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>it's a "boomer parents think a college degree guarantees a high-paying job" episode
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>getting a degree that doesn't guarantee a high-paying job
>numale millennial doesn't understand it's good degree + networking + internships + summer jobs + actively looking for opportunities = much better chance of a high paying job
>but muh creativity and love for human rights

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i always dab the tip after shaking desu
There isn't really a lot of room in the tiny slit opening of our dickheads for fluid.

If we were supposed to wipe after we pee wouldn't urinals have tp rolls?
I always do a little wipe. Don't know why. It just feels weird not to.

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North Korea just tested some nuke, Hydrogen nuke maybe even. Hope WW3 starts soon, then i dont have to worry about my NEET'dom. Good luck to you military cucks
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Drumpf won't even do anything to stop Kim. War is off.

that pussy,

Make Nuclear Wars Great Again

Can NK nukes even reach the US?
Plus if they actually go through with it they can kiss their asses goodbye. The US has allies, and nobody likes NK

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Hey, robots, what is stopping you from living a normal life? I know nobody is "normal," and we all have minor issues, so what are yours?

I'm 5'8", builtfat, thirty years old, without a job, just moved across country after my dad died, will have to move again soon, with an average cock and a closet penchant for traps.
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Nihilism and misanthropy.
Even though I've pretty much totally overcome my social anxiety, I'm still socially retarded and don't know how to talk to women. I'm not even that unattractive either.

I also have pretty much no social life, live with my parents at 22, and don't make a whole lot of money.
Type 1 diabetes mainly. I'd also had anxiety but I could fix that. Nothing has impacted my life quite like this shitty illness though. Here's hoping someday there's a cure.

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>manager saw the pro-union playlist
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>pro-union playlist
explain pls
bunch of old IWW hymns and some billy bragg
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>Bourgeoisie claimed """natural rights""" over the means of production


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Why don't women suffer from porn addiction?
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Why dont women suffer?
Most women don't have to try for secks. They get horny and message some relatively attractive person thats been barking up their tree awhile. Boom, easy. When you're socially void, typing in pornhub is far easier than laboring a fuckbuddy for the night. Just my take though.
You hit the nail in the head senpai

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Am the bf, get doubles for insta, triples for nudes, quadruples for full folder dump. 000 ends the game.
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heres a picture of her face in addition
looks like a much hotter version of my ex.
You're a cuck for sharing your gf with us.

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Crossdresser here. I just lost my anal virginity. Ask me anything
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Why are you such a faggot?

This can't be original
When will you be hanging yourself?
When will you let me fuck your ass?

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>you didn't start off making beats when it was literally just a loop with a kick drum and snare over it
>now beats are all hard as fuck trap shit with advanced melodies, crazy as fuck hi hats, 1/3 step kick drums and gliding bass, multiple counter-point melodies, tons of crazy sounds out of 1500 dollar vst workstations with tons of tweaking and engineering
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What's your point, Anon? What are you trying to do here?
trap beats are extremely repetitive and easy to make, just look up any lame tutorial
lol it's not nearly as hard as you think it is. just
>pirate FL Studio
>pirate Purity (VST)
>pirate Nexus (VST)
>download free drumkits from reddit.com/r/drumkits
>watch a few hours worth of free youtube tutorials
>study https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_pFsc5bruE and try to recreate it

It's 12:22am where I live. I will keep this shit updated everyday until the third month. Who's with me?
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I'll double my fap to compensate for the deficit you're creating
go team
I started yesterday so i guess i'll go with you buddy
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Hell I'll take you up on it anon. Here we go again.

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What if the North Koreans think the explosion is a US attack?

Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=La4Dcd1aUcE
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It's about time shit happened.
If singles they launch missiles in "retaliation".
Then the slum empire that is North Korea will finally see a regime change

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Shitposters and le memesters get out, i've got a serious question.

I know it's probably very unlikely, but have any of you ever killed someone, or attempted to do so and failed? and in any case, do any of you know all the precautions I would need to take to get away with it?

i'm not talking about just the kind of shit you see on TV and whatnot, i mean in actuality. I have a plan, and i need to know how likely i actually am to get away with it.

>inb4 "le bait"
who fucking cares? even hypothetically if i am "baiting", you could go ahead and give me some hypothetical answers -- wouldn't hurt.
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Kill yourself first faggot

Kys srs
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who are you trying to kill and why
Seek psychological help, something is very wrong

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shhh... *teeheehee* you hear that....wagie?

it's the sound of a freshly opened mountain dew in front of a 2000% gaming rig.

oh! you must be confused. what am i here for?

well i'll make it brief. But i'm going to make sure you remain calm. caaalm. caaaallllmmm. caaaaaalllmm. take a deep breath. hold it. hold it. hold it. hooolllld it. now....exhale.


you know what time it is? it's time for you to pay your taxes for my NEETbux, wageboy. I need you to heave yourself out of your chair...go aaaaalll the way over to your mail.... and fund my lifestyle. can you do that? hmm? well i suppose you have to anyway. or you'll die! teehee!

well i hope i didn't make you ragie. just a friendly reminder before you hit the hay. I timed this post before your day of freedom, for your sanity of course. So keep at it wagie and don't forget. only 40is more years until you can live like me! tick tock! tiiiick toock. ahh bliss. I sure wish i could get you out of your rut. but it looks like you'll have to work while i live on the comfy sidelines....
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>2000% gaming rig
You fucked up neet. Sageoliolio.
(also I destroy you at CSGO and I play casually)
NEET intelligence everyone
I'm retired at age 27 after being one of the first 100 employees at a certain well known tech company and cashing in stock options. I make 200k a year passive income, own a 5000sq ft house overlooking a lake in a gated community, and can travel anywhere I want anytime I want. There's a difference between not needing to work and having freedom. But yeah enjoy your gaming computer lol

I haven't masturbated in 83 days ask me anything.
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What app is that and how horny are you?
Why oh why would you do this to yourself?
The name of the app is Stopfap and a very fucking horny but I've learned to control it.

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welcome to the salty spitoon how tough are you
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"I've never had a girlfriend, never had sex, and never had a true friend."
hehe so?
I did nofap....

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