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Is the average black IQ really around 80?
That's 20 points less than standard.
What gives? Is it just racism?
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That graph was made by white people. Of course it's gonna be biased.
What's the source of that diagram?
I'm sure "racism" plays a part, as does classism and many other social issues.

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Can someone show me something that's supposed to make me feel?

I watched Kimi no Na wa recently and, well, it didn't make me feel anything, which was really disappointing because I was hoping it would prove to me that I can relate and sympathise. I wanted to prove this to myself because I've been concerned about this for a long time now. I feel very emotionally shallow, to the point where it seems that I'm barred off from having meaningful life experiences. I can't remember the last time I was genuinely sad or happy, the worse I ever feel is bored, and the happiest I ever feel is buzzed, usually from exercising or eating sugary foods. I've never desired a relationship or anything beyond something to alleviate my boredom which usually rests at a constant midpoint where I'm content, but I know I could be more entertained.
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Would experiencing pain count as feeling something ? I used to burn myself with matches because if the antsy reason "I wanted to see if I could still feel"
I recently worked out more why I am like this, any chance you have a horrible existential crisis mainly to do with the meaningless of life and the fear of death ?
I mean emotionally feels. It feels as if the only things in life are physical feels, hence why exercising and sweet foods are my main sources of happiness. But yeah, I guess I wanted to be affected by Kimi no Na wa because I wanted to see if I could still feel.

Ever since I was 13 (I'm 25 now) I've accepted life to be objectively meaningless (but subjectively meaningful), morality to be objectively subjective (although still very meaningful to those who are immersed in it), and I have discarded my fear of death. I guess I often feel very detached from the real world, I often feel as if life is a RPG, not in an autistic way, but in the sense that I don't feel as if anything is meaningful or important.

I'm not consciously having an existential crisis, my experience on this earth seems completely meaningless but it feels like I'm okay with it and that I've always been. I'm not sure about subconsciously though, if that's case, then how do I fix it?
Does this apply to you?
A. A pervasive pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of expression of emotions in interpersonal settings, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:
(1) neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, including being part of a family
(2) almost always chooses solitary activities
(3) has little, if any, interest in having sexual experiences with another person
(4) takes pleasure in few, if any, activities
(5) lacks close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives
(6) appears indifferent to the praise or criticism of others
(7) shows emotional coldness, detachment, or flattened affectivity

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Are lesbians wrong for not dating trans women?
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no, they're 100% in the right
Nah they're in the right.
>Are lesbians wrong...
Yes, they are

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>sitting at home in a saturday night, expecting things to get quiet & cozy for the night
>tfw after a night of one of her occasional parties, my 62 yr. old socialite mother suddenly decides to let two of her female friends sleep over at our apartment in the living room, both of which being physically attractive & significantly younger (I'm talking 30-40+ years younger than her)
>my room is literally right next to the living room, only separated by a thin, wooden doorway between the two
>she obviously knows damn well that I'm socially autistic as fuck and that this is the last kind of thing that I want (especially when it's females who find me physically unappealing), but her being the inconsiderate moron that she is, she just decided to let two grown people who already have their own homes to sleep in some random 60+ year old near-geriatric/near-senile mother's apartment (mind you they're all perfectly sober btw)
>mom goes inside my room to get something
>as soon as she leaves, she leaves the FUCKING DOOR OPEN multiple times, causing both of them to see my /robotic/ mancave
>I always politely tell her to close the door before she leaves the room, yet 99% of the time her fucking borderline-senile self doesn't want to do so
>can hear the younger (and more attractive) one laughing, probably taking a glance at how pathetic my room looks
>my autistic power-levels are literally reaching at an all time high at this point
>get up from my bed, and then angrily (and loudly) shut the door
>they all become silent
>mom comes in the room asking me what was all that about, and proceed to quietly tell her how much of a goddamn human cartoon both she, and her child (that being me), has become
>and now they have to wake up knowing they're sharing the same household as an ugly, seemingly-crazy autist, while I lose overall comfort & freedom (in my own goddamn home) all because my mother wanted to be an idiot

Why can't it be easier to just move already?
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original bump is original
Just move out, it will solve a lot of problems.
You need lock your door.

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1.Share your problems, be listened to, be cared for, ask you questions, get answers, see things more clearly.

2. Use a name in the namefield, so I can remember you more easily.

3. If I miss your post, don't take it personally and simply indicate the lost post to me and I will respond; that said, make sure I'm not just working my way up to your post if there is a lot of activity in the thread.

