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any of you guys ever look through your parents facebook before?

heres my mom talking to someone about me
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dont really have either of these
Why don't you see a doctor and work towards moving out?

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I'm having a plastic surgery consultation soon. Wish me luck in becoming a Stacy before the wall hits
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is a consultation free?
Could probably just diet and exercise and have better results than dangerous elective surgery but whatever it's your money, good luck.
yeah for the one i picked. some places want payment though

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>Hold on anon I dropped my phone
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>No no don't worry i'll pick it up for you :)
>*crawls underneath legs*
god I need to rape

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Does anyone else wish the entire world was ruled by the US?
Think about it, you can go from Maine, to California, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, ect and everyone more or less shares your language and culture.
The EU tries to do this, but they are just a bunch of squabbling nation states.
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In just a few years we are going to be ruled by Israel.
Monoglots are faggots. I hate them. You aren't a real human being if you aren't fluent in at least 3 languages.
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No we wont.

Don't you have some Syrians to import, you fucking leftist cuck?

>Internet friend I have known for at least a good year has got a gf.
>Bearly comes online and if he is online is always talking to her.
Wow I am even a loser online.
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>internet friend
I will never understand this

Why would I be interested in regularly contacting someone I don't even know when I could do other stuff online. What would motive me to keep talking to a stranger? There's nothing to even talk about.
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Does he uh...
You know..
Know the girl in real life?
Because if not, thats not a gf

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What are robots' plans for when their parents die?
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if you have more than one living parent, than you can't be here
Hopefully I'll be the cause of my father's death

My mom? I"ll be sad for a few days and move on with life. I'm independent now
Hopefully, to be accomplished and stable enough by then, and to have grown enough, that I can take their place as central figures in my family.

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>get r9k gf
>in love for weeks
>one day she changes
>starts talking to me less
>starts caring less
>sometimes we just sit in calls and she is completely silent and replies with one or a few word
>yesterday she didnt talk to me all night
>got drunk and sad alone while she was with her 2 girl friends

I dont like where this is going boys, what do in this situation?

(btw I met her through r9k, she doesnt browse much and is normie-ish)
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Are you completely retarded?

Serious question.

>r9k gf
Not memeing she's either lost interest or you're getting cucked. My ex was the same and it turned out she was fucking someone else
Post her name so we can all avoid her shittiness.

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ice cream.jpg
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"Dang, Anon, I can't believe you had the courage to say that to your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. What happened next?"
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"Well one thing lead to another, and that's why I'm in this wheelchair and missing a testicle."
Stand up for your friend when someone's mean rude to them.
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*smacking lips*
Ssssshhhhhh..... shhhhh shhh shhhhhh

I will tell you all about my exploits, but only AFTER I finish this ice cream.

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Socialism has failed every time it's tried. Capitalism is the only way forward. do we stick with what we have, or go all out with super-capitalism?
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>ownership is extended to all working citizens

Isn't that the definition of socialism?
Chalk it up to american ""education"".
>socialism has failed every time it's tried
Stupid Americans don't know the difference between socialism and communism.

Scandinavia wants a word with you.

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why do you hate overweight people robots?
its not like its their fault
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There's nothing wrong with overweight people. It may be medical or metabolism etc.

Obese people, on the other hand, don't garner any sympathy for me. Pigs will be pigs.
>its not like its their fault
>says as he scarfs down the fourth meal today
I'm slightly overweight and I hate myself, does that count? Also I hate fat people for not trying to lose weight. If they do, props to them.

Who here 1pm coffee? You can post in here but jjst remeber NOT UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED MY COFFEE!!
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Oh would you look at the time?? its 2pm already! How did that sleep me arrgg i guess im just off without my morning coffee ;)
is this a latte or what
it's so light-colored and there's so much of it





>make a batman scarecrow mask out of burlap
>looks insanely edgy
>would wear it in public, ignoring everyone and just walk around with it
>the fibres I breathed in would give me nosebleeds

Jesus fuck, I don't feel I need to elaborate on this, it just speaks for itself...

Another one
>went to party
>stole beer from a chad
>first time I ever drank
>straight up asked a girl if I could get a blowjob
>no blowjob
>went home
>never went to an event with those people again
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Do you still have the mask?
fuck no, I'm not really a robot anymore, got my life on track, but holy fuck WAS I the prime example of robots in my youth...
That's pretty hilarious how did people react and did anyone ever mention it to you like your parents?

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What are some cushy, entry level, easy to get jobs that are easy on the body and mind? I don't care if it's an overnight shift that pays minimum wage.

I just got a dishwashing job that pays $9/hr in 8 hour shifts, and have only finished 2 days, but fuck is it hard on my back, knees, and feet. I just want something to make spending money while I study for muh IT certs. I still live at home.
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If you have a car, delivery is pretty tight.

I was a driver for my first three years of university and made between $15 and $20 per hour after including tips and maintenance reimbursement.

Living in a college town with a lively nightlife and high-performing NCAA football and basketball teams meant that my store was usually busy. I was in and out of the restaurant and rarely had to interact with managers or customers for more than a few seconds at a time.

Decent job if you want to go home with cash every day and not bother making small talk.
tech support is good if you're doing IT certs, i did it for quite a while
I just started a kitchen job, dont worry about your feet and shit hurting eventually your body will adjust and it will only ache a little bit after like the first couple weeks

Give it to me normies
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Whoever rolls a double names my new router
Niggerhead Hunting Lodge
[neighbor's name] is a closet homosexual

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what's the point lads?
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to put pee pee in va jay jay
There is no point never was and never will. We re just unlucky coz we was born.
just saw logan
holy shit
that movie hit me way too fucking hard

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