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Goddamn it, I'm too addicted to 4chan to go to bed at a reasonable time. Why are you all so unironically attractive for people on the Internet?
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Fucking this, my autism forces me to refresh the page again and again. It stops me from going to bed (sometimes I stay up till 3, 4 am) and doing homework.
>He doesn't triple task.
>all so unironically attractive
y-you too

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What do fat girls smell like?
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Salty milk, coins, and really bad BO
>bad BO
nearly puked once
>What do fat girls smell like?

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I have to go up to the school today to do a dumb writing thing and I'm scared. I don't even know what it's about, I haven't properly made an appointment and I don't even know if I have to make an appointment because I'm too scared to go to the website. I'm really anxious and I haven't slept and my dad will be here to pick me up at noon. I don't even know if the assignment is still available or if I missed the due date
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why are you scared to go to the website?
you probably feel even worse due to lack of sleep, try to get some rest soon anon. it will all be okay.
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It makes me anxious, I keep feeling scared that I'll get a message that I'll be dropped or something, my body just keeps telling me not to whenever I think about getting up and doing it. It's mostly an online college, but every once in a while they make me do things like this. I'll have to take a shower first in case my dad comes while I'm sleeping and I don't have a chance to, and I probably really should see if I have to make an appointment first, but thanks anon, it feels really nice having someone say things like that. I hope it'll be okay
okay I finally tried going to the website and I saw what I had to do and I made a proper appointment, and I didn't miss the due date either. I'm still a little anxious and not happy that I have to go up there but I feel a lot better now I think...thanks again anon!

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Is there a difference between 99.99% and 99.995% purity helium if I plan to make the meme bag, the shop sells only 10L per custumer for some reason.

The price difference is around 30%, although I thing the premium is due if I want to get a guaranteed kill.
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No, .005% will not make a difference in the slightest.
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helium bag.jpg
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what are you trying to save money for after you're dead?

KYS please

go with the real thing
>extremely painful
Why does he wear the mask?

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Would you consider having two penises to be an advantage, or a disadvantage? Some detail would be appreciated. I think it'd be somewhat of an advantage. I'd actually have some chance to lose my virginity just because of the shock value.
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You could make so much money in porn
The guy who took the picture said he doesn't want to do porn because he doesn't want the two penises to become a gimmick. He wants to be "unique, but not a freak show". What a wasted opportunity.
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Come on, at least I put a little effort into this thread. Stop posting in trap threads and give me my (you)s!

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Is it possible to take a girl who is crazy and mellow her out? I'm a pretty reasonable, rational guy and I noticed that there's a girl who has a thing for me. But she's supposedly a crazy stalker too. Any chance I could make it work?
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How do you know she has a thing for you? What makes her a crazy stalker? I require more details before I can adequately assess the situation.
>Gets no attention
>Female wishes to OD robot with attention

I'm not seeing the problem here.

I work at a restaurant and she came in for drinks a couple days ago. There were the obvious signs, flirting, eye contact, etc. The rest of the staff pointed it out to me.

Also, she was one of those "break up with someone and then go park in front of their house at 2am and show up unannounced at their jobs and this and that" sort of ex girlfriend. Evidently she would call all the time, text, pretty basic post relationship harassment.

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is there any hope left for me?

>39 yo horsefucking ponyfag, disgusting weeaboo
>No job, no skills
>Living with my mom and she fucking hated me (tried to kill me once)
>Lost my V card to a real horse
>Buying anime pillows so I can sleep with them in my bed (loneliness)
>Fap to CP 3 times a week
>Haven't shower in 3 years
>Can't talk to anyone expect my mom
>Have a imaginary friend
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>lost my V card to a real horse
No, but at least you make me feel better by being way worse off

You keep doin' you ya crazy fucker
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>first time on /r9k/
>it can't be that ba-
>this is literally the first thread I see

No need for "normies get out," I'll be on my way...

