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How do you feel about such beings?
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They are just as gross as all fat girls
they all smell amazing tbqh

t. went to japan and paid for a THICCC milf
after all the years of this image floating around I've never seen source on it
until now

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I'm so fucking lonely. That's really it.
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kys virgin beta cuck
I want to put my head between lavrens thighs
Why do edgy children like you still do this?

Do you feel it is your duty to keep ''le good ol' 4chan spirit xD'' alive, or what? We're in 2017 /r9k/, mind you.

Women are truly the superior gender. They are so fun, cute, smart, and graceful. Post pictures and suggest ways to love and worship them more.
Ignore angry misogyns. Please woman haters don't come here!
Femanon are welcomed but must be respected and not harassed.

I'll start: if you see a female posting an opinion online, whiteknight for her in any way you can. Upvote her if the platform allows it.
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Another thing is, you should stop trying to hit on girls too, and only go with them if they want you. You could be harassing and obnoxious. Instead, find ways to boost her self-esteem without being creepy or wanting sex. She will know you like her and find her sexy, but she will not see you as a danger. Allow her to friendzone you.
Come on anon! Girls are lovely, admit it!
Revenge is the sweetest joy in life next to getting pussy. But yeah vagina is really the best

i wanna fuck this bad bitch so bad...

look at that huge ass...

the bad the is the she only likes negroes and chads.
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oregano originalus original
Post more you horny asshole.
My my my.......

We got quite the little braphog on our hands don't we?

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>tfw no In the Aeroplane Over the Sea gf
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What's the best song on the album and why is it Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2?
This is by far the most autistic thing I seen all day. Carry on.
I like THB pt1, Holland, and Oh Comely the most.

I'm just about done guys. I try to change who I am, but I've failed multiple times. I was able to coast through high school and my 2 years at community college. Now I have no percievable future. I hate uni and i'm unable to take care of my shit. I'm just another man child. I don't want another 60 - 80 yrs of me being a procrastinating little bitch. But I can't change. What do y'all think senpai?
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I think you already know the answer.
It happens quickly by your hand or slowly on its own.
Sound like me. I am half way through community college. I plan on going to university then doing masters abroad though, that's my hope.
life changes dramatically in small windows of time
there's no reason to expect that you will be a pathetic failure forever if your causes for being a pathetic failure are things like situational premises or the normal trials of maturing into adulthood. the alternative is that you are depressed or otherwise mentally afflicted, in which case snort a fat line of ketamine, my nigga

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>tfw no girlfriend with severe social anxiety
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>tfw r9k boyfriend with moderate to severe social anxiety
>tfw have to tolerate degenerate homos on my board
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>tfw everyone assumes your a male (male) on r9k

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Who else loves the marijuanas? It's like a robot's best friend.

Maybe I just have mild OCD but when I'm high it also seems to get me past my compulsive tendencies and relaxes my autistic behaviour.
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Me too anon i have bipolar and it takes the edge off without making me comatose
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>It's like a robot's best friend.
Fuck off normie.

Straightedge is the true robot way
That's what I'm saying.

My friend says it makes him nervous and paranoid. I'm like, wtf dude.

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Ok /r9k/ I have a bit of a story to share, something I want to both get off my chest and also hear some opinions about.

I have lived with my sister all my life. We moved away from our insane family when she turned 18 and since then we've shared an apartment and supported each other. I've protected her, she's my bestfriend, and we both know we share a bond closer than most siblings do. I have grown some seriously strange feelings for her (never felt like this growing up) and now I feel like I love her and want to fuck her so badly. We've both tried to get into relationships and both of us really couldn't commit, I think this is because of the bond and close connection we feel to each other

I have tried to make some moves on her, but I don't think she quite feels the same way. Sometimes I get the feeling that she does, but it really is a small chance she wants to fuck me honestly. What do you guys think? Should I go about attempting to fuck her? I don't want any other woman in my life and I want to make love to her, but still don't want to destroy the bond we have together.
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The recurring thread is tripfags fake posting. Do not seduce your sister unless she is into it
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>The recurring thread is tripfags fake posting
>Do not seduce your sister unless she is into it
Like I said, I've made some advances on her, pretended I was joking when I did, but ultimately when I could tell it wasn't going anywhere I stopped

I wouldn't do anything unless she agrees of course. Sometimes I feel like she does feel similar feelings though. I mean she'll ask me to cuddle and I do with her (on her demand). That certainly isn't normal behavior for two adult siblings, so I think sometimes she may feel the same way
Don't listen to him, he's just a butthurt little babyboy. Sit her down and tell her how you feel.

What are you drinking anon?

Pic related is lemonade with mint
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effervescent vitamin c drink. mmm
Pure water only.
That looks delicious, I'm jealous

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i'm going back in time robots, sorry i know you get offended by that name.

what should i do, what events should i stop to change 4chan's popularity thus stopping the rise of normiesm on this board?
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Stop moot from leaving
Prevent moot from reopening /news/ as /pol/ and warn him about the fappening.
Maybe go back a few more years and prevent him from making so many normalfag oriented boards.
Chanology. Shut it down.

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W T F.jpg
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kick it in the balls
Dude nobody's going to fall for that. We've all seen that video.
Whoa, that's a nice looking vintage car

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spill details on who and how faggot
Tinder my friend
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Fucking normalfag! LEAVE THIS BOARD!


>meet girl through mutual friends (read as "acquaintances" except for two of them)
>appears to be sort of a nerd
>see her a few times more in crowded situations but never really talk
>mutual friend says she's the exact same kind of autist as me
>slightly stalk her facebook
>her interests are pretty much a carbon copy of mine, an extremely rare and unlikely combination
I've never seen her with a boyfriend or heard of one, but don't know much about her in general. Where do I go from here? I have her number through a group chat, but would feel weird messaging her out of the blue. And I can't just bring up something autistic in a group situation, especially since I only know she'd know what I'm talking about because I stalked her.

I want to do this right this time, not fall in love with someone before I even get to know her. God damnit.
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go get her you idiot, dont let chad take another one from you
Ask your friend to hook you up. That or message her on FB and bring up your interests. Comment if she posts about something you know and push to conversation to a situation where you could keep talking to her or have an excuse to hang out.
Don't just message her out of nowhere u autist
Op go somewhere with your friends today or tomorrow and while your there ask them to hook you up thats it

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Who else can't wait for ww3?
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"Mummy, why does this anon think being edgy will get him attention?"
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I will finally have purpose.
would be finally a chance to die without killing myself like a fag

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