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Post Disc's and add each other.
The goal is to make super best friends !
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Can someone tell me how to make friends online. I can keep a conversation going irl most of the times, but on discord, it just doesn't work. Does anyone actually get friends this way?
posst discord and ill try my best to be your friend~

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hey anon what did you eat today?

i ate white rice with ketchup and i washed it down with cool refreshing tap water.
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That's quite a meal.

As for me, I've eaten one cup of coffee.
conbini bento daisuki desu
uhhgg weebs

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What was the point of no return for you becoming a robot / not being a normie?
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When my parents moved the family from Texas to Idaho. I would have been a Chad if I stayed.
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Other thread where robots find pleasure in discuss how miserable they are..
come on man, don't fucking lie, no real robot could ever be a chad

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>mom offers to take me to the mall since she doesn't work today
>decide to go with her since I have nothing better to do and I haven't left the house in 3 months
>once we arrive at the mall we decide to hit up the food court and get Chinese
>after we finish eating my mom informs me that she has to take care of some work related business and that she'll be back for me in an hour
>decide that this is fine and that I'll just look around in the electronics store or whatever
>after 2 hours pass I text my mom and ask where she is
>no response
>text her 2 hours later and still no response
Did I just get abandoned at a mall?
I can't even walk back home because my house is an hour or more away.
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eh, family forgets their kids at the store all the time
i'd hang tight she'll be back for you in a rush lickety split
She's fucking Tyrone probibly. Go and check if the car is still parked, if not, wait outside one more hour before panicking
Just walk home. Get some exercise.

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Well femanons, what do?
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I'd watch her mount his ass with a strap on while fingering myself in the corner of the room. Duh.
fair's fair
"hurr durr hes not a man in the first place if he lets that happen to him"

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Alright boys, I'm back. No gf anymore. Naturally I ruined any chance of ever getting back with her out of grief and being beta
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Post memes, mateys. Cheer me up
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Did you lick her butthole when you had the chance?
Yes of course ...


Living in orange county sucks.
>Chads eveywhere
>no wildlands or parks
>people will call the cops on you for looking at them
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There is also way too many beaners
>>no wildlands or parks

There's some nice ones in South OC. There's a lot of trails too.
Where you at? It's awesome here. Gotta raise the rent though to get the spics to leave

Why doesn't r9k or 4chan have a convention ?
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because this is a website for shut-in autists who can't communicate.
Because it would be full of normalfags and traps/trannies. None of us robots would go. Reddit would take it over in a heartbeat.
It would be disastrous and full of cancer. Remember what happened with the panels at the Otakon ? Not ever again.

Anon, why do you never make eye contact?
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Because I can see my face on your pantsu, damn it Kat!
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>tfw I get questions like this regulary
h-how did you know?
Why do you think?

I got dem spergers boi

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>laying in bed
>start touching my ass
>start playing with my cock
>get super horny
>jerk off while fingering my butthole
a-am I going gay for myself?
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Would you fuck yourself if you had a twin
i do that all the time when super horny. I start by caressing my own body and then somehow end up jerking off withs something in my butt.
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Did you think of men while doing it? Because anal stimulation by itself isn't gay.

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>got my first date

what do I do now?
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Definitely bring up politics. You seem to have it all worked out.
So apparently Americans don't give in to globalism everyday?
Fly to europe

>create flagrantly obvious b8 thread
>leave for an hour
>100 replies
Is this board retarded?
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>100 posts are nothing but cuck porn
Is OP retarded?
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>create a feels thread straight from my heart
>no replies

>create a blatantly obvious bait thread
>200+ replies

my existence is a meme.
yes this board is literally retarded and you shouldnt joke about autism

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Bookshelves full of manga, retro vidya, loose colourful clothing, Fender Jaguar, PARTED HAIR. (Oh and no human contact)

Ultimate robot lifestyle.
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Battlestation for example
File: gbhijyh.png (46KB, 603x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Excellent pic choice , quite original
do you have jonathan brandis styled hair?

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Femanons, why don't you just sexually tease innocent young boys?
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parents can't handle some bants.
because they're gross
eh not that bad, obviously if it had been a male teacher he would have gotten jail though

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What are some useless degrees in your opinion?
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Any STEM degree
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so anon what did you have for dinner tonight?
Any science degree unless you have at least a Masters, but preferably PhD. If you have a bachelors you're literally just a lab bitch washing their glassware and doing remedial shit that someone with an associates could do

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