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How does this make you feel, /r9k/?

It makes me feel... hopeful.
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>If you're not getting laid, you are a bilogical failure
Great, that's out of the way. Could care less.
Why should anyone here care? You can be perfectly happy without a SO. It has been proven time and time again, based on my reading of this board for ages now. Where those people lying? It's possible, but at least one of them had to be genuine.
this is the most stale argument iv ever heard.

biology can't re-define itself. or define itself in general.
your body is producing testosterone and it directly affects your desire to procreate and have children. that desire is 10 times stronger than female desire to procreate just to keep reproduction a fair game.
wanting to have sex and find love is a strong evolutionary function. much like breathing
>You can be perfectly happy without a SO. It has been proven time and time again, based on my reading of this board for ages now

Ha ha keep being in denial kiddo

Loneliness shortens your lifespan and is key in dying early and unhappy

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>be me
>be 19, 20 this year
>be KHV
>have 3.5 inch phimotic dick
>after high school living with parents, no job, no further education
>ugly, about 4/10
>have no hobby or interests
>most of my day browsing 4chan, play games or sleep
>had a pilonidal cyst that needed to be removed and now i have huge scar on my ass
>no motivation or discipline, literally don't know how to learn/study
>hairy everywhere
>really awkward and autistic socially, people always hated/disliked me
>bullied in school
>fap few times a day
Should i just kill myself, robots? I can't find any reason to live anymore.
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>fap few times a day
You don't have to worry about not fapping enough anon, most guys fap 1-2 times a day
Don't kill yourself but stop fapping, try to go 1 whole year, and get off the internet.
the problem with killing yourself is that your mother will be likely be very sad. and it will have been your fault.

since youre 19 though, you have plenty of time to just go to community college then transfer somewhere and get a career you like. but it's really up to you; i'm sure suicide is the answer sometimes.

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Were any notable people born on the exact same day as you, /r9k/?

I was born on the same day as a JPOP idol
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I prefer cpop 2bh

Mine is Japanese as well, Keiko Kitagawa, who's mostly notable for having been Sailor Mars in the live action Sailor Moon TV show and one of the girls in Tokyo Drift.
Morrissey and I (and my twin I guess) were born on the same day

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>really lonely one night
>decide i need to see if im gay
>go on omegle
>type "gay" into interests and give it a whirl
>at first i hide my face
>mostly they ask me to show my ass or dick
>start showing my face
>"omgg ur gay?"
>"u r soooo hootttttt"
>"snapchat pls?"
>enjoy the attention for a bit
>finally jerk off with some femm looking guy playing with his dick for me
>exit omegle
>contemplate suicide
>feel dirty

Fuck is this what years of loneliness has done to me?
Has circumstance and bad luck really made me fucking prison gay?
God fucking damnit im so ashamed.
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You were gay from the beginning, anon.
whoever made this image deserves a salute
Honestly that pic is pretty true I skipped a few stages though

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>Squatting naked in my room shaving my asshole
>Mom walks in
>While attempting to duck behind my bed I cut my asshole
>She walks out
>I just wiped with a wet wipe and theres blood
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Why do you not shave in the bathroom like a normal human being?
Prepare to suffer. Faggot.
Is it normal to shave your asshole? What kind of razor do you even use for that. And is it normal to shave your pubes too. I never did either. I'm on this fucking board so it's not like I had anyone to judge me for my hairy asshole and crotch but still.

it looks so dirty and jewish
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it's just you. I'm not particularly drawn to it either, but this girl is beautiful
All three femanons who have liked me have had curly hair so it holds a special place in my heart.

t. 24 year old virgin who keep fucking up
>it looks so dirty and jewish
Thats why I like it desu

I always associate curly black hair with witches, even though that is a very common phenotype in the Middle East

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>getting old in a small town
>want to experience life in the big city
>have to get a job to leave
>afraid to get a job and be stuck in a monotonous work life and work 8 hours a day until im 65 if i dont kill myself
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You should stay in a big city for like a month to see if you like it, chances are you'll get bored after 2 weeks.
>>want to experience life in the big city
No you don't. I live in Chicago and every weekend I spend outside of this shithole is time I cherish.
i really want to except i wanna stay there forever. I dont mind working a lot for an apartment i guess if im there at least.

