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I did nothing today.

I don't know what to do anymore...
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Ive been doing nothing every day for the past year. You will get used to Neetlife eventually.
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there's never anything "to do" anon, those are just lists we make for ourselves so we dont an hero
it's probably fine though, not having a list is ok cause you can kinda just follow your instincts
gotta shit? go shit
gotta eat? go eat
gotta fap? go fap
just live in your body anon
do that until you hate it because bodies separate us from one another so we can never truly understand someone and then get over it somehow by finding ways to make the gap between people meaningful and fun but also pain sucks right? fuck my life how do i make the pain meaningful? if i don't there's literally no reason to live cause it's all i have right now
Nice reddit formatting Rem.

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>get dog
>doesn't ever leave me alone
>bites at me to get attention
>pees and shits everywhere
>while cleaning up some shit wave of anxiety and regret wash over me
>don't want to just chain him up outside or take him to shelter because it isn't like he's evil

who /regret getting pupper/ here?
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My dog gets mad when I won't walk her enough and pisses the bed. Even then I can't even be mad at her because she's the best. If you honestly don't love your dog you are hooped, can't imagine how you could have an animal and not adore it no matter what. They're innocent and intrinsically pure. Unlike you.
>getting a mentally ill shelter dog
your own fault m8
beat the shit out of that fucking rat

Does this actually work?

>An inquest has heard today how a 35-year-old man literally drank himself to death after consuming too much water.

Shaun McNamara was found on the floor of his bathroom last September after downing a massive quantity of water.

It was initially believed he had suffered a heart attack - but a post-mortem revealed that he had downed so much fluid rapidly that his brain had swollen.
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lol dumb faggot didn't he hear about the woman who died drinking water trying to win a Nintendo Wii?
Another senseless death due to dihydrogen-oxide. When will they ban this horrible substance?
iirc that death was because she didn't pee for fear of being DQ'd from the contest

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Why do robots always say gays have it easy and can get a bf really easy. I can't even find friends. Where is my bf that is apparently really easy to get who isn't going to treat me like shit and act like my best friend?
Of course you could argue that when you post you'll get 100's of replies but do you really think I want some pathetic attention whore who flirts with random anonymous imageboard posters erping as an anime girl? No I don't fucking want anything to do with those type of people. Of course you only have people act like that when you say you're a trap, tranny, or femboy. So yeah maybe it is easy if you pretend to be a anime girl. For people who are actually gay and not just bisexual/bicurious it isn't easy. I don't want sex, I want a loving relationship. Its fucking dumb how people constantly spout how robots can't be gay. Where the hell are all these free bfs at exactly?
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robots don't say that shit, it's always polfag visitors
Go to church and find a Christian man from a good family
Oh wait are you gay? In that case fuck off to your containment board

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tfw they fucked up my childhood with their psychopathic traits
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Looks like they created a codependant, seeing as how you've made this post at least 4 times
whos the underage faggot in the pic and why did you choose that for your post
I feel you. My mom is a narcissistic, single, manic pixie dream girl. She's abusive and stubborn, and my only parental figure.
She's given me an eternal attraction to shitty, manipulative people and a yearning need to fix any sad, edgy person I meet.

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Do you guys think robot waifus will be real in our lifetimes?

Would you consider getting one?
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Absolutely, capitalism is good for that sort of thing.
I hope so.

I don't think I'll be able to afford one. But I'd get one if I had the money.
I really hope so, I wouldn't hesitate at all to get one. I hope they aren't so expensive that I'm kept away from fake women too though.

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This is Sabrina Spellman. Say something nice about her.
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I fapped to her growing up. Love the live show too. Mjh is top tier.
Get back in your containment thread bong
Is that Sabrina the teenage witch?

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6'2 here, what's it like being shorter than everyone else. Do you feel helpless? Does it really bother you like what's memed on here? Does the world look grander?
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I wouldn't know, I'm 6'4". Midget.
You feel like a kid compared to everyone else and that's pretty much how people treat you. Girls regularly open doors and stuff for me because I'm smaller than them. They make me use the kid water fountain at the gym too
Why do people care about height?

Why is it that normies have a hypocritical sense of moral justice?

