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ITT: MBTI general discussions


Most active 4chan MBTI themed server: /jNYBDdx

>inb4 INTP depression
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Hi I got this, what does this mean?
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>tfw no istj bf
It means you like to browse a website called Reddit and most likely like the new Star Wars.

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How have you been preventing yourself from completely losing it?
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Having stable income and being with my waifu.
heavily drinking until I fall asleep.
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Trying to sink my sadness in sweets.

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are women more shallow than men?
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I wish I was gay. That's how fucking retarded women are.
Are rocks smoother than trees?
Yes, and if you're good friends with one they will admit as such.

They are shallow toward other women because they are in competition with them to be a suitable mate.

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Why are dogs such loyal creatures?
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Because we've raised them to be that way.

Shame we couldn't manage to do the same with women.

Why is there always some edgelord at the ready to gorebomb all dog threads here in /r9k/?

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ITT: Blog your life

>Girlfriend birthday in a few days, book a trip abroad for us in advance
>Huge argument emerges over last week
>She's a waitress, has been sly comments about co-workers, other drama
>Go rage mode
>Fight dies down, tell her I've booked a holiday for us and she's ecstatic
>Few good days
>Argument brews again
>"I've had hearts to hearts with my *male* co-worker. It's nice to talk to someone that cares about me and genuinely notices when something's wrong"
>Go FULL rage mode
>HUGE argument for days, we throw deep insults at each other, the kind of shit that you still think about even if you make up and cause you to resent them
>Tell her she isn't going fucking anywhere on my money
>Too late to cancel the holiday
>I'm going to have to go by myself
>Going to have to spend a few days in Rome by myself, feeling like shit and boarding a 2 person flight to a double room hotel by myself
Can anyone top me for the worst day?
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Bring your best bro with you
bring me ill bring the drugs
>Girlfriend birthday in a few days, book a trip abroad for us in advance


A little late today but what's for dinner robots 06/17
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Why does every robot who posts here either drink energy drinks or alchohol? I can see why robots drink alchohol but half of you retards are drinking energy drinks at dinner, after work.
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with a cherry coke
What do you do all day? these threads are pretty comfy

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Convince me there's an afterlife
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>convince a dumb phoneposter about a dumb topic

fuck off
Yes, who knew that after all these thousands of years, it is a shitposting anime board that has the answers to the largest question of all time.
Hey there buster no need to get janked about over a silly goof like this

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>Hey anon, want to hang out this afternoon?
>...Before Chad comes over?
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this reminds me of when i was trying to figure out when or how to kiss this girl or initiate somehting

30 mins later while watching some shit she asks when im leaving and starts getting ready saying another friend is coming
her other friend was Chad of course.

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who /raisedbysinglemom/ here

>dad cheated on my mother, divorced her when i was 8
>the only time i ever saw my dad was when he wanted to do something with me every few months, never cared about my wellbeing
>never learned how do manly things because i'm the only male in my family
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tfw raised by a singlelemon
Father cheated on his wife and I was the product.
Guess who was extricated from half his family for something he had no part in, ya, I wish I was just aborted desu.
I feel like if I had some guidance from him or a smarter mother I wouldn't be a 26 year neet with 0 prospects because I got a meme degree
"Just study what you like, you just need a degree"-woman who has never lived above the poverty level
Plus being white and poor is the worst possible situation, every pogrom is geared towards women and colored folk.
My dad was a coke addict, club promoter and an ex marine. He left my mom when I was a kid because he still wanted to live in big glory days. Unfortunately he let go of himself mid 30s, lost his house, ex wife, job and nice cars. He now pics up trash from highways and lives with his mom.

Karma is one hell of a bitch

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Who here /MGTOW/?

Do what you want as a man and forget roasties. Be proud of yourself and show it to the world
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I tip my kek to you, good anon. Shadilay!
I have that stock and grip on my AR
> i'm not an incel because i'm alpha as fuck and actually don't want pussy

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What are you guys playing tonight?

Any other rsfags here? I made this ironmeme account about a month ago and ive been loving it.
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I'm the guy who talked to you about ironman in the last thread. I'll make my account in a week or two when I can afford membership.

