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>tfw white, 6" micro peen, and will never have a thicc gf

why even live bros
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why would anyone turn themselves into this. no one will be able to look past her botox lips and silicon ass and those things will define herself. she's essentially reducing her identity into a fetish or sex toy
>Logical thinking
she's embracing her purpose as a sex object

wish more women would

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>tfw to smart too be white
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This can't be real
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His head looks like an almond
>his name is still sage
>he doesn't know how to greentext
>he doesn't recognize the meme
You newfags ruin everything

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>tfw fantasize about being Sherlock Holmes
Why do I do this????
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>tfw I spent probably a week in total time decorating My Megaton House and the Lucky 38 Suite
>on console
>lets not start on Morrowind
He gets recognized for his sheer intellect and never really had to struggle much to achieve a good amount of respect. In real life being smart isn't enough to achieve anything, you have to love kissing ass or be born rich to even dream of being remotely close to someone like Sherlock Holmes.
Also, because reality is boring I guess.
>if I see a toddler or baby I try to get its attention and if I do I just kinda stare it down till the parent turns around and questions what the fuck I'm doing

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grocery haul.jpg
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This is what it should look like when you come home from doing grocery shopping. Fresh vegetables and ingredients that can be used to prepare multiple meals for the next 2-3 weeks. Notice that there's hardly any junk food or premade meals. Don't just waste $10-$20 on 4 pounds of chicken drumsticks, sausage, and Pop-tarts/cheese crackers to feed yourself for a week.
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I don't eat vegetals
yeah if you're a 100lb asian woman.

for me, i need 2 sacks of potatoes, one red, one russet. a white onion, vine tomatos, head of lettuce, carrots.
then rice, beans, chicken breasts, hamburger, salmon, pork chops, eggs, milk and bread and tuna and boar's head ham from the deli (if you don't utilize your deli, you are fucking up in life)
kek nice spread weeb.

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How do I save up to live in California forever?
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Getting a normal ass job would be a good start.
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I live in California and even I can't afford to live in California
Unless you become a tech nigger, or a high profile drug peddler there's no way to live comfortably in California anymore.

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Name more of a Robot
Pro tip: you can't.
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Looks like an overgrown anencephallic baby.
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he's running on empty, man.
Fuck reviewtard, he's just a normie playing a character. Tim is our guy

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>2011 flick
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2011 was like an hour ago, what are you onto
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someone asked for this in another one of these threads a while ago and I couldn't reply so here it is now
File: 1497690766065.png (50KB, 554x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Robot fight story thread, was just about to post mine in the last one but it was archived.
>inb4 wannabe

>Be 16
>problem child, but popular
>Used to be friends with a socially troubled neanderthal
>he was actually 6'6 and actually about 280 pounds of muscle, his only claim to fame was being a /fit/ footballer, he was actually dumb as rocks, I don't even know why I was originally friends with him. He was probably overcompensating for his social skills and 4.5/10 face
>was also 6'2 and also fit (probably like 8/10 with contacts and without braces), but was almost ready for my 2nd degree black belt at this time
>He tried to exert force over me and push me around because everybody picked on him, probably figuring that I wouldn't fight back because we were 'friends'
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>He knows as well as anyone that I don't take any shit from anyone, despite being the normally cool fun guy. (I've actually punched loudmouths for disrespecting me before I was 'big', I had just finished my growth spurt but had been in a fight a couple years ago with a super popular kid that somehow nobody liked, both were probably about 5'9 and he was slightly chubbier and all talk)
>I'm all fight and no talk, only a select few friends even knew I was a provincial karate fighter and nearly 2nd degree black belt at the time and boxing other guys at parties and such (still undefeated)
>I was a dark kid, my only issues with girls was holding a girlfriend because I would be more openly sociopathic (Diagnosed CD, probably ASPD now)
>Neanderthal star footballer, yet kissless virgin who everybody still picks on starts trying to fuck with me by slowly escalating physical pushing (I pushed back, but he nearly had a hundred pounds on me) so I suppose he was so powerless he had to use his genetics and lifting to try and push his friends
>Every day he would slowly escalate things to piss me off, mostly revolving around my property and locker
>Stole my lock after I unlocked it, chucked it into the snow
>He keeps tries to get a rise out of me
>Get a new lock from the school
> It only lasted a couple days before he fucking breaks it off my locker with his might
>Dont want to spend more money on another lock that will only last a couple days
>By this point I've practically cut all communications with him
>He comes to my locker now in between the really short breaks in between periods, even being late to his own, just to harass me.
>I left the broken lock on my locker, because people dont know it's broken. He uses it to bend the holder to the point where it snaps off.
>At this point, him fucking with my lock and locker doesn't effect me
>After a few days of "ooh look anon, your locker is broken lol, doesn't that upset you?" he starts to steal shit when I'm not there
>I think he is actually obsessed with me at this point, cutting classes just to steal shit like writing utensils just to fuck with me.
>"It was just a prank bro" (This was actually his excuse)
>Still constantly physically pushing each other around, always on the verge of punching him in his stupid muscly face, I was relentlessly verbally abusive too, he had nothing to insult me on and I could viciously gnaw at his thousands of glaring insecurities
>He starts to steal more valuable stuff from me (scientific calculators, etc. I am convinced he stole my expensive leather jacket too, but I have no way to prove it and doubted he would go so far)
>I threatened him
>"Lol what, you gonna snitch?"
>You're fucking right
>He gets in slight trouble but gets a pass for being a socially challenged athlete

