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post your photos, drawings, paintings, music, sculptures, poems, scripts etc.
doesnt matter if its shit as long as you made it
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I've tried to learn how to draw art on photoshop, tfw such too much at is so just gave up

pic related was my oneitis
How do I start drawing? Do I read books on it and shit? Tools to buy?
If you're doing it on photoshop like I did I would start with learning how to use pentool and stuff. Here's a good video to start with


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>it's a teeth fall out dream
>it's a in a shakey tall building dream
>it's a falling down mountain dream
>it's a night time rainy dream
>it's a get shot in head and rest of dream is pitch black dream
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Falling teeth means excessive masturbation.

The other four dreams seem cool. Though the shot in the head one, I usually just wake up.

The dream I always have is the one where a bright spot appears in the sky, grows until lt's clear it's a missile or falling plane, which hits me and kills me (and I wake up).
>it's a get shot in the head dream

>It's a getting chased dream

>It's a religious premonition dream
>it's a trapped in an elevator that is going way too fast with a bunch of other people dream

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White women look fucking subhuman tbqh
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I didn't wanna bring it up but I've been thinking about this the past few days. Of course there are exceptions but white women's skin in general is just really fucking weird. The way it turns red when it touches things, the pink, thin lips, the pale white, almost clear skin with pink undertones. It's just really fucking odd tbqh.
Too bad wmaf couples are more in line with pic related
I like everything you described

t. non degenerate white man

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Share what's been going on with you, or your hobbies, issues, and or post things that make you relax.

I enjoy listening to the rain, http://www.rainymood.com/ while listening to music. I recommend I'm In Love With A Ghost,

This wallpaper also makes me feel warm.
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mirrors, secret doorways and hidden passageways
OP here, For the past year or more I seem to have the same level of tiredness, wake up tired, go to class tired, go home tired, go to bed tired, only to wake up tired again. Some days I come home really exhausted, but it's rare. I don't have any friends, 2 people consider me their friends, but they don't care about my feelings or problems or hobbies, they just pretend to so I listen to their interest and issues. Plan on leaving them behind soon, not now since I have to work with them for the remainder of the year.

I tired talking to girls and all while in high school, but to no luck. Just simply trying my best to be friends, anything intimate would grow naturally from there, at times I would directly ask them out. I made my mistakes, but a lot of the times I would get ghosted for no reason. And at times, some of those ghosters would try to talk to me again, but I wouldn't have it. 2 or 3 months of work trying to learn about them and find common interest going down the drain is nothing I want to repeat. I keep trying to find other people to connect with but as the years go by, both genders seemed to just be a waste of time, and I lose more and more interest with anyone at all. It sucks because I dealt with shitty people in my childhood and it seemed to follow me into my senior year of highschool. I tired not to let those people define my interactions and experiences with others, but it seems just impossible.
>tfw not even a big Mario fan but I think the setting to Super Mario Sunshine is the zenith of /topcomfy/

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What are the downsides to living in a majority black city?
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Everything smells like cocoa butter and waterlogged feces
what city? I live in mid town Atlanta. You know where not to go.
Living in a majority black city

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Get the FUCK in here grandpas. How's everyone holding up?

>30 years old
>going back to community college after dropping out a million times
>go on campus to sign up
>surrounded by teenagers everywhere

I am now officially the creepy old man.
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>spend all working week waiting for the weekend
>weekend hits and I'm too miserable to do anything but browse 4chan
>download a few games, play for 20minutes max and then uninstall

Life gets more and more miserable the older you get. If you've still got a few years before 30 then make a god damn fucking change now before it's too late. 25 is your final warning to take back your life
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>mom is always tired
>went to the doctor
>sugar good,heart good
>tfw she has blood in the stool
>dad keeps talking about suicide
>brother doesn't care about his health
>I might lose the only people in my life in a short amount of time

from last thread but what the fuck lads? How the fuck am I supposed to go on? I'm trying to mentally toughen myself up then i start to tear.
>Stable job but shitty pay
>Barely scraping by
>Balding badly
>No friends
>Think about suicide daily

But on the bright side... oh wait there is no bright side.

