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Man the threads of r9k have been depressing all day. Is everything alright robots?
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Idk about you guys, but my days been pretty good all things considered.
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Same here. Built a new puter. Had a small dinner and families doing well
Alright? Why would things be alright?

If you could go back just to tell your eighteen year old self one sentence, what would it be?

>don't smoke, invest, drop that cunt who stole ya bird and stop caring about the opinions of others, confidence.

^bonus points if you upload your 18 year old self, pic related
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Nothing. Because there's nothing I could have done differently that would have made my life less shit.
Don't go to college, it's just like you thought it was, and don't tell Noa who you really are, she will leave you if you do. and you will want to die every day after.
Invest in bitcoin, put everything in it, and guard the wallet with your life.

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>Do you actually even want to work?

My psychologist asked me that after berating me for an hour straight about looking for some kind of work to do online.

Is there even any money you can make online? I'm fucking dumb (IQ is a mixture of borderline and low-average), so it's not like I know anything about doing stuff online to make money.

I've been a NEET since dropping out of school at 15 (I'm 30 soon). Have been diagnosed with mental disorder, but I don't think it's the kind of disorder that can get me autism bux.

I don't think this mental help stuff is working out, although my parents are paying for it, its pretty expensive.

I'm starting to feel like I don't actually want help. They want to make me a normie, or at least 1/10th of a normie, so I can function, but I can't see myself functioning. What do I have to work for? Just to buy food to sustain this miserable existence? Why would work just to eat? I don't understand. There's nothing for me to work for. All I have is my parents and when my parents die it's just me, then what? There's nothing for me.
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I don't want to work. Or maybe I did if I was able to function normally and could pursue whatever I wanted. But if I'm able to work at all, it would be a part time job doing something shitty and mundane. I don't feel good about lifting boxes from one shelf to another or mopping floors or stuff like that. I used to have shitty jobs like that and they made me more depressed than what I currently am as a shutin neet.
> berating me for an hour straight
Where did they get their license? Seriously, blaming patient is the worst thing mental doctor might do.
Just go work in a warehouse. It will make you feel like a man.

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>tfw annoying gay thoughts come again
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>tfw Adderall turns you gay
So you're gay?

Why not just stop fighting it?
I have both fantasies about fucking women and sometimes man

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>tfw all my siblings are successful chads and stacies with well paying jobs while I'm a neet wallowing in my filth
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same here, i feel like a complete failure compared with my family

just end it now
You can still turn your life around, You're still alive so it's not too late. I believe in you.
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I'm just glad my sister made it.
Someone has to be the black sheep. Better be me, r-right?

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>not funny
>not charismatic
>not interesting
>dirt low confidence

How do I find a girl as dull as I am?
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I just want a girl that isnt 500 pounds and that would do nothing with me except be there and crush the loneliness
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I dunno, I'm in the same boat.

Fucking not original fuck damn it
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I went to a concert by myself and realized I'm absolutely fucked. Normies are so high energy and talkative I will never come remotely close. So you're not alone op

>tfw event staff tells you to fuck off because you were trying to wait for it to clear out when it ended

how did it make you feel?
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All the time, made me feel like shit and I still constantly feel the need to prove that I'm not a waste of space.
No but I do it to myself.
No, my mom and dad are actually really good parents. It makes my countless life failures all the more poignant

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How long you stay up today?

do you go to work tomorrow or not
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I've been up all night and I'm at work now.
I'm so very tired, 4 hours to go.
I usally wake up around 6pm, then go to bed around noon. I've been up for 10 hours and I'm a neet
woke up at 6pm, will be awake til maybe 10am tomorrow. Obviously NEET.

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>tfw 21 and balding fast

Get in here baldbros
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I started balding at 19 but my hairline stabilized in my mid 20s. My hairline receded a bit and its quite thin at the top, but I still have full head coverage for now at least.
if dubs i buzz my head today if trips il shave it
Well? You better post pics

>tfw your mother spends thousands of dollars every month on alternative medicne bullshit but "just doesn't know if I can afford to put you through college :/"
Does anyone else have hysterical out of their mind parents
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Underage kids that come to r9k to complain about their parents seem to have fucking absolutely nutty parents yeah
Don't go to college. Bad move. Go to trade school. You'll learn something useful and it'll be a lot cheaper.

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wouldn't it be neat if humans laid eggs?
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Yea actually it would be
itd be kinda hot
I guess it would be interesting to see what kind of technology and cultural stuff we would get if humans laid eggs.
>would humans go to a hospital to lay their eggs where they would be put in an incubator, or would we just have home incubators?
>inventions to make laying eggs easier (like lubricant, special "nests" to lay the eggs in etc.)
>would women lay non-fertilized eggs like chickens do and if they did would eating them be a thing

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Hello, again! It's been awhile since we've had one of these. (Traps welcome.)

Mistreatment from men is expected because men are generally terrible, but how do fembots deal with mistreatment from other women? I wish I had a penis so I could rape all the bitches who taunted me.
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>Traps welcome

Traps hate women. Penis posters can use the other 99% of this board.
>mistreatment from other women
what the hell? why are you trying to talk about that here?
so what? grow up and handle criticism.
and yes, i am female, and i can't stand people who can't grow up.
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sir william petty.jpg
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Great. Now get out of my thread, cumdumpster.

>Go to ihop because open 24 hours and fuck cooking another bland for myself
>Alone, of course, but I always sit in the corner and no one bothers me
>Nigger family comes in
>They have 4 kids despite obviously working at Burger King or something similar (or not at all)
>One of the kids is jumping on the chairs
>Another is dancing like a slut, this child was literally like 2 and doing the "twerk dance"
>One of the young boys notices me, asks his dad "ey pops why dat boi sittin by his self?"
>All the blood rushes to my face, looking away and shoveling food into my face because anxiety
>"Becoz he a loner son. Some people ain't got no friends so dey gotta do everythang alone. Dey go to da movies alone, get they selves a drank alone, sleep alone, dey do everythang alone."
>The two nigger boys proceed to keep saying "Ayo loner, ayo bitch look over here boi, ay loner!" the whole time I'm eating
>I'm literally shitting myself in rage and anxiety, eat fast and gtfo, don't even leave a tip because fuck the waitress for seating these animals next to me

Why the fuck are nigger so brash and uncivilized? Just eat your goddamn pork rinds and grits in silence and don't harass people.
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u mad ho?
Your fault for choosing an overpriced and over-rated diner that masquerades as a sit-down restaurant to eat at.
Haha white boy loner.

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>"Hey mister anon come hang out with us!"
What do?
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Continue digging for insects and bathing in the sand, as I am a bird and do not know English.
Aren't cassowaries savage as fuck?

Those kids are dead.
why the fuck are those chickens talking to me?

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I just want a girlfriend like Misaki. I just want to hug her and cuddle with her. Why is life so fucking cruel?
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Misaki's a fag.
Don't complain about why life is cruel. She is a fictional character and never has or will exist. If you want to complain about social injustices, look at your financial and socio-economic placement.

However, I do not doubt that you have affection for this character and you have your reasons for such. I cannot exactly determine why you have affection for her unless you tell me but I just want you to know that you need to be more "correct" when stating your fantasies online.

In conclusion...

No your life is not cruel you imbecile!
How fucking dare original you

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