>ywn play OSRS with Reviewbrah
Hey anon, I wasn't the guy who made the last thread. I'm the dude who replied to you though. When you do make an account you should add me though ign: FleshyGordon Do you have much experience with the game in general?
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Yes, but I would rather be playing wurm

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I need some serious advice and this is the first place I'm coming because you guys make up the vast majority of my social life. inb4 normie get out

>Be me
>physically attractive by almost all standards
>I lift weight 4 times a week and the other 3 days I do abs and cardio
>manager at a small business and going to community college part time
>always praised by my professors as the end of the semester about my potential for success
>very hard working (I've worked at my current job for 6 months and I'm already in charge of people who have worked there for multiple years)
>Use tinder to have strictly sexual relationships with girls (we basically fuck and that's it)

here's the problems
>I have literally zero friends
>people don't like being around me
>I try to fit in with people with what I perceive to be small talk
>after a while if the relationship goes nowhere I get resentful and stop talking to them all together
>regularly get called a dick, pretentious, rude, condescending, arrogant
>I don't know why but I just come off as very short to people, like I don't want them bothering me
>this is escalated ten fold at work because I'm trying to get shit done as quickly as possible and I'm often under a lot of stress.
>I've never had a relationship with a woman I've met in real life
>girl at my work had an obvious crush on me
>we set up plans to go on a hike
>she canceled day before (she had a legit reason)
>after that I started ignoring her and basically being a huge douche bag to her.
>realized I'm being a fucking dick but pretty much too late. Ruined a possible relationship with a girl I really liked
>can only be semi-nice to people if I'm putting in an extreme amount of effort which isn't always possible.

also relevant: Before you faggots asks me why I'm even here: I was a virgin until late last year when I finally fucked some whore from tinder within 20 minutes from us meeting.

How to fuck do I fit in?????
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>I get resentful and stop talking to them all together
Found the problem.
The world doesn't owe you anything, just be kinder to people, at least you can deserve to be resentful if things go wrong then, at the moment you're being a jerk that is getting what comes to you.
I get frustrated by social interactions extremely quickly, it's hard to act as nothing happened when you get stood up.

>The world doesn't owe you anything
I'm aware of this, that's why I work my ass off in many aspects of life, when I don't see results I get pissed off
>come off as very short to people, like i don't want them bothering me

then you probably are actually like that. you need to ease your demeanor and keep all your impatience, shortness, and irritation inside. You need to maintain a calm demeanor even if you're in rage mode. in essence, stop being a little shitbag.

>no friends
some of us are lucky and people invite us places. if you want to have a social life, become a nucleus of social activity. arrange a party and invite people. be the go-to guy for entertainment.

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>be me
>art student
>semester almost ending
>school is needing a new logo for the next semester coming up
>at first i thought of applying but then didn't give two single shits
>break starts
>do nothing but playing vidya
>my art class classmate tells me he's been invited to the jury that'll choose which logo will be the final
>he said he didn't want to go alone to there, that'd be boring as hell
>invites me
>at first i was pussying out saying there was no way the school would allow me, a repeat offender of school ideology, to participate in that
>he tells me the headmaster agreed to it.
>we're gonna meme the shittiest, most provocative logo we can find to be the actual logo and excuse it saying super artistic shit that none of those normies will understand
>that fucker doesn't even know the grave mistake he made by allowing me in

wish me luck fellow robots
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>art student
my condolences.
>art student
And that's where I stopped reading.
My condolences.

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Anyone else here work retail?

40 hours of the same dead-end cashier job every week. I'm so close to driving my car off a bridge.
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retail is for teenagers and women anon, you need to escape.
40 hours a week? Try 40 hours a DAY for the last 25 years. Christ you millenials are fucking spineless.
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Need my retail job to pay for college.

Jesus christ this industry is so fucking demeaning.

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Why haven't you had a girl lick your butthole yet? You know it feels really good right? Especially when she jerks you off like this while she does it.
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Could you elaborate OP? The fact male pornstars who are desentized as hell even sound like japanese girls while being rimmed must mean it's godly.
I don't know if I've ever heard a dude sound like that and I hope I never do
Probably feels great but seeing it in porn grosses me out a lot

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