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Online people ALWAYS mention _their_ boyfriend/girlfriend unprompted and when not necessary. Even in real life people do this, even though their boyfriend/girlfriend has nothing to do with the conversation. WHY DO NORMIES DO THIS?????
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is this supposed to be cool? (pic)

wow dude let me poke a hole where my nipple is

yall are so gay
I don't know anon, that's a good question
I have a gf and I don't get it either. I just explained to my social group that there was a sassy black lady joining and what she was like, and then I only brought her up when she was clearly relevant to the conversation (hey we're playing a game on X/is it ok if she joins us etc). I get the feeling most muhgf fags have only had a gf for literally hours and are high on it.

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Reminder that fapping to traps is not gay if you only do it once or twice a week. Any more that that and it's straying into gay territory, but in moderation it's absolutely fine.
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>this is someone's wolfkin
>mfw I can only get off by self inserting as the trap/girl
>mfw I do it everyday
How do I stop my degeneracy?
>4chan made me gay and I need to do damage control about it

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>Scratch balls
>Sniff fingers
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>pick ear
>sniff finger
>finger poopy hole
>sniff sniff fingy

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Are women in 3rd world countries easier to get with?

A lonely and awkward friend of mine wants to know...
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Anyone? I'm really wondering about this.
I'm going thailand for 2 weeks in a month. ill make a thread about it
>Are women in 3rd world countries easier to get with?
women are women every where you go.
so no.

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What's stopping you from eating cookie dough right now?
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Too much sugar! Raw eggs are bad!
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no asuka gf to make it for me
the knowledge that cookie dough eating is too much bad for my health
and is a waste of money for food at that price i could buy some celery and peanut butter that is a real tasty treat and okay nutritionally
and also i have the lazy legs there is no desire to move and collect any foodstuffs

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You're alone because you deserve to be alone.

You're not a good person. You'd be in a happy relationship if you were a good person.
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I'm alone because I'm an ugly, suicidal drug addicted schizophrenic.

I have more emotional baggage then a fucking 747.
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towel pepe.jpg
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this logic makes sense in theory, but everyone is alone at some point in their lives, and a lot of normies find love in their 20's, 30's etc.
>a lot of normies find love in their 20's, 30's etc.

But they're not fully alone until that point, they actually still date and find other relationships

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My parents found all my girl clothes and threw them away

I hate them so much
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Good. You're a man; start acting like one...
Have any pics? How old are you?
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>Good. You're a man; start acting like one...
What does acting like a man entail? I'm fine the way I am

I'm 19

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eventually VR will become pretty damn perfect.

How hard will the people who choose to spend their lives in VR be demonized by general society? what names will the nicknames will be given to these types of people? "Virtual Retards?" "Very Rancid?"

I know the moment I can I will escape into virtual reality. I'd probably be so content with my new life that I'd forget to eat and die of starvation finally being a happy man and I am okay with this
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>Very Rancid
you gotta stop
I'm gonna cum in asuka literally 5 times a day at least

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Susie edition.

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why is your character upset with her body when it's nice?
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susie (21).jpg
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But anon my man there are still uses for her like she can be that cute skinny maid that you take advantage of cause No one love nor cares about her

Have any of you successfully made the switch to 2D women? Like enough such that you no longer have much desire for real women? How did you do it? Asking for a friend.
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i made the switch by realizing that no matter what happens i wouldn't have a chance with any of the girls i see on the street, even if i did talk to one we wouldn't have similar interests so the conversations would be very bland and boring or shed think i was a creep cause i like 2d

all people are boring and want to follow the latest trends that others tell them are good and to like, women are worse, this realization helped me to get more confident in public, its not like im gonna see anyone let alone talk to anyone again so theres no point bothering over it
gee thanks for the reply op
What does your friend want to know specifically?

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What are you thoughts on iDubbbz /r9k/?
Personally I think he's a bit of a dead meme, but I like some of his videos.
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He hasn't released a good video since the Tana Mongoose one. His content has been incredibly stale since. You can tell because that "Where Are They Now" shit was clearly created after failing miserably with the "What's in the Box" episodes as a way of getting SOME kind of video up per week.
Yeah I agree, I thought that box video was pretty stale.
glad he hasn't sold out like h3h3 yet, but it's only a matter of time

so guys, give it to me straight. am I good looking enough to get an 8/10 gf?
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nope.classic beta bitch.
>lose the glasses
>grow a beard
>lose weight
>get a buzz cut
>don't smile like a faggot
demo d ?
you could get any girl if you just made videos

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Capitalism doesn't work.
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That's a cute comic
no one is going to respond to your post
but I like qt lefty boys :3
your comics are unfunny

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>implying my mom doesnt just open the door

Hai!! Rawr xDD *nuzzles u* :3
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No, stop! I don't want to be 14 again! I did my time!
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Hewow :3 *boops your nose* xP
u wil be nuzzled! ^_^

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