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Guess what I did today?

I got to touch a loli's feets!!!!

Ask me anything.
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Cute. Greentext the entire thing, right from the beginning.
I mean good for you anon, I get to cuddle lolis 4 times a week.
how is working in a shoe store?

"Girls will practically be chasing you when you have a job; they want someone who'll provide for them. That's why we're here, Champ. Whatdy'a mean 'not this again?' It's really simple, Champ: Walk in there and speak with the manager. Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work there. This is the first of several places I'm taking you, and we're not turning around until someone hires you right on the spot. We'll go to Chick-Fil-A for their Sweet Tea and Chick-N-Strips later."
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So women are basically financial parasytes? Thank you for telling me that dad, now I'll know to avoid them like the plague.
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"Champ, you are going to meet a nice girl with whom you'll raise a family someday. Being a father is a part of growing up, like getting a job. And the best way to do that is to show up in person, speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work there. It's as simple as that, Champ."
>that coffee pepe
Top leek

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What does being a 5/10 guy mean? Does it mean that you're ugly or just below average? Pic not much related.
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5/10 is pretty bad to be entirely honest, but should be enough to get by.
Nothing cause the 80/20 rule is retarded
It means you're only ever going to get fat, ugly girls.

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Guys I'm on vacation with family and I just drenched my fucking bed with piss. It's still 500 and I don't think my sister knows but I don't know how to proceed. How the fuck do I deal with this and avoid detection help please
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best suitable option is to take all the sheets and make a super noose, drink a fuck ton of water but be very quiet, hang yourself in the bathroom, your family will just assume the piss smell was from when you died rather than on your bed.
suck the bed sheets dry
suck the mattress dry

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I really like the idea of women being used as sex toys for men, so that they must serve them no matter what. Post experiences that reflect this.
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Well me and my friend kind of ended up like that. Our roommate's boyfriend and some guys started living at our place and forced us through with it. It was a bad experience for both of us.
I suppose a green text would be too much to ask, then?
>Friend and I get an apartment together off campus
>Need a third person and see a few but settle for a seemingly nice black girl
>She keeps it up for awhile but her bf comes into the picture and starts staying
>He's mean and rude and abusive which gets worse over time
>Gets rough with me and my friend to the point of sexually assaulting us
>Later brings his friends into the picture
>They end up living there full time and taking advantage of me and my friend whenever they wanted
>It kept going on till our lease ran out because we were too scared to do anything and the little help we got didn't work

It was terrible and I just felt like meat. The guy sort of became our pimp almost by force.

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i really wanna get my drivers license

but muh anxiety

im 19 and live in california take me through the steps
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Another California faggot here. Just do it. I literally didn't study at all and got my driver's license. It's easy I even seen people who don't speak English because literally immigrants got their license
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i dont know where to start because am retart
Ask family member to teach you how to drive or ask for money and find a driving school near you. Learn and once you're confident enough you know how to drive, go to DMV and ask to schedule a test.

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>remember your sexuality
>get depressed
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it'll be okay, friend
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>remember your gender
>get depressed
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>remember your IQ
>get depressed

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>aged 26
>no friends or social life since 18
>no female attention ever
>went through university with zero social experiences
>became the loner nobody talks to within two days of my current job
>never been to pub, club, or party
>missed out on all the 16 - 22 formative social experiences that people look back on fondly (teen crushes, school prom, school dances, university fresher's week, any sort of relationships at all)
>feel like a failed normie due to my suffering over this and my bitterness / laziness / existential angst stopping me from learning in my copious amount of free time
>know that women all have 5000 tinder matches and think the average male is ugly
>see normies talking at work while I sit alone and know they are on the same wavelength
>my current main hobby is sitting in busy places in London to feel less alone, drinking coffee, browsing internet on my phone, feeling sad about life, and hoping an act of God will fill my 20s with something good

What do I even have to look forward to? I feel like I need at accept failure, try to become addicted to programming, and make money. I wish I had the autism that would make this the easy choice.

I read books but it just feels like failure. Books and movies are written for normies. It's like reading about a sport when I'll never play it
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You are a failed normie, please leave this board now.
I did all that shit lad minus the gf/sex.