Like, if youre a black person and you rob and kill someone and make a song about it its cool because youre fighting against "the man", but if you do well in school you're a freak that deserves to be socially isolated
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There's nothing wrong with hypocrisy. There isn't a natural law that states you must be consistent in your beliefs.
Being contrarian has been the new meme for a while. I don't really know but it probably started somewhere around the time people realized smelly hippies were happier than everyone else despite their lack of contribution to anything that wasnt music or venereal disease.
Most people give very little thought to moral philosophy and don't even understand the concepts of corollaries, counter-examples, logical consistency, etc.

That said, I don't think most people think those who do well in school are "freaks" and I'd imagine most people who enjoy gangsta rap have some doubts as to whether the rappers actually murdered those people.

Why shouldn't I kill myself right now?

I have been apart of 4chan since like 2009, and I ask the question because I know this site in general calls it honestly, no matter what. I respect the candid "no bullshit" way here.

You guys always call it how you see it. I'm sorry if that leaves a lot of responsibility at your door step.

I'm 32, and I have never been beyond high school. I want to blame the way my mother sexually abused me, but it's not like I've never had other choices to join up with advanced education, but I always believed that people would hurt or abuse me more.

I guess that's where I found 4chan way back in 2009. You guys seriously stopped me from suiciding back then. No matter how gay, or "faggy" it sounds, I just want to say that I love you guys.

You're special, and you've changed peoples lives, no matter what they tell you.

You gave me almost a decade longer than what I got, and I appreciate it greatly. I hope you somehow learn from this whole block of text, especially those at need

But right now, with all those therapies and all that help, I still fucking hate myself.

I'm in a lot of pain, why shouldn't I end it?

Sorry if this is wrong board, delete if needed. /r9k/ was always the self pity board, right.

I trust your judgement guys.<3
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Go join community college. It's a lot of fun.

University sucks. The amount of work they expect you to do is absolutely insane, and 99.9% of it is pointless bullshit that has nothing to do with the job you think you'll get with your degree.

Community college actually helps teach you some useful stuff, with only a normal amount of homework (like 1-2 hours a day, nothing insane).

Philosophy class is incredibly fun if you get a good professor that doesn't push his opinions TOO hard.
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The manlet of the past.
I can not put myself in your shoes, it's too different and I don't know the details anyway but my reason to not killing myself was 'maybe I can make it better or die trying'. I mean, like a video game. The worst case is you will just suffer more(which I don't know how severe is in your case, again) . Note I don't mean 'it will get better', no one will do shit for us but us.

Anyway, could you possibly elaborate on your reasons?

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I'm so glad I got out of my anime phase and became much more grounded in reality. Pic related. That's right, more grounded in reality. Contrary to popular opinion conspiracy theorists are better educated than the average person on history, politics, and mysticism. It all comes with the territory. In fact, conspiracy theory is a derogatory term for what is better described as a truth-seeker.
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Sensing some irony here. But in all honestly, Irving's Hitler's War and his Goebbels biography are amazing
We actually have a well used term for someone who seeks out the truth. In fact, we have two:
Scientist and Journalist.

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>Stop being depressed, kids in Africa have it much worse than you!
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kids in Africa have a sense or purpose
Kids there can get laid
That has nothing lot do with my sense of not belonging. That has nothing to do with my life.

Is cutting your carotid/jugular a good suicide method?
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It's probably pretty painful, if that's a problem for you
Cut on the left side of your neck so you actually stop the bloodflow to your brain and are out in seconds. Cutting the right side is just stupid and you'll suffer for way longer than you should.
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What this guy said. You're probably gonna have to cut deep enough to sever the entire vein, to ensure that no blood actually reaches the brain

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>little sister is sleeping
>resisting the urge to jack off onto her sleeping face
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how old is she?
does she know what semen is?
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Same but my niece
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>tfw I showed my dong to the babysitter that way when I was a kid
>she was staring for quite some while

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As far as I'm concerned, Cazes was murdered by the US government.
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but the thai arrested him
But at the direction of the US government.
he hung himself cuz he was a coward.
would have lived in a sleek federal prison in just a few months, comfy rent free home.

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