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>post man seeking woman on craigslist
>someone actually responds in two minutes

wtf women are supposed to ignore men, how am I supposed to get sober and nice smelly in such a short span of time
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She will fall under one of the following 4.

>Obese single mother desperate for a sex to get away from her kids.
>Its actually a man.
>Elderly lonely woman.
>A prostitute.
post your ad anon
I want to try this
big nono anon

So what will be the criteria for the white ethnostate? Are we going to allow Slavs and Mediterraneans in?
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***White*** isn't an ethnicity
So stormtards are finally going to seclude to their nice little safe space? Good imo
If you didn't then it wouldn't be a white state now would it.
>inb4 lel not white maymays

I'll start with pen spinning.
>Build or order pen, must be balanced enough
>Hundreds of tricks to learn.
>Great to do it in class
Pen spinning pens look like pic related
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Fuck you. That shit in my peripheral vision for hours at a time drives me bonkers.
I have a couple spinning pens, I kind of gave up on learning advanced tricks though, I am content with my Double Charge and Double Thumb-Around.
I'm too fucking lazy to learn this shit that requires actually skill and patience, easier to just play with fidget spinner.

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And you have to conceive a child. All of manking will be watching as you get impregnated.

Who do you choose to be the father?
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a black man just think about all of the angry /pol/tards
I choose Chris Pratt.
good taste there

If you are reading this or you looked at the image know that this is a meme robbery
Hand over a Feels guy or a Pepe and you can go free
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File: 1504667318440.png (591KB, 673x831px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have this one. Any of you lads got the Pepe riding his giant dick that has horse legs and pissing at Wojak's brain so hard it's blasting through it?
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images (3).jpg
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>t. Biochem major
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I don't want any trouble. Take my brainy Wojack. And I'll just leave. I didn't see a thing.

Oh, you never had coitus? Boohoo, cry me a river motherfucker.
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Seriously. Getting laid is fucking easy. I'm autist, fat, awkward and largely unsuccessful yet I've fucked 8 bitches and done stuff with 5 others. I've never had a car. They werent all ugly/sluts/landwhales either.

Point is I'm an extreme loser and have still put my barely functioning (oh yeah low t to boot) peen inside multiple vaginas multiple times. You schmucks have to be TOTAL douchebags.
check your height prviIege

>"Hey Anon! This is my boyfriend I was telling you about!"
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that's a dog you dummy
"Ohh I get it, he's a good boy and he's your friend."
:3 response
Take her and her "BF" for a nice picnic and hike in the woods
Hope I can bang her or at least bring oven mitts in case I have to watch

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I've been dating a 42yo woman lately (nearly 18 years older than me) and I just found out she's Jewish. What should I do? I don't want to become her "goy toy". We've been in 3 casual dates already, but haven't had sex with her yet, just kissing (she said she wants to take it slowly).
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By god you're degenerate
>22 years old
>dating a 42 year old woman
why would you do this?
24* is what i meant, ofcourse

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Okay guys. I met a girl at a birthday party of someone I didn't know before. I walked her and her two friends halfway home. I hugged them and went my way.

>the girl said that I'm cute about maybe 2 times
>she said she loves my cologne
>her friends obviously like me as well since I caught them staring quite a few times

The problem is I'm dumb when it comes to this. I have no past relationship experience. Any tips? I'm about to invite her for a cig and a short walk. (It's 10PM tho).

Pic related. It's her. (All legal)
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She looks nice. Go for it.
>Going to birthday parties
You're either 9 or a normalfag, either way you need to get the fuck out.
she's a qt, good luck

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U WoT m8?
Whats your fav tiers and vehicle types?
What premiums do you have?
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Uninstalled after chysler K
Sucks too because I had a really sick comet crew and with the 3-5-7 mm tier seven is an island of relative calm before the turbo fuckfest that is tier eight.

And prefs eights I really liked the spershing, and m46 at nine.

Fuck ever going back and having to finish another eight grind ever again.
Fuck ever having to play the bc12t for the tanks it unlocks.
shit game

Warthunder is so much better
My tier 9 Jagdtiger is my baby next to my reinmetal tier 8 and 9. I got a few premium tanks. I got the type 59 tier 8, SU-100Y tier 6, Ram2 tier 5 and a couple other ones. Lately the game is just so tiresome to me. I gave up after the fatherland OP. I played over a 100 games and never got a thing for it.

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What is it honestly like being non-white?
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Nothing much really.
I don't think people see me as a criminal.
The only real things that sucks is that I don't know if my accomplishments mean anything because of affirmative action and the worst of race keeps on being presented in the media, the dumb we wuz white-hating faggot who knows nothing about the real problems going on.
t. black
probably exactly like being white but on average more poor
hispanic here. I get treated like everyone else. Might be because of my pale-ish skin but I do have a hispanic last name

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Who else comicbook /masterrace/ here? Anyone else prefer Marvel or DC over Asian cartoons
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>Over Asian cartoons
>Current Marvel
I'm writing my own series that you guys are going to like when I find an artist though
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Comic books haven't been consistently good since the 80's.

Marvel stopped making Fantastic Four, everything is Mary Sue diversity and shock value now, only good one is Gwenpool and ironically it's drawn by a Japanese woman and is the most mangaesque of Marvel's comics.
Why do comic fags fight over who's better of the Big Two?
Why can't you just read whatever the fuck you want from both companies?

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How rare are they?
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Not common, but they exist. I dated one on the internet for about 3 months.
It didn't work out because I wasn't big enough for her tastes and didn't really enjoy gaining.
>mfw all I had to do to have a gf was fucking get fat and I screw even that up
There's no peace for me
any holes a goal

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Are there any female manlet chasers?

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how long does normie sex last?
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Realistically 10 minutes
What part? Foreplay could last up to 20 mins if say 10 mins of her sucking your dick and 10 mins of eating her out. Then penetration is usually like 10 minutes til she cums and then an extra 5 to 10 mins of fucking for you til your nut busts
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Literally how do people make sex last 10 minutes or upwards? Surely the constant stimulation of the penis would inevitably make you ejaculate quite quickly?

I'm a virgin but if I start masturbating and continually go at my penis for minutes at a time without stopping, I will ejaculate within a minute or two. I can only have extended masturbation sessions if I deliberate stop and edge.

Is this not normal? Surely if your dick is CONSTANTLY going back and forth out of a vagina or a mouth then you will orgasm in a matter of minutes? Do normies just get desensitized to it?

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25+ Thread

It's the weekend. Probably. Who can keep track
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Hate all my old crap lying about. Just want to get rid of it all.
Tired all the time.
If I don't have constant stimulation I fall asleep.
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>tfw ate the whole batch of cookies

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