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there's a cute guy at our local grocery store, i feel like he might be into me
i don't want to feel awkward everytime i go to shop there if things don't work out
should i ask him out?
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Slug > Snail
Sage sage sage say S a G e sage your theread de merda !!!
Fuck you with your thread
Go,ba k to >>>/adv/
Dude wtf how are slugs better? Snails at least have a shell

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I wish I had an autistic obsession so I could at least care about something, anything at all.
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I wish I was autistic as well
same 2bh pham
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>being obsessed with a 3D girl
>giving her your heart
>printing out pictures of her
Life can be good sometimes

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Any of you robots met someone on Craigslist? How did it go? Would you recommend it?
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Girls only go on there for a beta provider. Once in a while every few 5 or 10 years one of them gets a wild hair up their ass and picks a guy their friend says is shit.
Pretty much avoided by girls now. they all use tinder.

I fucked a few a few girls from there years ago though.

Best strategy now is looking for couples. Lot easier to find a dude wanting to share his woman.
Still ok if you wanna meet older fat gay men who barely know how to use the internet.

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nazi flag.jpg
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I don't support nazism in any way, but I love their flag design. I just like how it looks. Does this make me a bad person? Why do bad people have to look so cool?
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Btw the swastika is a symbol originating from ancient India. Maybe you want to look up some symbolism from that era.
No, you fucking nigger. I love German fighter planes but it doesn't inherently mean I'm some Nazi sympathiser.
No, I hate nazis but it looks really cool to be honest

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>/pol/ now has a Kekistani flag
Jesus Christ? Where did it all go so wrong?
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Reddit happened
>inb4 some angry sperg from /pol/ comes whining about how /r9k/ is the reddit board
Not wrong at all, it's an awoovement

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Tell me a time you hit someone in the balls or got hit in the balls.

My favorite experience :

Me and my gf at the time were st a public pool enjoying our summer. I was sitting on a concrete ledge and she walked over and without missing a beat just stood on my nuts. We both kept it casual even though I wanted to scream. Immediately got in the cold water to cool off my balls
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anon you're probably a homosexual
i slapped this girl i used to know on the ass really hard and she punched me in the dick

fucking cunt
When I was a teenager my friends and I would play a game to see who could hit each other in the balls the hardest. It was all pleasant until we realised we were giving free vasectomies.

Just Be You're Self Edition

Thread Guidelines:

1. Take a name to make persistent communication easier
2. Discuss your mental issues, both general and specific
3. Help others with their own problems if you're able
4. Picking on others is not cool bros
5. Foster an inclusive environment by donating a few bucks so we can widen the doors for Atlas
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I got sent home early from work for being "sick" but really it was because I was hung over from drinking like I did every night.
I'm such a fucking disgrace and somehow I still expect people to feel sorry for me. I'm just in bed now alternating between watching tv and shitposting while not making any money.
I still feel like shit and I have to put on a happy face for a family event tonight.
I need to quit drinking. I need to actually be worth something. I don't deserve good things or sympathy
I understand your position. I suggest that you try to limit the nights you drink. I never have a serious drink if I have work the next day (though I usually drink after work). You'll save a little money and won't feel lousy for work. It will also give you something to look forward to, dysfunctional though that may be. Taking positive baby steps is a good thing. for now, winnowing down the number of nights you drink. Perhaps cleanin up your diet a little, starting a hobby or doing some light exercise might move you closer to where you want to be.
Back "home". With family. Slept 2 hours because of my sleep schedule. Had to run with my baggage through the city as the tramway was late, and I wouldn't have made it to the train station in time.

And now I'm experiencing old symptoms again.

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Any fellow brobots have trichotillomania? I have it with my eyelashes, not nearly as bad as some people, but it's still enough to make me feel ashamed and as though everyone around me is looking at them.
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yup, with my nose hairs
Probably the best place to have it, does it still give you the same feeling it gives me?
>Any fellow brobots have trichotillomania?
>I have it with my eyelashes
exactly same here, and I thought I was the only one who did this.
have it pretty bad though, most of them are gone.

