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meanwhile in bizarro /r9k/...

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>tfw just fucked the girl I love
Great day at work today. Can't wait for tomorrow.
>tfw peak physical performance
Sure is nice. Too bad I'm a virgin though.
So many non-virgin newfags.

Black bois btfo. White men are ripped muscular sex Gods who sweat pheromones. Black women(and all women) enter ovulation whenever a white master is in their midst. That's their body preparing to give birth to superior white babies
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>people believe this
Go to bed
I read this out loud in a YLYL attempt. I couldn't make it to the end.
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Are you mad black boi?

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When the fuck will this meme end?
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when you man the fuck up i.e. never
When you finally become enlightened and realize it's not a meme.
Vain niggers

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Anyone still play Destiny on PS3 still? I miss the comfy times of staying up until 3:00 AM running raids, but I got left behind when everyone else upgrading to next-gen systems. I'd like to enjoy this game with some fellow bots, and I have nothing better to do for the next few hours since I am on medication and can't sleep. My username is luciddreamz, send me a msg, please bots.
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Jesus i hate that game.

That game was the game that convinced me to pretty much give up gaming, between the raids and the other shit you had to grind to get useless gear i was like what the fuck is this
When did you stop? It got a little better after the first year, but then Year 3 rolled around and it was worse. I like the mindless grinding when it was with other people.
Upgrade to PS4
seriously why haven't you already?

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I've always been a hardcore polack, really against race mixing and all that even, but lately I've been falling for a very cute Hispanic who also browses 4chan. He makes me laugh and over all I enjoy talking to him. He seems like a smart and decent guy. I have pink nipples, blonde hair, but I have brown eyes. Am I close enough to not being white where it's okay to race mix or not? Is drinking unfiltered water causing this? How do you make it stop?
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i know that image is intentionally bad but it still pisses me off
This is the worst thread
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>shit-tier normalfag meme with generic Google Images download name
Your newfag is showing

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Yaoi Cuddle.jpg
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Qt yaoi couple edition

Post your gay related content here.

Keep it to one thread.
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>keep it to one thread
stop saying this
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>tfw no boy to fap together
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tfw fat and lonely, i'm losing weight slowly, but i want companionship NOW

I'm not even gay, i'd just like some physical intimacy

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Hello friendos, this is a thread for frens.
All frens are equal and we love you all regardless of edgelord, ego, sex or preferences.

If you need advice or are just feeling lonely and need someone to talk to then join us!

Our discord is disc(delete)ord(dot)gg(slash)7KHBvk
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kawaiii desu ne
tjis seems suspicious
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I love you all frens

>tfw you will never see Vitas perform the 7th element during the 2002 new years party in russia
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I like the part where he says REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
I like the part where he goes like
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>people only recognize Vitas as the singer of 7th element because it's le wierd foonys
>mfw not even Opera #2

you exist to test my patience

How does /r9k/ personally deal with nihilism and existential angst?
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Paasing my 16th birthday.
By realizing it's pointless, you can't control what happens to you so just go with it
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I ignore it by watching anime, playing vidya, and browsing 4chan.
Also lots and lots of cute anime girls. Lots and lots.

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23 year old neet

no experience, no qualifications

what do I do?
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>apply for entry position
>fake unrelated job
there you go
I don't have the wit or balls to do that
Factories/warehouses will still hire you on the spot with no experience. They always need people.

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I am a ugly guy, and I try to stay within my league. But even the 3/10s demand nothing less than Chad and think they're some type of hot Stacey shit. Do they not fuckin realize that men don't wear make up like them yet still look better? Can they not see that even with make up they're ugly as fuck and shouldn't be shaming guys for superficial things?
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What a stupid fucking cunt
I work out daily, I take care of myself, hygiene is good and i dress well, yet the most fat and hideous of roasties would decline me simply because I am 5'10", have acne and was not born with a slayer face.
because Chad is occasionally willing to fuck them and it colors their perception of what they'e worth

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"Ay-non" or "Uh-non"?
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nobody says aynon
It's "Aah-nin" you dumb fuck. The first part pronounced like that a in bat
a-no-n, using the Japanese syllabary of course

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>Tfw you start to appreciate mood lighting while all tucked in and cozy.
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my concept of cozy is so skewed i have to have my computer on my desktop and a blacklight on to sleep
I was at that point at one point in my life since i had my computer in my bed room.
After my brother moved out I started to sleep in his room and it helped out a lot having somewhere nice to sleep that isn't where your computer is.
That's the most adorably tucked in cat ever
>tfw no femanon to enjoy mood lighting with

Don't listen to these women's magazines and articles and these fembots here who tell you its a valuable skill. It isn't Women don't really want this shit, its a test to see who is a real man and who is a loser. You think Chad eats pussy? You think Brad Pitt was kneeling in front of Angelina Jolie like some fucking slave? You think Jeremy Meeks was siting there with his head between some bitch's legs? You think Tupac did that shit? Fuck no. Alpha males, real men, don't eat pussy, period.
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>You think Brad Pitt was kneeling in front of Angelina Jolie like some fucking slave

Considering the fact she has multiple black babies, I would be surprised if he didn't.
doesn't pitt have a tranny kid?
>implying brad wasn't fucking bitches on the side

Still even if you think he did that shit, you think this guy does? Come on now, he doesn't look like a pussy eater.

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When and how did you realize women are not longer relevant ?
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You're gonna give me the source on that, bucko.
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>Long arms
>Masculine jaw
Fuck off faggot traps ARE gay.
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a cock is what I look for most in a woman. That and wide knuckly feet. oh and if they could have no viable entrances for intercourse, no reproductive organs and a beard every morning, that would be great too.

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