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ITT:Characters who are literally you
Select all squares with vehicles
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I'm pretty similar to him originally
File: Grif_Season_01.png (267KB, 350x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For me it's Grif - lazy, incompetent, and with a wicked sense of humor.
File: 3647761-kira.jpg (249KB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For me it's Kira, Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor.

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Untitled (1).webm
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Anybody here gets angry easily/has problems controlling their anger ? I do, to the point a fucking porn made me angry. Let me explain:
>want to bust a quick nut
>decide to go to /gif/ and find a nice thread
>found a nice thread and started masturbating
>in the middle of the jerking off section I see webm related
>suddenly my mind connects some dots and comes up with this sudden thought
>"when you have a heterosexual amateur porn video where the camera isn't static or not being hold by the dude fucking the girl, aka someone is filming them, you can assume that it's cuckoldry porn, and 99,9% of the time it is cuckoldry porn."
>when i realize this, i get so fucking angry that i can't finish

this was two or three days ago. Anybody has the same problem or way to fix it ?
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Stop being a faggot, I assume this statement isn't original so I'm gonna drop these extra keys just in case

Stop browsing /pol/.
Stop being upset by what other people do because they aren't yours to control.
It's original, very original, you faggot
i don't browse /pol/ and i am not upset about what they do, i'm asking ways to control anger, cut the "Stop being upset by what other people do" bullshit. You sound like a fucking normie

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i'm interested to see where /r9k/ is from. post your age, country, and sexual status.
i will start:
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>so cal
>not a virgin because I have no standards

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>tfw you realize that women are literally just walking flesh holes that only exist to be used like the fuckpigs they are and filled with our semen

This is the true redpill bros. You all need to take it and only then will you be emancipated from your femkike overlords.
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Wouldn't that make men walking semen pumps?

What do you do during the refractory period between orgasms?
File: wjw.png (244KB, 633x758px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you realize that men are literally just walking dildos that only exist to be used like the fuckpigs they are and are only worth a teaspoon of cream
File: 1494587848577.png (511KB, 932x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you can't cum so you can't even fill girls up with semen
feels bad real baf

Can somebody red pill me on meditation?

Preferably mindfulness and how to do it right. Too many online meme articles that contradict or are full of shit.
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>Can somebody red pill me on meditation?
Meditation is another form of prayer, if you'd like to think of it like that. It's mostly used to clear your thoughts to the point where you aren't thinking, or are focused on one thing.
>Too many online meme articles that contradict or are full of shit.
There are multiple ways to meditate, anon. Just pick one.
Meme garbage
>Meditation is another form of prayer, if you'd like to think of it like that. It's mostly used to clear your thoughts to the point where you aren't thinking, or are focused on one thing.
yea if you're an absolute pleb. it has nothing to do with prayer at all (but it can). and it has nothing to do with clearing thoughts (but it can)

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Almost sucked my best friends dick

He has a gf

Wat do
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I forgot to add that he asked for me to suck it not me throwing myself on him
How do you almost suck a dick?

How close is 'almost'?

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Who is your youtube-fu?

I like Lilypichu. She has such a beautiful voice.

I think she gave me yellow fever.

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jesus christ that voice is so fucking obnoxious. how does she have so many views/likes?

This is Lilypichu's natural voice. She has many views because she puts a lot of effort into getting noticed and providing quality content. She made a huge effort to be popular with the League Of Legends community.

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