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Picture of when my mother was 30 years old. What was your mother like?
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My mom at 16 yrs old with her Camaro in 1975.
I highly suggest you fap to your young-mom and imagine making her your sexual bitch. It's a truly enlightening experience

REPOST from /r/oldschoolcool

Kettle Chips Better Than Seabrook Crisps Edition LOL JUST KIDDING APRIL FOOLS
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theres a doctor around our way called Dr Seabrook, just like the crisps mentioned in your post OP, i found this co-incidence simply delightful
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first for freddo knight
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freddo knight is a brave lad...

well, he will be when he's finished and done all nicely

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Alpha/beta names thread? I'm genuinely beggining to believe they change how people percieve you

Starting off simple

>Taylor/Tyler (gay)
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My name is Jessie rate me
>tfw Enoch
my parents aren't even jews either

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Who else /pureNEET/ here?
>never used drugs or alcohol.
>never been to bars or parties or out "clubbing"
>KKV never had a gf ect.
>dress nicely and am well groomed.
>shower everyday
>eat well
>keep my rooms very clean.
>do not fap to degenerate things
(trannies ect)
>never swear.

What am I?
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Pleasant yet boring
a truly pure soul
an originaI faggot

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so powerful.jpg
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Oooga Booga!

Okie doke!
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I'll bump your threads as long as I'm alive

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>teacher asks that the class make groups of three for an extensive one month project

>everyone makes a group except you

>teacher notes this, says: "oh, you can be partners with her"

What's your next move?
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>"do have to work with a woman?"
Grab her saggy tits and fuck her mouth
Do a good job?
Transact with Cera here to ensure we both get good grades?

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Just got out of prison yesterday. Was locked up for 3 and a half years. I haven't been on /r9k/ since summer of 2014. Feels good to be back.

So what's changed? Give me a basic rundown of what to expect on the "new" /r9k/.

Not just /r9k/, with media in general. Anything significant happen that I should know about so I can be "in" in all the in-jokes?
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Prison was less gay than this board
Yeah from what i can tell this board has gotten significantly gayer. Also the new captcha is pretty gay too
What were locked up for my dude?

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You can use this thread for any member of your family


Option 1
Go hug your sister, tell her you love her, and post results.

Option 2
If she is out of reach or you want to change your approach you may also text her 1 of the following lines.

1 - I've always loved you the most.
2 - I'm in love with you.
3 - I love you.
4 - Why haven't we had sex yet?
5 - Would you ever give us a chance?
6 - Do you feel about me the way I feel about you?
7 - I've hidden my feelings from you my whole life.
8 - Are you hungry? Want me to get you something?
9 - If we could do anything together with no consequences, what would we do?
0 - You are the one thing in my life that keeps me sane.
Dubs - I want to make love to you regardless of what others may think.
Trips - I want you to remember that no matter what you say I will always care about you. But the truth is I love you more than family... I want you.
Quads - Know that I am not joking, I am in love with you and want to be with you. I would never joke about this, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
Quints - I fell in love with you years ago... I'm taking a chance to tell you that despite of us being related you are the only person I ever see myself starting a family with.

Some of these can be played off as a joke just in case, but not all.
You can also use this thread if you are a sister looking to cuddle with your brother as well.


Regardless of your choice make sure to tell her how much you love her too!
Now go!
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Hey lads, what are all of your political opinions?:^)
Nothing special. She hugged me back and said "I love you too, silly bro". Still felt nice.
>Thinking that your sister will fuck you
>Thinking that any girl would fuck you

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Is it really true that most of you robots dont have drivers licenses?

I've had mine since I was 16.

Are you guys seriously this retarded?
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German drivers licenses cost around 1400 bucks.
How am I supposed to afford that as a neet?
I got mine when I was 18, but that is because I needed my license. A lot of people who live in big metropolitan areas, or outside of the US seriously don't need licenses since their entire life is within walking distance, or they can just use the bus or train.

I actually wish I didn't have to own a car because fuck having to pay $200 a month for the most basic level of insurance.
I have a driver's license but am too terrified to drive.

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