lucky at least moving to a rural area is cheap as fuck

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did you ever have a gf who couldn't apologize ?

mine cant't. she brings up drama and i have to resolve it. sometimes she gives me the silent treatment and i have to call and text her. even when directly confronted that it was her fault, she will try to switch topics but never apologize.

i can't get her to say sorry or thank you. her favorite word is "I" since every of her texts start with it. i am so annoyed by her behavior since it is always avout her. when we bring a topic up that involves me she instantly loses interest and tries to switch it back to her. she was kind and nurturing the first 3 months of our relationship but not anymore.

have you experienced something similiar ? should i break up or is there something that will change her attitude.
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>did you ever have a gf

No, fuck off.
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>did you ever have a gf
Maaan fuck that bitch. Brake up with her ass, she clearly doesn't care about you and just wants attention.

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>no Women hate thread

Let's go bois
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what move is that analon?
omg i love degenerate criminals now
Idk, I found it on /pol/

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What does /r9k/ think of lolcows?
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Pretty fascinating desu, I wish I had the time to follow them closely though
Internet normies terrorising mentally ill people for laughs. Not my thing at all.
Are you sure they're normies?

Gimme your most emotionally damaging media out there. Movies, book, TV series, Anime, manga, VNs anything. Something about dreams being crushed, being stabbed in the back, being hurt for no reason, something Satan would write.

I need something that will make me want to commit suicide after I read/watch it,
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NieR (First one, Automata gets a almost happy ending.)
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Actually on this note, if you want to die play Drakengard. Please enjoy the suffering that actually began my downward spiral to become like this madman.
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jaraya dies

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I made a discord for people who can't sleep called The Can't Sleep Corner. Hosted by Moltar

It'll be somewhere you waste your time meeting others who can't sleep until you're sleepy yourself then head of to sleepy land.
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Can you post a very original link, OP?
How are people going to join without a link? Better not have a bunch of shitposters.
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Its 3:45am here
inv pls

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I'm trying to stop being sexist towards women.

Right now I genuinely think most women are not worth knowing and are incredibly boring.

Women of /r9k/, can you prove me wrong and tell me your hobbies?

No, cooking (unless you are making Michelin Star meals), singing (no, not in the shower), netflix, and listening to music don't count.
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>be a guy
>hobbies are cooking, netflix, music and vidya that's it
How fucked am i
What are your amazing hobbies? Can't be very good if you are shitposting on 4chan of all places.
>turns it on me instead of answering the question

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Anyone else undiagnosed but legitimately think they're at least mildly autistic or have some kind of social retardation or developmental issue?
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i was thinking and at every point of my life i've been like socially behind everyone else

> first and second grade i was the weird kid that walked alone by himself during recess
>in 3rd grade got slightly more social
>pretended i was stupid so people would laugh at me
>no respect though always for example picked last for tag football and i always gave my dorritos away at lunch
>mom also set up all my play dates
>had no friends in middleschool
>moved to a new school in the 8th grade had a fresh start
>social life was much better as in I actually talked to my peers during the school day rather than taking my lunch to the bathroom
>still wasn't able to make any real friends until sophmore year of highschool
>now i just spent an entire school year at college with literally no social life literally never made a single friend
>also almost failed out

What do I do if I'm actually retarded? How will this all work out once I have to join the work force?

I'm pretty convinced I have to be on the spectrum. I was always saved by being above average in terms of looks but even then I'm horribly awkward in most social situations. I literally treat people I know well like I don't know them at times because I don't know what to say. I probably come off like an asshole when really social interactions confuse and terrify me.

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why is watching anime while drunk so fun
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>so fun
because it's not
both alcohol and anime stop the roaring of the void inside so they go well together
Being drunk makes reading subtitles consistently difficult. I've had to rewatch episodes because my drunk self saying "yeah I totally followed that episode" was very wrong.

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