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... a Saudi tradition
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>wanting to drink camel piss
>getting mad its not camel piss and its human piss
What's up with camel piss?

In some cultures camel urine is believed to have therapeutic value.


This is consumer fraud and whatever your feelings about drinking camel urine are, if he was selling human urine as camel urine, that is unethical and he should be prosecuted.

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He just wanted someone to talk to. He felt alone, undermined, and surrounded by people who did not care about him. I feel bad for him. You can make this about 'omg mad about his ex' but that was clearly projecting.
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I don't think anybody is saying he's killing people because of his ex. Everybody without a learning disability realizes he's just using her, and his mother, and gambling, and everything but himself as an excuse for his actions because he's a good boy who dindu nuffin
>trying to humanize a murdering nigger psychopath
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He was a fat black tyrone with a hamplanet gf. He killed an old innocent man who just wanted to be with his kids all because of some stupid roastie.

Stop justifying this fucks actions. He is not /ourguy/ and probably spoutted that "hate whitey" bull shit.

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>look at someone
>they were looking at me first
>they continue staring at me
>look away because I get intimidated and feel like crying
How do I deal with these idiots I want to punch their head but I'm too scared
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>tfw I am an eye contact bully
>tfw I stare down chads, people with jobs, and attractive people all day
>tfw I can't stop
>not becoming the stare bully

I think I scared the shit out of some younger guy the other day by staring him down because he was walking in my direct path

I'm afraid of doing it to girls though
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he cant.jpg
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>oral communications class in college
>one hipster kid sitting front row and center
>maintains absolutely solid eye contact when anyone has to give a speech

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>Normie starts telling you about how 'depressed' they are
I'm finding it harder and harder not to go into an autistic rage at people who have stable jobs and social lives and romantic partners whenever they talk about having anxiety and depression. These motherfuckers have no fucking idea what it's like to be a complete social reject and they tell me they're 'depressed' over how Chad has been treating them. I've never had a job, 27 year old kissless virgin who has literally never had ANY female interested in me at all and I need to listen to these dirtbags whine about how hard they have it.
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so you're sad because your life is awful? yeah. that's not depression. that's being a sad loser.

depression is when you have everything you've ever dreamed of and you still want to die.

get your life together and then see how "depressed" you are.
Depression isn't even a real condition. It's just normies seeking attention and wanting a pity party. Normies can't feel true sadness like robots can so they need to fake it to get people to shower them with validation
You're a man child that's never gone out and gotten anything in the first place so you don't know what it's like to be depressed. I bet the real depressed people you are listening to think you are an immature child for acting all gloomy even though you have no real problems.

>Message a girl
>She never replies
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>some random person I barely know messaged me with "hi" out of the blue
>never respond
>guy who i watch through binoculars sits at his computer looking sad all the time
>sneak into his house while he's asleep and leave candies in his shoes

: - )
>message a girl
>she messages the police

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>tfw finally gf
>tfw you dont love her
what to do anons? I just want to have sex, but she seems madly in love with me
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If you have a gf and are currently having sex, why the fuck are you asking /r9k/ for advice? Fuck off normie, and get >>>/out/
write her name on a water bottle and then every time you feel bad chug the water until you stop crying
I'm not having sex with her..at least yet
but I want to so much...However I dont want to commit and dont want to break her feelings because mine were so many times

I dont love her.. I dont think I will ever love her
and it sucks

Come join our dead group and make it alive for a few hours before it dies again! Talk about whatever you want, be it your waifu, your shitty life, liftan, being a Chad et cetera

invite code because spam filter: zMkCNVz
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Make discord great again
this one is more r9k focused if you guys are interested, just a small, comfy, server.

discord dot gg/zzsj743
wtf dont post ur gay lil discord link in MY thread u rude cunt

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>is nearly summer depression time again
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I live in Houston, so I'm already there bud
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If I don't do something productive this summer, it's over.
at least spring depression is almost over

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