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How do I quit jacking off?
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Just don't do it.
Is there any profit in this? I don't know.
Occupy yourself.

On a busy day I'm too tired to fap by the end of it.
Eat raw honey and do chin ups

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Whats your story, /r9k/?

All I got is uninteresting stories.
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Imma go take a shower, and jackoff; hope the thread doesn't die while I'm gone.
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it could be worse i suppose
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>Whats your story, /r9k/?

Yesterday you guys said when I posted this "I'm a sad boy with a weird taste in music and weirder sense of humor. I like coffee, drugs, food, Netflix, and touching myself. I need friends." that it sounded like a really successful tinder bio. Download the app and use it. You guys lied to me.
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Are you ugly though anon?
That description would unironically work if you were a Chad. But if you're ugly it won't
You heard what you wanted to hear you faggot. I remember that thread and everyone said you sound like a pile of especially dumb rocks.

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Being a zoophile is hell, at least when you're self aware. You have no idea what I would give to just be attracted to women. Sure I would have no chance with any of them, but at least I could masturbate without wanting to hang myself afterwards. I've had multiple lapses in morality throughout my life. Brief "redpilled" periods where I try to convince myself that I'm over zoophilia, but I always end up relapsing into this shit again and again. I fear that I will never be of typical sexuality, I feel like a pedophile or something. I've always said I wouldn't commit suicide because I wouldn't want to hurt my parents, but fuck them. Fuck them both for bringing me into this world just so I could suffer.
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We'll never be over it unfortunately.
Just gotta keep it under wraps and only fap to 2D cartoons. That's how I do it at least.
I just know I'll never have a healthy relationship.
I tell myself that I'd like a wife who loves me, but that's only because I know that's what's wholesome and good. That's not what I'm attracted to at all, if I pursue that then I'm living a lie. I'm incompatible with the rest of society.
ni hao mr zoofile

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>Summer vacation
>Everything is going good
>Looking at application paper
>forgot to send the final school certificate to them before the required date (18.July)
>School starts in 3 days
How should I explain this to my parents? My father is already in a bad mood and winter is coming too

>in b4 kys
I decided to live and give my life away to something "meaningful", like a war for my people or similar
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It's an administrative error. Call the school and get your papers sorted out.
uh just say that they're the ones that fucked up and that you definitely sent it in, they'll sort out the rest
Where you from, bot?

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>"What's the hold up Anon? Put that BWC in me! You ain't scared, are you?"
What do you do?
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Stick my dick in her pooper to spite the Jews.

my face would launch into that ass so quick it would break the sound barrier desu
i would berry my dick so far inside ur ass that whoever could pull it out would be crowned king arthur

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How do you die without killing yourself?

Like is there a way to cause a convincing "freak accident" that kills you.

I think my family would get over my death pretty fast if it was just random, but suicide would probably tear them apart.
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1) Spend a couple of weeks making a journal in which you claim that aliens keep beaming you to the roofs of tall buildings.

2) Make a couple of mentions that you beamed down uncomfortably close to the edge, and that you're worried that they're going to miss the roof entirely one evening.

3) Leave journal where it can easily be found.

4) Jump off of the roof of a tall building.

I live in Dublin though. We literally have no tall buildings.

Do you have a car? You could always drive at high speed off the road and into a tree without wearing a seat-belt; have your cell phone in your hand so it looks like you were texting.

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>be on /pol/
>they say blacks are bad
>in real life they're not as bad as /pol/ or the media says
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they say niggers are bad, usually.
It's almost as if each race has its own share of good and bad people, anon.
Have you been to new york?

Also, averages=/=indivuduals

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Who makes you think that it might still be alright, r9k?
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Alright, I'll bump, too.
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And a white chick, for diversity, but my heart's not really in it....
I'm gonna teach English in Asia and become a sex tourist OP, it gives me hope

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Give me one good reason why you're not starting off your morning everyday with a cup of hot lemon or herbal tea.

Picture related is my hot lemon. I had the end of the lemon left over so I had to cut it into wedges instead of slices.
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Lemons are shit, I always pelt them across the room whenever some fag waitress put a slice of on on the edge of my water
Convince me OP
Im pretty sure that lemons are fucking expensive where I live, though I haven't checked desu.

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>be hikki NEET for years
>Have no interest in socialising
>tl;dr now in uni
>Group assessment
>get stuck with seemingly decent group of people
>"Oh, I've been programming for years! This will be easy"
>"I've already done a diploma in design so I'll be able to make this stuff"
>"And I'll finish this template for us to use"
>"And I'll manage all the group work"
>Feel like I'm useless and can't do anything but promise to try my hardest
>Next week comes
>One of them did nothing and the other 3 did bare minimum
>I spent a full day working on the sections I was allocated
>"Oh yeah. I didn't get around to it. Only spent like 15 minutes on this haha"
>Remember what socialising is like
>Remember how people just lie all the time to make themselves look better
>Starting to hate people again
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it's ok to hate people. In fact, it's ok to not even get along with others. You just have to "deal" with them formally and businesslike, like npcs.
I have been like this in high school. I always did the bare minimum or forgot about the group assignment all together because I struggled with concentrating on one thing for more than 15 minutes. I'd get really anxious for some reason. But I always said the "truth" when they asked me why i didnt do it. I used to say "I was lazy" and they'd look at me pitifully. The ones you're stuck with might be suffering from something; You'll never know; Or your can assume they're lying dicks.
I don't care whether they're "suffering"

If they don't do the work they're supposed to do then they're useless

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Share anything you've been working on recently in this creative share thread
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latest demo track feedback and criticisms welcome
just put my newest album out on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/defcatofficial/sets/fervor-1

Akida is some mean shit my man going through your other tracks now liking it!

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Morning robots, or have you not even gone to be yet you fucking neet?
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Easier to stay up than to wake up at this time, even though I actually like mornings..

Have you done anything yet today? Might make an egg muffin with some hot sauce, and start up the coffee.
>everyone in the world is in the same timezone
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>mom made coffee
>she didn't put in the peculator right
>tfw it's just water

I should have made it but i fell asleep before making the coffee. reee

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basic bitch outfit aside, why are so many straight men /not/ attracted to skinny girls like this? as a girl, this is near my ideal body type. but what's the point of achieving it if so many straight guys just think it's offputtingly thin?
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youll getfucked regardless,stop complaining
Why block the face is it you? I'm gay so I can't tell you exactly what's hot about girls but she looks pretty.
The overton window of attractiveness has moved towards "thick" only because so many women are overweight nowadays. It's a coping mechanism from men. Otherwise we would see them as plain gross and our monkey brains want us to fuck at all costs.
So now fat is attractive. Congratulations women.

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I did some unforgivable things while fapping last night.
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Dont share.
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did you think about some black boys while touching your boipucci?
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I wanked to some loli ASMR last night.

What the fuck is wrong with me

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