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>he couldn't catch them all
G Damn
the americanized opening song
is so awful
do you even brazilian version?


>Somehow manage to get gf
>GF has a retarded younger brother who she looks after
>Tells me her parents left her with the kid
>Retarded younger brother is severely retarded
>Like, banging-head-on-wall retarded
>6 months passes
>Find out that the retard is actually her son
>Father skipped out for obvious reasons
>Retard now views me as a father figure
>Cries (and by cry, I mean scream at the top of his lungs and pound his fists on the wall) whenever I leave
>Her kid made me a crayon scribbled card for father's day (mother didn't make him do it)
>Retard is very stressful on the relationship -- 20x worse than a normal kid
>Requires constant care
>Want out of the relationship but feel bad for the retarded kid

Oh god, the feels. How do I get out of this without feeling extremely guilty?
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literally just leave, you weren't forced or obligated to do this and the retard will probably forget you if he doesn't see you for a week
You don't. That's your penance for giving in and succumbing to the roastie. Is the sex really worth it? Have fun providing for a retard while your whore cheats on you.
Hahaha dumb normie

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papa johns.jpg
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Is Papa Johns garlic sauce the best dipping sauce for pizza?
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"It's like the handshake that gets the job that gives you the money with which you can order more pizzas and fund your hobbies, son. But only after you've saved up."
it was funny at first but this one was trying way too hard 1/10
pizza doesn't need dipping sauce.
I actually did consider making some garlic butter tho today with my pizza

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>Nowadays women are horny than ever

When will this meme die?
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Play along f am
>"Women are getting horny because of the hormones that are placed in the meat"
>But millenials are actually having less sex than prevoious generations
>"That study is manipulated"

they're horny, just not for you turbonerds ;^)
>less sex this generation
technically true if you look at people having sex instead of sex had
feels good being a chad

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Is it honestly possible to be happy with a non-virgin woman?

Think about everything her past partners have done to her body, her dignity, her face.
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Probably not. She probably has STDs, and every time she fucks you she'll be comparing it to her past partners, and nothing is ever going to make her forget the time she lost her virginity to someone who wasn't you.
whats the point of making this thread every fucking day cuck?
>Is it honestly possible to be happy with a non-virgin woman?
No and anyone who claims different is meming themselves and will eventually either end up accepting life as a cuck or divorced and loosing half their shit

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>tfw 1995
I was born in 98 do you hate me
Why, anon? What've they done to you?

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>tfw no cute little Felix penis to succ
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but traps are the best?
why would you want to stop

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>you are walking home with your robo-waifu when a pack of chads push you over and attack her with baseball bats. They run away yelling at you to get a real girlfriend. She starts crying, why can't she be a real girl?

What do you do?
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Take her home and repair her, and remind her that she's better than any bio-roastie.
Throw acid on her body
Leave her there, she is broken.

I'd go home and order another one.

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I thought yellow fever was just a meme.
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He's a stormnigger too.
>fancies himself a white nationalist
>unhealthy fetish for asian women
Every time.

Federal authorities have arrested and charged a 28-year-old man with kidnapping Yingying Zhang, a visiting scholar at the University of Illinois who disappeared three weeks ago and now is presumed dead.

Brendt Christensen, a former Ph.D. candidate who had studied physics at the university, was arrested late Friday, according to a news release from the Department of Justice. A federal complaint also was filed Friday in the Central District of Illinois accusing him of kidnapping Zhang from the Urbana-Champaign campus the afternoon of June 9.

Authorities also searched Christensen's home and seized electronics, including his phone, according to the affidavit. The phone's search history revealed visits to a bondage and sadomasochism fetish website called FetLife and a forum called "Abduction 101," as well as subthreads titled "Perfect abduction fantasy" and "planning a kidnapping," according to the affidavit. The searches to those websites had occurred several weeks before the alleged abduction, around April 19, authorities wrote in the affidavit.


Brendt attending Yingying's walk day before he was arrested (top right, white guy in black tee):
1) http://i.magaimg.net/img/vw9.jpg (embed)
2) http://i.magaimg.net/img/vw6.jpg (embed)

Suspected reddit user account (not verified, last activity Fri 6pm): http://www.np.reddit.com/user/RedPillOverdose8

Suspected steam user account (not verified, last online Fri 9pm): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074575257/
You guys think he killed her?
Why would it be a meme when you're a shining example of that degeneracy?

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So I've realized some of my friends are kinda toxic and I want to expand my social circle. Where would you guys recommend an introverted, nerdy guy go to meet new people?
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Dave and Busters. Drinking + arcade = great place to meet new people
Depends on how old you are. I'd recommend getting a hobby that involves exercise like bike races, or doing marathons or something. Or you can keep being a basement dwelling nerd
Doesn't matter where you go. People won't like you after they meet you. You're unlikeable.

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1MB, 640x800px
lets see images and videos that fucks your shit up to no end
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tfw no woman has ever or will ever look at you that way
Grow up beta faggot you are a plague on the world.
She looks like she has bad breath and drinking alcohol is trashy as fuck.

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Why does this make me originally hard.
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Cause of the legs look really good even in long sock and stockings plz post more
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Me on the left desu
I wish
I wish I had more...

I wish to....

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So this just happened 5 mins ago.... I'm at my college parking lot and this girl and her friends walked up to my car and flashed me then laughed and walked off..... All this did was make me more depressed
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If I were at a school with girls who were just showing their tits to anybody as a joke, imagine what they'd do unironically. I would've fucked half the school before the first semester was over.
Hot as fuck. You should've called them.
"I blinked, mind doing that again?"

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/mu/ is absolute garbage...let's see if you niggers have a better music taste,what are your favorite albums?
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It's the only album I can stand to listen to in its entirety.
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I love the feels from this one.
I can listen to pic related in its entirety. It's such a great album. If theres more albums like paracosm I would gladly take suggestions.

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>Sorry, anon. But I'm only interested in guys between 5 7' and 5 10'.
How do you respond?
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>How do you respond?
My height is exactly in the middle of those two numbers
I'm perfect for you yamashita san
>Y-yes!! A woman with low standards!
>I hope she won't leave me when her 6ft and taller friend comes along
>manlets cant protect you from mean amerikanskis

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