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Uni thread.

Has anyone ever had to meet with a Dean for "academic dishonesty"? I might be, as I asked a person I know to sign me in on the attendance sheet, for a fucking required yoga class of all things. What happened in your case?
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What the fuck, why?
You're fucked, matey
It was one of those fucking required classes enforced by (((them))), was told this class would be easy points. I had more important things to do, pertinent to stem classes.

What is the meaning of this comic?
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The left actually can't meme though. The only good meme the left has come up with is google murray bookchin and kulaks deserved it.
to trigger autists like you?
They can't argue so they make a comic because they have complete control over it.

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I am a time traveller from the year 2038. I'll answer any questions you have about the future

Please note that I'm not an encyclopedia, I don't know ever little detail about every that happened between 2017 and 2038. So no, I don't know who won the UEFA league in 2019.
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does it get better anon
whats it like to be a roleplayer in 2038
Lmao, OP being a faggot as always. No offense, though.

Who is the American president after Trump? Who is the American president in the year you left?

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How do you stack up? Surely NEETs type like 90s movie computer hackers considering they sit on their computers all day.

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199 wpm
git gud
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1244 - 8YJuKc1.jpg
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51 wpm with 6 misspelled words!
why lie on an anonymous somalian image board

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>girl likes me
>she's taller than me
>I'm 6'2"

not sure what to think of this desu
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How much taller than you is she?
She's 6'6"

So, noticeably taller. Awkward amazoness.
Eh gimme more information, what is she like? how do you know her?

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How the fuck do normies afford shit? How do people in my shitty podunk town afford $50,000 cars? How do they afford a $15,000 polaris golf cart that they only drive once in a blue moon??
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It's called jobs anon. You can make fun of wagecucks all you want, but at least they can afford stuff.
Literally spending money they don't have.

Don't take out loans, OP, don't get credit cards. It's all bullshit.

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Meanwhile on the /r9k/ gaming server....
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*steals your resources*

Oh whoops my bad
>punches you so you fall of a cliff and die and lose all your resources
ah shucks sorry about that
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I spent hours mining all those, how could you?

How did you do it?
>tfw too embarrassed to even look in the mirror.
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Plastic surgery obviously.

Why does no one consider plastic surgery an option? Go to college get a big boy job then in a few years you can pay some surgeon to make you beautiful.
Became fit

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Male Pattern Bitch.jpg
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>20 and balding
should I just an hero?
also Hair Loss general.
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buzzcut and start lifting
who here /baldingfemale/ ?
blame your father.

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ever wish you were a girl?

seems like a carefree and simple life
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I wish I am nigger
Lmao you think it's easy being a girl?
We have to put so much attention into our appearance most men would crumble under the pressure in a day
Periods mate

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Femanons, if you met a guy who had an attractive face, great personality, and a 7" penis but was 5'7 and 103 lbs and has really long hair is that a deal breaker?
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>i will never be as cool as jimmy page
I kinda look like him but I'm more skelly
Are you fucking kidding me? That'd be my ideal husband.

> too bad I'm a frumpy, shy, awkward librarian
> cool skinny boys never wanted to date me and they never will
Feels bad, man.
> tfw my red snapper will never take Led Zeppelin's red snapper
What's the fucking point.

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Why are black people so obsessed with eating ass?
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He has black wojak's haircut.
Don't know and I don't care.
>black people

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1482469938366 (1).png
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>Tfw I'm a horny fembot that can't find a submissive BF that will let me sit on his face
Why live?
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sure you can't
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I really can't. All the boys on campus have tried to dominate me.
I dont doubt your hornyness or need for a subby bf, its the fembot part.

What is the most cucked thing you ever done robots?
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I literally got cucked

When she found out I went on a rampage and irreversibly mentally scarred her.
nice bro

D-done or had done to me..?

Why doesn't society allow me to painlessly kill myself? It will solve all my problems. Do normies find a joy in knowing that losers such as me exist?
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Because someone needs to work the minimum wage jobs no one else wants to.

I agree though, assisted suicide needs to become legal, no questions asked. If someone doesn't want to be alive, there is no reason why they should be forced into it. Depression and loneliness is just as good a reason to get assisted suicide as a terminal illness is.
desu i prefer to release my vitriolic self hatred, and sexual frustration on others. it works a treat for me my dude.
There are many people willing to do minimal wage job, though dumpf want to deport them all.

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