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Just had ANOTHER dream where I had a gf. Fuck my brain teasing me. Hopefully I'll have one in the afterlife.
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just smoke weed constantly. No more shitty dreams reminding you of what life could be. Makes anime more enjoyable too.
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Maybe you should push yourself and attempt a shot at getting a girlfriend, anon. Why wait? I've confidence in you.
I have no clue where I would get weed.

Not sure where I would find one. I do have an account on Okc (I've actually gotten 18 likes by girls) but I'm not really into anyone on there.

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Guy that was sectioned for having a psychotic episode here.

Just been transferred to a mental institution. Can only get internet in the yard, so here i am.

Please talk to me everyone here is crazy but not in a robot kind of way but actually scary crazy.
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>they let you keep your phone

that's new
They let me keep mine when I was admitted as well. It's not so new.
I can take photos of the inside but can't post them until i come back out and it's a massive hassle


Everyone here seems to have phones. If you're suicidal they take your belt and shoes off but not phone. I mean what are you gonna do with it?

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>robots think violation of basic human rights is ethical, like thinking women should be sex slaves or should be executed if they don't shave
>normies don't help robots become better, productive people and instead make fun of them for their failures
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>this robot doesn't know how to use meme arrows
>normies gonna norm
>robots put way too much time into determing who is actually a robot
>normies don't put in any effort into understanding robot problems
YOU think people should be forgiven for their shortcumings, u cunt

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Gunshots and an explosion heard in Fresno,California

Now we just work out who the perpetrators are

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my money is on religion of peace
bruh it's fresno, gunshots and explosions are a daily occurrence

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i deserve to die.png
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>taking female hormones for two months
>breasts are extremely sore
>nipples hurt like hell
>so sensitive I can feel them through my shirt
>feels like there's growth under my skin
This is what girls feel like during puberty right? For the first time my gender dysphoria has lessened, but in it's place I realize how much of a disgusting freak I really am

Do I kill myself or keep going
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kill yourself, when the tranny trend bubble pops you'll be another guy with a fucked up body
Stop now before it's too late. You'll be a freak forever if you let this go on any longer.
I don't care about other trannies, I've never met one

This is the only thing in my entire life that has ever actually made the dysphoria not so bad though. Is it worth being a freak to feel more at peace internally?

No one likes you anime watching virgins.

t. stacie
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No one likes bullies either, silly.
I want a gf who is into petplay.
Pretty easy to get if you know how to treat us right.

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Do any of you faggots skate? Is it a robotic subject? I used to when i was a kid. just bought a cheap board at a department store to get back into it, and i fucking suck, can barely stand on the thing, not like riding a bike at all. it is really comfy to skate alone in an abandoned parking lot with a six pack or something.
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skateboards are for fags
get something with a motor
I am HIGHLY offended by this post. I came to share an interest in hopes that other outcasts might also enjoy. I opened myself up and was vulnerable, and you came along and attacked me for no reason. Well, you've ruined my day, and made me even more fearful of trying to connect with people. I hope you feel happy with yourself, you monster
i wanted to skate since i was like 10 and played tony hawks at a friend's place (too poor for own console) My mother bought me a tesco brand skateboard and undermined any attempts to get good at anything I was ever passionate about to keep up control. 16 years later I still can't skate, but I buy a skateboard every couple of years just to ride around town on nice summer days.

I have no friends who skate and for a few months I was able to pop-in into a minibowl. I still can't ollie.

I wish I could quit it, but I guess some addictions just never let you go.

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ITT: list your interests. can be weird, doesn't have to be.
>Comic books
>Godzilla movies
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i like doing nothing
and avoiding people
>2d art
>things with strings
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>Tokusatsu movies and shows
What's your favorite Godzilla movie, OP? Shin was groovy, but Biollante is my top pick.

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New Canvas.png
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havent seen a creativity/hobby thread in a while.

post your creations.
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>tfw too lazy to practice regulary
>will stay beginner/comfortzone forever
feels bad lad

here is something that i'm working on.
solo guitar, no vocals
>tfw all "creative" anons disappeared

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Circ cruelty.png
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It is a cruel mutilation and theft before a boy can even defend himself and it should be banned.

It removes/damages the MOST touch-sensitive parts of the penis, there is no universal standard for exactly how much tissue to take (so one cut guy can end up missing less tissue, the next can have so much tissue taken that he will spend the rest of his life without even being able to get a proper erection because there's just no skin/mucosa to expand into), and it IS about CONTROLLING MALE SEXUALITY.

That's it's express purpose in Judaism according to Rabbi Maimonides, and that was a major reason why it became popular in the US during the Victorian Era. It IS about controlling male sexuality, just like female circumcision is about controlling female sexuality!

And all forms of female circumcision are banned in the US, even non-mutilating forms that just involve a single needle prick and no removal of skin, muscle, or other tissues.

Meanwhile boys can have their foreskins mutilated willy-nilly.

That is not right!
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Society looks at a crying female and goes:
Society looks at a crying male and goes:
Wow what a pussy

The crying female is seen as a problem.
Not too often you see women protest circumcision...

I am cutfag and I think it should be illegal to perform on infants. No purpose to it. The hygiene argument is ridiculous.

Dunno but good on those roasties for taking a hit for the other team. Snipping is bullshit 90% of the time.

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1. Use a name in the namefield

2. Share your problemes, ask questions.

3. Be listened to, cared for.

4. Due to technical difficulties, today's thread will mostly be group therapy with everyone, while I'll do my best to address as many of you individually.
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Hello, Nick. How are you feeling today?
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If I start on myself, we'll never finish. Let's say shit just got real.

Afternoon Nick
Am I original now?

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Is that girl in the pic Taylor Swift?
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based ahmeds, wish i was there with them
I love sharia law. Not a fan of islam though but even i have to admit it's the best option for getting rid of feminism.
>that girly hand flapping

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Why are normies so religious?

Let's have an actual discussion and not a bunch of faggots posting fedora memes

Think about it. These retards actually think that a Jew born from a virgin died and came back to life because we all sin because a talking snake told the first human woman to eat a fruit from a tree that some desert semitic god told them not to eat.

Are normies literally insane

It's funny because they make fun of scientology for being such obviously made up bullshit, but they think that just because their religion is older then that means it's not equally ridiculous.
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It's almost as if people enjoy tradition and socializing with other human beings.
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Why do we have to believe a bunch of made up nonsense just to have tradition and socializing
You seem butthurt about something relating to religion. But what has you so butthurt, anon?

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how fucked are you? post, rate and comment

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Is there any hope desu?
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Here's mine, what do you think? Oregano
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It's not paranoia if other people are actually out to get you

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Where are you sniffjizzer? We want an update.
Or did you an hero already?
Here is the previous thread for those who don't know:
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maybe he's just swimming in pussy since
>tfw jerking into a girl's shirt gets you a gf
where you at sniffjizzer

Sniffjizzer, I posted screencap and if you read this, have my sincere apology.
This wasn't meant to be malicious at all.
I hope you're okay, please don't neck yourself, just talk things out with a girl.
I deleted the thread and no more screencapping.

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