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Hey r9k!

I'm a 18 year old dude doing my senior year in high school in Sweden and i just got diagnosed with depression and Aspbergers but noone belivies me until I show the papers. I have been pretending to not be autistic and depressed for years and I have gotten good at it.

Should I embrace who I am or should i continue to pretend?
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Nice 1488 get
What do you mean, "embrace who you are"? Wear sonic the hedgehog tshirts and become emo?
why would you pretend unless your country has good NEETbux?

i've been in resource (special ed) for years and i was distraught to find out that my dad didn't believe in it. I also get pretty bad anxiety that i can only brave so much but i stopped telling my family about it since i was 12 since they just see me as some big retard pussy.
It's the other way around, I actually have Asperger and I've been acting like a "normal" person for a while now.

When you say it like that I realize how dumb that is

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Is it ok if I pay you in rape dollars?

I want to rape your life and make you worship me
I can barely keep up with your silly terms. WTF is a paypig? Is it like a sponsor?

*malcom in the middle theme* LIFE IS UNFAIR
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That looks like a fake dick.
Someone should make a pic of a little dick manlet getting skipped and looking sad
I'm sure all those women think that they are victims of "slut shaming" in a "prude society" despite the fact that they face no backlash for posting porn of themselves online and they can get young Chad cock any time they want.

give me the best ragefull, edifying and uplifting songs youve got.

i start:
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https://youtu.be/Lp3kcHchD1Y Bombtrack - RATM
Rebellion https://youtu.be/TAK8KY9shec

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>am a father of two
>work two part time jobs
>just started trade school
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>not currently eating pudding
>father of two

T. Normie

>t. underage numale

Go post somewhere else, child.

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I'm gonna do it /r9k/. I will do everything in my power to get a GF or lose my virginity before the end of September. Gonna spend all day just filling out these damn profiles with ammunition. Surely, one woman across all of these apps will be interested in me.
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Get some advice for your profiles on /soc/.
Are you slim/fit, well dressed and have reasonable game?
Oh, that's sounds like a good idea on paper. But wouldn't those normies just bully me?

I don't wanna do stuff.
I don't wanna go outside.
I don't wanna go to college.
I don't want to study.
I dont wanna exercise.
I don't wanna think about my future, I'm too young.
I just wanna jerk off and eat.
No hobbies. Vidyas are boring. Movies, series, music, anime... boring too.
I feel broken, I feel hurt. Yet I don't wanna help myself.
Becoming a zombie.
Send help.
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>has stuff to do
>has college to go to

kill yaself normie
Rudeposters go.
kys/-ie normalfags go.
you go bitch

you aren't a robot if you don't enjoy schaudenfreude

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images (15).jpg
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>Tfw 5'5 manlet
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>tfw 162cm(5'4)
File: 1503945281707.jpg (37KB, 680x734px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it's not fair
We're destined to die alone.

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>My birthday is tomorrow
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i sincerely hope you die tomorrow
Happy bday OP does this make you feel better or worse?

Rolling for the midnight demise

Vent and get stuff off of your chest.
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why can't you just care about me the way i care about you
I've been incredibly lonely since all of my friends and family forgot my birthday. I think it will go away. I have even devolved into shitposting for attention. I'm not very happy.
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to whom it may concern

>tfw 0 friends
>tfw no gf
this loneliness is too much to bear, i have nothing to say but i nontheless want to talk

t. anon

Did you fall for the college meme?
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Yeah, i fall for uni meme (have bachelors in physics). Sadly, my pride doesnt let me work minimal wage stuff.
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No way, dude. I always said college was a joke ever since Middle School. Everyone said I was gonna regret it but now I'm just laughing at them
>get degree in something not stupid
>have no debt because not stupid
>get job paying $100k/yr starting
>still free to look down on trades people

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2MB, 640x360px
Can someone explain women's obsession with eating semen?
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considering this is videoporn it must be assumed that it is man's obsession with women eating semen
I'm not gay but god damn I love seeing guys shoot a huge load onto or in a girl. Makes my cock hard
So these are the types of women that complain they can't find no good man, even though legions of cucks and betas are just waiting to marry their maiden slut princess? Haha, that's funny.

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Is there any viable reason to keep on living if you're horrendously ugly?
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If you are truly concerned about that, you should post pic of your face so we can judge. Just Blur out the eyes.
this pic has to be edited?
what the fuck is that shit lmao
I see better shit in my toilet after heavy alcohol and drug use
i know youll think im trolling but even this ugly ass faggot can get his shit together.
and you wouldn't fucking recognise him

Ebin's big sexy face edition
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can someone link Ebin's blog real quick
I weight like 1 stone and a half more than that now, my body isn't good though

I know that but I get baited too easily, I can't let it go thinking someone actually is taking pleasure from my defeat. If you repeat something long enough people will start believing it, I wrote in my blog and the first time I "defended" pedophiles over the mass hysteria. Ironically proving my point correct
File: ebinmangry.png (280KB, 630x625px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280KB, 630x625px

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lets get a robot party going
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cmon anons its lonely in here
come and add ur shit niggers
calling in all robotos

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