Parties though (quite a bit), falling in love with your tomboyish friend who matured into a 9/10 hot girl by the end of school, prom, uni dorm life, drugs/drinking, tinder matches, touching a stacy's tits because you gave her a beer, sports. I did all that shit and yeah it was cool and fun but I'd trade it all for a loving relationship and I'm still a loser around strangers.
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Fuck off.
The door is there.

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how can you possibly explain to a normal person that you're a 25 khhv? I mean, you just can't. Let's say you meet a girl, how do you tell her that? fucking hell, women are even worse than men when it comes to understanding these things.
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what does 25 khhv mean/stand for?
Why would you want to tell them in the first place?
25 year-old kissless, hugless, handholdless, virgin.

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Anyone else here self conscious of their small hands?

It doesnt help when youre a 184cm lanklet either
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That's a manlet, not a lanklet.
Are you asian? 2017
Yes, but my peepee is 17cm if you wanna go there

>Was chatting with some friends
>A Stacy comes in, much of it is a blur
>I make a joke on how my friend collects Stacys in his discord
>I laugh, I realize these are casuals, they don't know what a Stacy is
>"You know, an ethot"
>The girl realizes it is targetted towards the girls in the server, tells me to shut up in simplest terms.
I am an uppity bitch, when I see a girl get a bit sassy, I go in for the drama. It's fun at times.
>She goes off, using bland insults
>I point this out, explain how when people use it so often, it loses it's meaning, for example, fuck. We use it so much, we forget that it's meant to have a bad connotation at times.
>I suggested her better insults
>she replies with, "You're proud of that"
>Another girl in the voice chat gets a bit uppity, thinks I'm talking to her, I tell her the straight truth.
>I describes how people don't care about her, but she takes it as a compliment, thinking she's superior to me. Leaves me be for a bit.
>Stacy keeps going with the bad insults, she finally types 1 phrase.
>"You think I care about you you fucking dirty ass cunt"
>I suggest she puts a comma between the yous, because it might get confusing for people with an IQ under 60 such as herself.
>She starts spaming You you, atleast 10 times.
>She leaves the servers that we have mutual

This happened an hour ago.
Discord drama, I'm not the only girl out there that gets a bit uppity, but damn. It sure is fun sometimes when they don't understand half your jokes. Any of your own stories about an autistic Stacy?
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This is such a garbled mess of a post that for once, I believe you are actually female. Because there simply is no train of thought to follow here.

Tits or gtfo
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fuckin savage

but this
can you fuck off with your blog in an original way

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What's the most pain you have ever felt?
Physically or Mentally

pic not related
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When i saw my oneitis walking down the hallway holding chads hand.

That was 3 years ago.

Ive been texting her everyday since. She hasnt replied.
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Mentally, it's got to be limerance. Head over heels obsessed with someone you can't have until Mr. Brightside becomes your anthem.

Physically I don't have much. I slashed my wrist which hurt a little bit, but the shallow ones hurt more. Deeper it was the more numb it felt. I got a cannabis seed stuck in my eye once, that was probably the most uncomfortable.
Probably methadone withdrawal

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>tfw manlet (5'1")
>tfw dicklet (3.5")
>tfw baby face (25 years old)
convince me not to kill myself (inb4 "le become le trap!")
literally whats the point of existing like this?
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Become an trap before you become an hero.

take the red pill -_-
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holy shit dude theres literally no salvation for you

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Why is /r9k/ filled with so many normalfags who've had sex?
Can we have a thread for the actual, core userbase of /r9k/ for once?
We can talk about whatever, movies, TV, vidya or animu.
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I think you are on the wrong board my friend
I want to fuck rainbow dash
Virgin here, and honestly by choice.

If I really wanted to, I could probably hit up one of the 500 girls on my tinder and fuck them. I could've fucked at least 3 women confirmed. I didn't though, because I don't want mindless hedonist degenerate sex. I want it with someone I truly love. I don't think I'll find that anytime soon because most millennial women are all shallow trend-obsessed liberal-brainwashed cunts.

Got any good music recs?

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Do you work? If so as what and how much do you earn?

If not, have you worked previously? Same questions
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Night shift at BP
4 days a week
Fortnightly pay of 1500AUD
Are you white? Don't think I've ever seen a white fella working at a servo unless I go out to some town in woop woop
Security Guard
7 days a Fortnight
Alternating night and day shifts
Fortnightly pay of 1800

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