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>"Anon. Have you been eating the super food I told you about? You want to have a strong BWC, don't you?"
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Gonna guess game, Yakuza?

It's from the Tekken movie. I didn't know there was a Tekken movie.
yeah I started eating spinach, have not noticed any difference in anything though

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Why do manlets still exist? Why do ugly guys still exist?


The species we evolved from had gone through millions of years of natural selection. Our primitive ancestors gone through hundreds of thousands of years of it. Why haven't the fucking manlet, jawlet, dicklet genes been rooted out yet? What's the point? Why the fuck have our shitty genetics survived if no girl even wants to be around us?
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To be work bitches. To be cucks.
What a shit thread. Only posters that should be on r9k are

that's it, everything besides that is normie tier
Traditional societies gave every man a wife so there was no selection.

will getting a bodypillow help combat loneliness
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does a stuffed animal make you feel less lonely?
maybe consider a career in taxidermy
i have actually found taxidermy fascinating, i have experience in butchering rabbits and goats so i have a some sort of base for that.

but no, im currently studying electrical engineering and want to pursue a more stable job market
If you're a furfag just go to a con. It is literally fucking impossible to not lose your virginity at one.

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>you'll never go back to 2007
>you'll never go back to listening to hardcore edm playing vidya, watching anime, and having pizza nights like you did when you were younger
>you'll never get to go back to a time when 4chan was fun

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>you'll never go back to 1960
>you'll never kill Ronald Reagan before he became important so he wouldn't fund Al-Qaeda and cause all the current middle eastern shit
>you'll never live in a world pure from the hell of neoconservatism
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I remember when /g/ was good
Fuck you nigger, I'm gonna spend tomorrow night doing exactly that then.

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Was Marx black? It would explain why he talked so much about everybody getting free stuff.
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you capitalist dogs are so easy to trigger i'm beginning to wonder if you've been pavlov'd
Is this a shitpost?
That would explain why don't just use Google?
>talks about others getting triggered
>gets triggered

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>visit rating threads
>get 5-6/10
Is there still hope for me robots?
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4/10 and below is all yours. Go get some.
>5-6/10 on 4chan
You always need to subtract by 2 because /soc/ is usually handing out pity points out like it's nothing
umm, what?
are you retarded, /soc/ has incredibly high standards considering how unattractive the people who frequent rate threads are.

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Why do people get so upset when you use reason, facts and statistics to disprove a belief they have?

Isn't it great to finally be that much closer to the reality of things? Why resist?
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Reality is depressing af that's why

I'd rather be dumb and happy then "woke" and waiting for death
Have you seen how society runs these days? Shit has to cater to their fluffywuffy-everyone-is-equal world view or they will lynch you.
because most people who use words like "prove" and "disprove" on topic of beliefs are edgelords who don't understand confirmation bias or the validity of competing philosophies. If they aren't ware of the facts you can enlighten them but if you show them the facts and they continue to have a different opinion than you due to the things they value then you're an autist for thinking you "disproved" them

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>oh my god stacy look what I found on anon's computer!
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pls don't open the boipucci folder
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Nice 3d whore
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Stacies found the Semen Samovar

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>recently single and miserable
>have had girlfriends before
>odds are I will have one again
>tfw my next girl is out there right now

Seeing as it's highly unlikely to be an actual 40 year old virgin, odds are you'll find that girl all the same.

So tell me, /r9k/... why aren't you looking for her? She's looking for you...
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mainly cause i am ashamed of myself and my status as a NEET at age 33 living with my parents.

it's the same reason i proactively ghosted all of my former friends
>she's looking for you
Good thing my wallet isn't magnetic, then
>odds are you'll find that girl all the same
You mean a girl who's washed up from fucking Chads in her youth and now ready to settle for a guy like who's just beta provider in her eyes?

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>tfw my mom keeps asking if I'm depressed

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Are you depressed anon?
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No I just would never, ever tell anyone I'm depressed

It's so weak

Would r9k fuck a north korean girl?
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i would die without heir, as a reminder to learn from your mistakes with me.
yes, but not in north korea. far too risky.
I'm commie, north korean waifus are basically my ideal gfs

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>it's another qt girl with social life, friends and a boyfriend crying on twitter because she is so depressed and lonely
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Remember OP, all suffering is relative.
>it's another op cries about others saying they are alone when he has a board of anons to whine too
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>it's a retard doesn't realize depression is a mental illness and can affect people regardless of their circumstances episode
You're right on the lonely part.

>tfw make people uncomfortable
>tfw their discomfort makes you uncomfortable as result
>tfw your resulting discomfort further makes them uncomfortable
>tfw their furthered discomfort now makes you even more uncomfortable
>tfw the increasing discomfort, again, exacerbates their discomfort
>tfw endless, vicious cycle that scares more people away from you (and possibly you from other people)

What kind of god would instil such hell upon a person?
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This is an accurate description of my everyday interactions
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literally me
what the fuck is wrong with us
We're robots, anon. Unfit for interaction with humanity outside of text.

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Guys, I need help. I want to become a qt trap but I don't know how. Any advice would be appreciated.
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kill yourself. Maybe you'll wake up as one after in the next life or something.

Seriously though, kill yourself.
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reminder that this is what the people who make these threads are
put on cute girly cloths and be a qt

see! black people can be smart too! dude space lmao!!!!
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Another reason to hate white people
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Hahah what a story, Mark!
watching that trailer fucking hurt.
>rioting violent niggers weren't the problem!!! it was da police!!!

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