4. If you feel like self-deprecating, tell me so, but don't actually do it. Don't insult yourself. Tell me how you feel, but don't attack yourself. You deserve better from yourself and everyone around you.
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Hey Nick, I'm back. You may not remember me, but I was the guy that was abusive towards his girlfriend. I'm willing to accept that there may be something wrong. How can I get an actual diagnosis? The main reason why I was skeptical is, because I was already aware of antisocial personality disorder, and I figured it was hypochondriasis. When I started looking into it, I started believing it, but now I'm pretty sure I may actually be fucked.
>but now I'm pretty sure I may actually be fucked.

It may not sound like it, but that's great news. I know, I've been there, but the day you think, "I may just be right fucked," is the day things start changing.

It's also great news that you got to that point and are able to sustain the blow. Not everyone can do what you did, and those who can't, they just get stuck on abusing others.

I remember your name but I had forgotten what the problem was. I remember mostly now.

For an actual diagnosis, an expert is best (though not always), but let's see what we can do here.

Do you generally abuse her when you're under pressure?
Nah, it's just whenever I'm bored. It's not physical just verbal. I just like seeing people in pain. I try not to have her hurt too long, because I don't want to think that I'm an asshole. I can also change her emotions quickly and easily. I can do the same for myself.

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How do I die from taking pills? What should I take, just a lot of pain killers? Really close to losing it bros
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i mean if you're gonna take pills its gonna hurt a lot, and youll most likely regret it as soon as you do it, same with hangin.


this shows the agony level and such. but i mean youll regret it as soon as you do.
That's really helpful man, thanks. Wish that i just could end it without pain
Poisoning one's self with common household ailment medication is ineffective and more likely to injure you by organ failure. If you do manage to die, it will be after a few days.

Heroin and alcohol will do you in pretty quick and is relatively painless. Just take a lethal dose of heroin , and drink some shots, and you'll go into a coma and stop breathing. Only risk is someone trying to revive you as a vegetable.

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>tfw all you want in life is to have your boipucci filled with a thick penis
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>tfw all you want is a cute bf to do romantic shit with and with a tight boipucci to fill but none of them live within 100 miles of you
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Cute doesn't apply with 3d humans
>tfw all you want in life is to have a cute bf to cuddle with

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Why can't fapping make me orgasm loudly anymore?
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maybe if you edge really long
Not enough ass play.
Are you on any meds? A bunch have desensitization qualities

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why are fags much pickier than roasties?
i thought being gay was easy
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actually its even worse, fags are roasties on steroids
>if its less than 10 inches dont bother messaging me
when the only contact with boi pussy is a fat pajeet fucker because you aren't going outside anytime soon...
you have to be
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I have gotten hit on by x10 as many fags as roasties so I would say they are far less picky, In my experience their flirting becomes very aggressive over time while roasties lose interest very fast.

A strange observation I have made is that Black females are often a lot more dominant then other races and therefor I would rank them near the fags.

My personal experience is entirely arbitrary.

Is this the future of white """men"""?
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cant wait to get blacked for neet bux
its not gay if they kind of look like a girl
nothing gives white boys more pleasure than cuckolding. they can't stop fapping to it or partaking it themselves. they can't help it. the only thing that gives them more satisfaction is transitioning and serving dark men themselves

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What is it like having a mother figure? I never had one.
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Same here OP. I now have hella mommy issues and see boobs in a comfort way in lieu of sexually. I get transference when I have a female doctor or any female authority figure in my life.
I dont. Seems like every female,even the old ones dont like me. Its like they know i am a piece of shit. Just like my real mom.
What makes you think you're a piece of shit? Even if you were, moms love their p.o.s sons all the time

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Australia thread
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Should I get drunk again for the third night in a row?
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someone in or near 4178 please be friends with me
What the fuck?

Which street do you live on I live there

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Did you know there was a country called chad next to a country called Nig(g)er? Also why does Nig(g)er look like a chicken tendy
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r9k is a platform for intellectual discussion
This is intellectual
>Did you know there was a country called chad
underage b& made me reply


Is it true that women only fake suicides for attention and men (no matter how old) actually kill themselves? Why is that?

>it was just a prank bro
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>a young chad killing himself

good riddance
Why do they always publish the name? If my son killed himself I wouldn't want it advertised on the news.
>Why do they always publish the name?

its murica

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>tfw putting a black and white towel together on my bed in the shape of a body and a head in the dark while sleep deprived and laying naked next to it causes 2B to suck your dick and you actually feel it
last night was fun.
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2b unironically made me an ass man.
I can see why. Her ass is fucking perfect
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I don't wanna play as nines dammit.

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