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Does anyone else get strangely sad when you see pictures of cities or other areas during twilight? Or even going outside and seeing it for yourself

It gives me an extreme feeling of melancholy, because it feels like during the twilight hour, that is when we are most alive and when people are most emotionally open, the time when secrets may reveal themselves. It's sad seeing young people out on the town during twilight, I never got to experience those things. I remember I was once on a beach boardwalk during the magic hour, and seeing everyone else walk about. I was appreciative of the moment but it's also a profound loneliness.
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I'm actually trying to learn how capture this feeling with drawing but I'm no where near a level of being able to share
Do you have any more pictures of this for inspiration?
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I'm trying to search but can't find a ton. Trying to find more though.
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here's another feely one. i remember some nights, in the park at dusk

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OK anon, touch it before the waiter comes back
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*rams my finger in ur butthole*
>my face when

*shoves 80% of left leg in her cunt*

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Why don't blacks just let us call them niggers? They give the word power by telling us we can't say it. "Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself." -Dumbledore
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For what other reason would you say a racial slur apart from disrespect or trying to start a fight?
Even just things like "wassup my niggah?"
It doesn't have to have a hard r for blacks to get upset.
End of thread. Pack up your bags, boys.

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Why are people from the mid-Atlantic area so fucking strange? (NYC doesn't count obviously)
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Strange how? They're harden people because of the weather and the competitiveness of the area
>Why are people from the mid-Atlantic area so fucking strange?

>NYC doesn't count

Uh, what?

NYC is loaded with all manner of weirdness.
Because bizness

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anyone else not scared of not being alive but id be terrified to die in a wreck or shot up. i sometimes wanna stick a shotgun in my mouth but i feel like somehow id live since id be doing it in my back yard in a subdivision people could come quick. plus im a pussy. i would like to be able to have the option to just choose a date to die one, i dont think i would instantly if given the chance but i want to know i have an instant way out.

i seriously hope this is all there is and there is no reincarnation. i seriously cant grasp why im me and not sensing through someone else instead of me.

i really like to smoke but sometimes i cough up phlem and id hate to get cancer only because i feel like people would rub it in my face
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u sound lika loser
Yes, I would also like to not be alive. If I had an instant death button I would push it immediately.
am i retarded for not wanting to kms but would totaly do what you said half the time?

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big kangaroo.jpg
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When did you realize you were just another dumbfuck retard?

I personally just now came to this realization.
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What caused the realization anon?
Hearing people who have the same hobbies as I do (electronics, video games, technology in general) talk. I can hold conversations with them, but when it comes down to the details, I'm an idiot.
Start with the broad swaths and learn the details as you go. Don't make shit up though, thats how you fuck up.

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come play music with fellow anons!

>how does this work?
click the bar at the bottom left and create a playlist, then search for YouTube videos/SoundCloud links via title or URL. you can also import playlists from either website. select Join Wait List to get in the queue.
>what can I play?
any music that you enjoy. varied taste and deep cuts are always appreciated. if you Woot a song it will give a point to you and the person playing it. try not to Meh something unless you really can't stand it as opposed to feeling indifferent.

extension: https://plugcubed.net
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Biggity boo, a bump for you.
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r9kbot status: buttblasted

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>roommate saw the cut on my arm
>had to make up a story to explain it

Whats a good excuse for random cuts?
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Being an attention seeking faggot is a pretty believable one
Cutting is for a pathetic excuse of an attention whore that is too coward to even kill himself.

Just say "shit dude I don't know, I passed near a sharp branch or something"
Cats usually cut their owners alot

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Hey Anon, I just wanna tell you that........you're a nice guy
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Y-you too.

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>Haha anon you're so funny I love hanging out with you :)
>You're such a good friend anon :)
>"D-do you like me?"
>"Oh. Ok."
>"cya around anon"
>"th-thanks. You too"

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*blocks your path*

How do you manage to be a virgin past the age of 18? literally every has sex in college son!
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bump because I know this has been asked to a couple of you robots by your pops
not an argument

not an original argument
>Father is too dead to virgin shame me
Feels good man

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ITT your new name

Is it Alpha or not?
>Pinky Gigglehead
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>Lumpy Diapermouth
>Zippy monkeychunks

honestly could be worse.
>Oprah Toiletchunks

Why the FUCK am I always tired? Is 7 hours of sleep not enough? As soon as I get home from work, I crash so fucking hard
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Do you eat to sustain life
Masturbation, diet, and probably lack of exercise?

It could also be that nobody is meant to work an 8 hour fucking day.
What did you mean by this?
Splatter Platter

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Sad Pepe.jpg
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Ever since I've bought an e-cig I've been using it constantly. It gives me a warm, productive comfort that I can't go without. Is all of this nicotine bad for me?
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Yes. And you also look like a giant faggot smoking your robot dildo

e-cigs are lame af, atleast cigarettes can like aesthetic. either way best to avoid nicotine.
Fukkin lol. If you're gonna do nicotine, just smoke regular cigarettes.
Plus, when you go to smoking areas you can relate and talk to people easier. That's how I made friends

Tomboys or girly girls?
Archer girls or mage girls?
Shy girls or bold girls?
Big tits or nice ass?
Sub girls or dom girls?
Giantesses or minigirls?
Warrior girls or princess girls?
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>Tomboys or girly girls?
Both in the same girl, but more girly.

>Archer girls or mage girls?

>Shy girls or bold girls?
Shyness in some situations, boldness in others. A girl that is shy where she should be bold and bold where she ought to be shy is terrible.

>Big tits or nice ass?

>Sub girls or dom girls?
In bed? Sub. In life, both at the appropriate situations.

>Giantesses or minigirls?
Neither, petite is nice.

>Warrior girls or princess girls?
Both attitudes, in different situations.

give me harder choices next time.

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Is it possible for a blackbot to find an asian gf?
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I've seen a black guy dating an asian girl
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Did they look like a nice couple?
Unless you find a trashy Vietnamese/Filipino girl, no.

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