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How do I cure yellow fever? It just keeps getting worse. I can't even get hard to white girls anymore. White people just look so disgusting. Sometimes I can get it up to slavic looking girls, but I can't remember the last time I was able to jerk it to a regular white girl.
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first of all, I hope you realize the girl you posted is probably the top 1% of gooks and would want nothing to do with you. but anyway, all you need to do is go out with an average asian girl for a little while, and your meme fever will cure itself. trust me. then you will once again recognize that white girls are superior but also unattainable hence why you developed yellow fever in the first place.
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What's wrong with liking Asians anon. they're like second to none
Saito Asuka btw

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Are roots really smarter than average? What would the average IQ of /r9k/ be? 125here.
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Somewhere north of 120
>falling for the IQ meme
kek, it's what you do in life that matters you silly boy
but IQ is correlated with income, dumb robot

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Dad gift me a Ferrari 458 Italia, for getting into university. Great not? Well not so much...

The ferrari came with high expectations, all of my normie friends tells me I will get mad pussy with this "tool", all my family giggles saying I will get a girlfriend in a snap, even father is anxious expecting me to bring top tier bimbos to the house now that I have this dream car.

But I am a virgin, girls show no interest in me, I think I am kinda ugly too, not hideous tho, but not cute at all thats for sure... also my self esteem is very fragile and I don't deal well with rejections I am very proud and I hate to be humiliated by dumb hoes

What to do? I don't want to disappoint dad, where can I use this car to get chicks? Because I have been riding everywhere and nothing yet, the gold digger videos are BS just lika PUA

Probably this is the worst place to ask for a topic related advice, but I know you guys are sincere and we share the same thoughts and ideas about pretty much everything, so can you help? Essentially the question would be "How can I pick girls using a Ferrari?" pathetic right? Well is what I got.
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>>>/adv/ is that way friend
First off, what race are you?
If you say Asian, I'm going to fucking throw my head back in laughter.
/adv/ is full of normies they won't get it

>tfw femboy
>tfw no discord master to bully me and treat me like shit and make me their slave
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Is English your second language? It's actually a bit impressive to make 2 separate grammatical errors in the space of 17 words
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I want the same thing OP, but I know you're fucking lying to get attention from thirsty anons.
is being this new you're first language?

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people that have posted pics of themselves anywhere

do you regret it? do you get unwanted attention? (orbiters)
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I got my face cummed on so I learned my lesson...
No and no
Muted for 10835 seconds

what did you post then if no one orbited you

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Here's what it looks like on the third party archives. Top one is 4chan from the thread I saw this in.
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Here's what this thread looks like on moe. Desu isn't loading, but I'm sure it looks the same.
The image search yielded some fucked up results. Also,
I have no idea how they haven't been taken down yet. They back up dark web illegal images.
No idea what you are talking bout m8.

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What are you really nostalgic for anon? What thing makes you wish you could go back in time and experience it again?
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I remember a girl from high school, she was really awesome. I really wish I could talk to her just once more
Deviant Art.
Several years ago I used to be really into that stuff. Made a lot of online friends on that website. It was fun while it lasted...
I wish that I could go back in time to before I became afraid to care. I was so much happier back then, and if I could somehow stop that shift from happening I might not be posting here today.

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Feels thread?

Feels thread.

>Be me
>Still recovering from best friends suicide
>Friends are supportive bla blah whole shabang
>Slowly starting to feel better
>Get to chatting with friends on Teamspeak
>Turns out they all had a giant meetup (we all live in separate parts of the U.K).
>Didn't get invited
>"You'd cause drama"
>"You're not the type of person some people wanted around."
>The people who went were all my friends.
>Considering suicide tonight

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Please do not kill yourself.It might take awhile but you will feel better. If you not getting professional help seek it out.
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You should seriously consider killing them before you kill yourself OP.
These were not actual friends. It's better to learn it now than in a situation where you would rely on them.

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would you date a virgin? why or why not?

i personally would never. i would feel like they would get too attached and end up writing those nasty stories you read about on here..
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I'm a virgin too, so I would. He should be a virgin for moral reasons though. not sure I could be with an incel.
There is no such thing as a fembot. To use the term is to give females a sense of place here.

Women are not welcome, never have been.
i'm dating a virgin right now actually

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Made $120, got some great exercise for my body and mind, shot the shit with co-workers and flirted with the new girl (pulled her number this morning actually). Remind me how amazing your lives are NEETbitches I need a laugh
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Fuck off, normalfag

get off the robot board

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>woke up, both btc and eth up with steady gains, im up about 1300 dollars by doing nothing.
>make some breakfast in my parents house free of charge, some nice fried parma ham, some eggs and chipolatas
>head out to gym, do my usual cardio and lifting
>head home, talk to buddies on skype/play some pubg games.
>read some news, look up on cryptoforums/threads for any upcoming icos
>comfy dinner cooked by me, doing the pork from the jon favreau chef movie with the garlic and citrus
>browsing the web, just chilling whilst wafting smell of garlicky citrusy pork in my room.

life is bretty gud atm.
can you teach me friend

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You will never have a girl put her face really close to yours and have amazement and wonder in her eyes as she tucks your hair behind your ear and say "my god. you're perfect"
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You said the same thing on instagram

>you are perfect, anon
>thanks mom
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Hi Keeruh

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Am I not funny or cool enough for you, god why is it I get ignored in every situation. What am I suppose to do to get you to respond, rape my sister, eat my cat, lick my moms sex toys?

Fuck you /r9k/ you're just like the pricks I had to deal with when I was a kid, you ignore me and pretend I don't exist.

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If you think I'm gonna let this disappear off the board, you got another thing coming. I will self bump this till I either pass out or die.

don't be so dramatic nigga, like 9 out of 10 posts I've made get ignored
I'm sorry, anon.
I don't come here too often and post even less often... for what it's worth, I acknowledge your existence.

How are you?

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>became infatuated with a coworker
>now she's my oneitis and I really want to ask her out
>we always get along and she's definitely flirting with me
>I've tried to be obvious about flirting with her
>she becomes my supervisor
>also find out she's super pure and Christian
>homeschooled from age 13, definitely a virgin
>probably never even held hands before
>my best (read: only) friend advised me not to ask her out
>said it wasn't a "me" thing but that she doesn't seem like she wants to date anyone right now or ever
>friend keeps repeating this advice
>says not now or ever, it's simply a bad idea
>but robots on 4chan tell me I should make a move, just ask her to lunch
>blew a chance I had to do it a ways back and now I'm here
>still have no idea if it's a good idea to ask her out
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Lol your friend sounds retarded just ask her and be prepared to leave your job if things don't work out.
is she a 10/10?
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Seeing as how she is now your supervisor, there are rules at a majority of jobs that prohibit any dating of superior members of staff. if you attempt to ask her out, she might say no, or she could go the extra mine, say no, AND get you fired. I highly advise against asking her out until you either get another job or get promoted to her level. Show her you care with hard work and determination at your job. Where do you work?

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If you a chance to move to either Seattle or Hawaii, which would you choose?
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hawaii, id probably commit suicide within a month with seattle weather.
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Seattle because I've never been to america and also I like shadowrun :)

I love rain I'd have to pick Seattle

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august night new..jpg
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Doxx of the century edition
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Let's do our best not to talk about the old thread.
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This has to be some sort of sick joke lads
I was at work
what happened?

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