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>tfw no chubby gf to make feel loved
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stop making me feel that feel op
Have you ever been spooned by a chubby girl? Nigga, you don't know comfy.
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> mfw I see faggots like you here.

You faggots have no excuse any more, the age of manlets is upon us and there is fresh, wet pussy waiting for you right now
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Well being 5"9 is taller than being 6"2 by about 6 inches so it makes sense
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Keke this is just the dad bod phase
>girl takes forever to text you back
>start ignoring her
>she starts acting like she likes you

What do they mean by this?

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Do you prefer big boobs or small boobs?

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big boobs are doofy
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A big chest fills a mans hands, while a small chest fills a mans heart
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White knoghts skewing this poll need to go.

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Does the appeal of never waking up again appeal to anyone else? Ive held my shotgun in my mouth and practiced pullibg the trigger but im afraid to do it loaded. what if i dont die right then what if in revived and have to have some faggot take care of me. i have buckshot shells from the 1980s that are in new shape and thats all i have.

are there any lifestyle choices besides drugs i can do that will make it impossible for me to live any more than 5-10 years from now?
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Well shotgun is the most painless way you can do it anon. You wont even feel a thing. Other than that no.
think shells from the 80s would still be fine they look new? also does it matter how i aim like should it be in te mouth and up at 45 degrees back?

i just fear ending up in a hospital alive and then havibg a bill forbit and then someone taking care me until i die
I hate life so much as well

its a bitter stinging feeling laced with feeling pissed and trapped with no friends

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After talking to 3 people from r9k I honestly have to say that it's a deep redflag when someone writes he visits r9k frequently.
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>visits r9k frequently
Hmmm, you don't say? Red flag, really? Loser!
how about you fuck off and go to /soc/ then? true robots dont do contact fagging, only normie nu-r9k faggots do that
I'm just here because I'm sad, lost and alone anon.

Everything in my life is so much more fucking complicated and painful than the average person's so it's much easier just to hide from it all here

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>you wake up one morning, your stomach is still covered in semen, presumably from the lengthy masturbation session last night
>or so you thought
>you roll over and see pic related snuggled up against you, and his entire face is covered in what you believe is your cum
Wat do?
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What the fuck is even the point of this board anymore?
I'm not gay, so beat that trap up
But anon, you just came all over his cute face last night! Why the sudden change in mentality?

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Am I the only one?

I am 29yo but mum treats me like underage. She yells at me everytime when I do not eat whole differ and she is trying to trick me into feeling guilty every time I do something different that she wish.

I can not be the only one, can I?
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>implying people still live at home at the age of 29
That's how people end up stuck in an adolescent mentality
Break free.
Move out.

Hell, even ignore her if you must.

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>be me
>young adult who dropped out of highschool
>never had a job
>diagnosed with major depressive disorder, adhd, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder, and anger issues/irritability issues
>no license
>no car
>family cannot support me because reasons
>dad wants to help but cant because hes poor and makes very little
>going to be homeless and on the streets in a week
>barely got myself a ID and medicaid
>everywhere i apply denies me or never contacts me

Do i got a chance guys?
I just want to live in a condo or apartment and play vidya on my computer all day.
Most days im too anxious to even go outside and all i do is go to therapy twice a week but it doesnt help.
Ive been denied to transitional housing for the homeless a few times in the past few months even though ive been living in shelters for a few months.
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Damn that really sucks.
I really hope I become rich to I can support a few robots, you really don't deserve it.
Hang in there Anon, don't give up.
Thanks fellow anon, i'll do the same too if i ever get rich. Sadly i only have 17$ to my name right now.
There's always prison for 3 squares a day, I guess

>Get kicked out of school most my life
>Very severe depression, fail academically
>Mum tells me to drop out and that I'm too dumb for education past 16
>do it, min wagecuck for a bit
>get fed up, go back
>fail again
>4 months later doing average, 1 year top of class
>1.5 years later get triggered beyond belief when I see past fucks up uni applications, get into average unis (don't bother with anywhere good)
>2 years later A*A*A*A* (for burgerclaps https://www.cao.cam.ac.uk/behind-the-headlines/astar-alevel)
>1 year into uni and it gets more and more painfully obvious I fucked up mainly due to shitty parents when younger

Does anyone else know this feel?
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No, that's a very specific feel. I am generally severely apathetic and depressed about uni if that counts
Yeah it probably is quite rare.

> am generally severely apathetic and depressed about uni
I've got this, I can't be fucking bothered anymore.

My best (but retarded) friend got into a better uni despite having worse grades simply because his parents wouldn't let him drop out/got tutors. I know I sound like a sjw but it pisses me off so much knowing it was all for nothing.
You've already posted this shit before, your faults are your own.

Would you date a hyperfeminist tumblrina SJW if she looked like this /r9k/?
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Depends on how big are her daddy issues.
yeah i'd date anyhting that is somewhat cute at this point. my stoic personality could ignore all of the bs anyway.
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>Hapa with tattoos

Enjoy ur rape accusations

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>tfw you have to hide a minimum of 15 fag threads every time you log into r9k

literally kill yourselves
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Gtfo muzzy. We wouldn't have to if your kind literally didn't feed off of misogyny.
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>tfw hiding 19 threads right now
every unhidden thread is filled with posters from the objectionable threads
remember that
you are conversing ALL the time with the sexually liberated and ideologically unrestrained

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>"Come quick Anon, the movie's about to start! Hey wait, turn out the lights first! Great, now come cuddle with me under the blanket. You don't mind if I hold on to your arm, do you? It's just I always get jumpy when I watch spooky movies!"

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3anerMuPio ]
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ooh one of these threads

Go on, OP.
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>"Hey, thanks for coming to visit my hometown Anon. It means the world to me, really. I always hoped I'd meet someone that I'd feel comfortable opening up to and sharing my life with. And I couldn't have asked for anyone better than you Anon. Oh gosh, I'm embarrassing myself aren't I! Come on, we better head back to my house, I bet my mom will have dinner ready by now. I hope you're hungry!"

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vk1I5wyPiA ]

Here's another feel song.
Too lazy to write a conversation so use your imagination


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Reminder, anal masturbation doesn't make you gay.
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george chains.jpg
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It doesn't help.

I thought I was the only one who did anal masturbation but in a not gay way
Know what does make you gay? Not providing a source on that picture.

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I pledge allegiance to the flag
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Of the United States of America
Fuck AmeriKKKa and fuck white people.
And to the republic, for which it stands.

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some CMD thing keeps opening up randomly, what is that?
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russian hackers
code is being run on your computer without your knowledge. but the hackers were too shitty to do it properly.

reformat and reinstall. time is of the essence.
Dude, it's obviously ISIS.
They're planning the next 9/11 on your computer so it won't arouse any suspicions.

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