.
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her face is so trash compared to her body
Mixed girls can be extremely hot.
I'm equally racist to everybody though so fuck off.
That's the black in her.

As time passes, the urge to kill women grows.

I want them all to suffer
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>As time passes, the urge to kill women grows
But of course you won't do shit, because you're a useless bitch.
Same with me and politicians senpai, u & me we can do the women politicians.

I used to think that way, but my anger keeps getting more out of my control. I use to have ways to cope, but they don't work anymore. eventually I'm going to snap.

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