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>finally get a "gf"
>she doesn't give me blow jobs
>doesn't do doggy because she "doesnt like it"
>is needy

Why did I want this
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How can she not like doggy. It's the only position worth fucking in.
I don't know man its so fucking stupid
Ditch her OP, find another "gf". If she's fully aware of your needs & isn't willing to make any kind of compromise, it's not worth the effort. You'll just end up resenting her & you'll feel miserable putting up with her.

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>tfw absolutely terrible attention span and the only thing that improves it is coffee and sometimes weed

I've tried vitamins, exercise everything

is it just my personality or what?
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Have you tried effort? Or do you give up easily?
effort at what?

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Why aren't you eating ass right now?
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Because of this image.
That looks hairy and has leftovers on it
Because I can't even get a girl to look at me, let alone eat her ass

You're really going to spend your life in front of a computer? I feel sorry for you anon.
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Honestly, I came to 4chan originally for the porn. The feel posting and shit posting was just kinda extra.
I feel sorry for you ya fuckin pink nailed twink
Man, that's a sweet hat.

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Can someone help me write a paper? I just need 3 main points to write body paragraphs about. The subject is really easy too, I just can't think of anything to write about :(
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post more info, faggot
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Write an essay in which you establish your own position on the debate over Internet privacy. Are new laws necessary or unwise? Do you agree that loss of privacy causes real damage to people's lives? Do you view that privacy is a fundamental right not to be given up lightly? Or do you accept that privacy is a reasonable price to pay for the content available online? Use examples from your own experience or from some close to you to support your argument
Do you have to have sources?

Reminder that being a dopaminecuck is one of the biggest problems in your life desu

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Time to add dopaminelet to the xlet threads.
Can't ever have enough of those right?
Most -lets are unfixable though. Dopaminelets can just stop abusing their endocrine system to fix their problems.
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>Implying internet addictions isn't the best addiction around

Kek. It's literally perfect

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>Its a people I add on discord disappear the next day episode
wew lads
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I recently added somebody on discord. They never even came online yet. I was hoping to have a buddy to type to. Oh well.
I did the same, but they were away for most of the day. They seem to be online now, though.
Add me and this is an original comment

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How can some of you robots deal with having no self worth at all, and loads of mental issues?

Lately, I've come to the realization that I almost certainly have Dependent Personality Disorder, and don't exactly know what to do with that information except accept that sometime in the future, I'm gonna end up being someone's whipping boy, wholeheartedly believe I deserve it, and never try to remove them from my life. I'm currently dating an autistic girl who can barely function, so I feel like I'm actually being useful to someone, and have panic attacks if I don't think I'm doing enough.
I'm on antidepressants already, but that only makes it so I don't think about killing myself. I know my family has an extensive history with severe personality issues, and this could probably just get worse in the future.

I really need some advice as to what I can do at this point in time
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Tell me about this autistic girl
Kys normie...no gf
what do you mean "how do you deal with it"

there's no alternative. to not deal with it would be to die, and that's lame.

Do robots still love their mom?
I stopped loving mine after she started losing weight and kept making bad decisions about men.
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Yeah she fucked me up Hard but when I grew up I managed somehow
Her intentions were always good even though her Actions didnt reflect that
>tfw you'll never pose for the camera and suck on a model's titty for as many times as it takes to get "the shot"
Why even persist?
I love her so much I wanna plow her

What's the hardest decision you've ever had to make, /r9k/?
>be 15
>only friend is kid that we'll call John
>John is really fucking weird and constantly says things that make me worry
>one day he tells me how much he likes his sister
>says he wants his sister to like him as much as he does her
>next week
>john's sister is acting fucking weird now too
>just wants to isolate herself all the time
>starts cutting
>ask John what's up
>tells me that he's making her love him
>admits to raping his own sister
>tells me he's doing it daily after school
>can't decide whether or not to tell my mom about this
>decide to do it
>John gets arrested
>his parents get divorced
>sister sent to live with grandparents
I wonder what would've happened if I kept shut
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Did you ever hear from her again? Did she thank you for saving her?
you did the right thing anon
for me i've kind of lived my life avoiding making decisions so idk what the hardest one was.
She probably would have killed herself, parents divorce, and john moves in with grandparents tbqh. You did the right thing.

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Is it possible for a woman to have a fetish for giving blowjobs? How do you find one?
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a lot of girls like giving blow jobs. idk how you find one, just date around.
if you can't date around, well, whatever you aren't going to find a woman anyway.
my guess would be another way would be to hang out on omegle and /soc/ and stuff and just ask girls if they do until you find one.
Walk around with your cock out and when a girl cannot resist and starts sucking you off in the middle of a street you found an addick
it's not even a fetish, It's a really common thing for women to like. You have at LEAST 50/50 chance that the girl you're dating will like it. It's fun

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Shows with cringy bro humor like Adventure Time and Regular Show ruined any chance at a social life I may have had as a kid. I remember going around to different kids desk's in like 5th grade literally yelling "WHAT TIME IS ITTTTTT???!" And then when the kid stared at me like I had autism I went "AAAADVENTUREEEEE TIMEEEEE YEAAAA".
I never even watched that shit i just picked up the cringy catch phrases from the commercials
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Think you need to blame autism and not the show
ugh stop reminding me how old i am and how old i was when adventure time's pilot was a thing on youtube.
I doubt that your school didnt have some group of weebs/autists that loved shitty television as well.

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What are some good mature anime series?
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>Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
I promise I'm not memeing you. They have the loli of the year, a shota that's name is Shouta, and a THICC as fuck Mexican dragon girl

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can someone explain what's the appeal of this board?
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Nothing. I'm just an original old feggit that was too stubborn to leave because once upon a time it used to be okay.

I would gladly drop this place for a different website with image posting and similar traffic.
i like to shitpost here because anything anyone responds with means nothing

like rihgt now ill leave this thread and never look back kys
its not so much about appeal as you just end up here at some point and never really leave

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Why is such a huge percentage of modern women so attracted to extremely slender guys with extremely feminine facial features?

Pic related: This ASMR youtuber has tons n tons of women in his comments section calling him sexy, hot, etc. I just don't get it. He looks very feminine to me, why would women be attracted to feminine features in a man? Someone explain this to me please.
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Your view of masculine and feminine is completely different from a woman's view of masculine and feminine.
People can be attracted to things you aren't attracted to anon.
women are narcissistic plebs

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