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Randy is the ultimate beta. Even more so than Elliot.
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His manifesto video is possibly the most autistic and edgy thing I've ever seen
Yeah, he was definitely the bigger faggot. Even Elliot wasn't obsessed with little girl's cartoons.
I wish I could've joined him desu... I would've gotten so many more people than him.

I worked out how I'll kill myself.

I'll rent a little boat and take it out onto the lake an hour or so before sunset. I'll bring a backpack with a few snacks and some weed. I have some really calming music that makes me feel temporary bliss, and the weed helps with that. I only ever feel at peace from my thoughts and my stress with weed.

After relaxing, focusing on the music and my high for a few hours, I'll put the gun in my mouth; preferably just as the best part of the high sets in. I'll get to die without a worry in the world, at the closest thing to happiness I'll ever have. The cool summer breeze can be the last thing I feel when I pull the trigger.

Any other anons have plans for their suicides?
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Also, Tristan, [email protected]
You aren't going to do any of this because it would require you leaving the basement
Nice trips, but fortunately that doesn't make what you say true. Nature can be solitary, so I do occasionally leave the basement to enjoy it.

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help please
i met an autistic guy on a discord server and he's the cutest and awesome person i've met.
we've spoken for the last 3 days on and off and he told me he's confirmed autism (although you would hardly notice it) we're both very socially recluse people and mainly stick to ourselves.
i'm not autistic but i have a lot of socially anxiety and i hate doing any "normie" things, not to mention i have a hard time judging peoples feelings/thoughts.

i really want to talk to him more but it's difficult sometimes because he goes quiet on me and gives me 1 word replies (could that mean he's not interested in talking to me?) even though over voice we have no problem keeping a convo going. what's the best way to approach someone like this? should i keep trying to talk to him? should i wait until he feels like talking? i guess i'm asking here because he seems somewhat like a robot.
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gtf0 normie shit why are you talking to people
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He's lucky then,

>tfw no savior

Try and do things he likes with him like games or watch anime, he probably will distrust your intent at first but keep trying.
okay thanks, i'm trying
we played some games together last night and it was really nice
he's so quiet and shy but when he was really getting into the game it was great

it's really hard for me as well having a bunch of social problems
i just don't want to overwhelm him because i know sometimes i can feel that way

Why do girls hate nazis and hitler and white pride but guys like it example guys on 4chan always talking about this shit. But if you mention nazis or anything like that to women or any pictures they will instantly ignore or hate you. So why do guys like it but girls dont?
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xdd there ar eno gurlz on the 4chinks am i rite fellow r0b0ts?? haha XD
Because it's toxic and childish to like that kind of shit.
But what if they were right.

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I know that fucking feeling
Hoarseness the hell is that original?
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Here's what I do with women that actually got me laid for the first time. I dunno if this will help anyone.

Consider women NPC's, and think of conversation with them as dialogue in a RPG like fallout. Sort of like the charisma dialogue option. When it fails, learn what you did wrong and think of every failure as a lesson on what to do next time.

Once you think of women as NPC's and not real people then you start to care less and less what their opinion of you is. It helps too if you take benzos or drink alcohol so it's harder to keep a stable and objective thought process

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Do government care about it's citizens or do they hate them?
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Some government representatives are driven by their ideals. Others just spout whatever rhetoric seems popular in order to gain power and benefits. The latter probably outnumber the former.
I wouldn't say hate. Some (like hitler) actually cared. The rest just see the citizens as something to manipulate in exchange for power/money
Tax cattle. More precisely, sheep, that's why it is so important that the education be public.

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britfeel june.jpg
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Wagecucks on suicide watch after another gruelling day of labour edition
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sort of wish i was a wagecuck des
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3rd for Aki!

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