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>Grampa found the precum amulet
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auntie found the anal annihilator
>mother discovered the urine universe
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>transfer totaled the futanari forklift

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>tfw she snapchats she just had an orgasm

We're all going to make it, though...right?
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Just delete her, idiot
sounds like a weirdo sex pervert. Why would you fall in love with someone like that OP? Are YOU a weirdo sex pervert?!?
Beggars can't be choosers, lads. I thought you guys would understand

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Hanging day.jpg
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>Stacey, Tracey, and Lacey found the post history
How do you save yourself, Anon?
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annie will save me
>use hands to hold on the rope
>kick chad's balls
Call my lawyer, Dr (((insert anti Semitic name here))).

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Make a dating app profile as a chad, 7 message responses within 15 minutes. Me on the same dating app 3 message responses in a week, what the fuck?
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I haven't seen this pic since /b 2006
I wonder what those cupcakes are for? Why is one missing? Did someone eat it or is that what she's shoving up this lady's butt?

DO YOU KNOW???!?!!
>Another thread about a robot not receiving attention and being validated by roasties
no one gives a fuck faggot.Women are vile creatures that gives us birth and condemned us to suffering till we die.Now go back to playing some eroge and stop pondering why genetics are such a bitch faggot.

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qesm siwah.jpg
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Let's have an uncomfy thread. Only bleak, indifferent or hostile images and restless, troubled feelings.
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he ate half o it
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>mfw /uncomfy/
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Not sure if this image is extremely comfy or extremely uncomfy

Comvince me to not stare at the solar eclipse this year. B)
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it's just a boring black dot
But it only happens once in a life time. I have to see it with my own eyes.
>have a dentist appointment the exact day and hour the eclipse is supposed to happen

there's another one crossing the US in 2024

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>find new song I like
>accidentally see what the singer looks like via youtube
>can no longer pretend it's sung by a cute anime girl
>song is forever associated with the face of an ugly 3DPD
>song ruined
>never listen to it again

Does anyone else have this brand of autism?
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If that's what you care about most, just get into Vocaloid garbage.
is there good vocaloid on YT?
>Appreciating music done by women
top kek just off yourself you sack of shit.

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What's stopping you from going mental and killing everyone you know?
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I want 2 live !!!!! A long, healthy, productive life!!!!
And get fuckin HIGH on almond milk
i ain doing no jail time, no sir
well, a variety of things, like my code of ethics (#1 reason), and the fact that if I tried I'd probably just mess it up and be in an even worse position than I am now, having accomplished nothing in the attempt and thrown away any good spots currently in my life (my dog, long walks, vidya)

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>tfw trying to get into anime but too mature and not man-child enough to enjoy any series
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don't thank me I don't care
maybe you just dont want to enjoy it because you hate having fun
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sad cat.jpg
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>want to play some vidya like back then
>can't bring myself to it because I constantly realize it's not real and never will be
sometimes after watching a movie I get hyped and play something that I used to when I was younger.
it's rare though now.

Are there any girls on 9rk? If so, what brings you to 4chan?
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it's comfy here. also stop shitting up the board, we need a femanon general or something.
Unironically if it only got a tiny bit less mysoginistic, this would be a great board
I'm here for the same reason you are retard.

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post the aesthetic to forget you're pathetic
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been waitin on a thread like this

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this post is original
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I don't have a lot of comfy gifs to post

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Wednesday night /drinking/ thread
What are you mangos sippin on tonight and are you still rocking like it's?
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Buying the $15-a-jug vodka instead of the $20-a-jug vodka is a false economy. apparently my stomach thinks its battery acid or something.
Been nursing some JW Black Label for about an hour now. Always forget how smooth this stuff is.

Yee maine. For nightly drinking I can't really find anything to beat Black or Chivas

>These bitches be naggin' the kid
>They get on my motherfuckin' nerves
>I showed up with racks and they love me
>I'm smokin' that pack and I'm muddy

>See how we came from the mud and the bottom? We did it
>I see how they counted us out, bet they never gonna do it again
>You see why these niggas be hatin', ignorin', I'm goin' right in
>I was born to get this money in this life of sin
>I poured up before they got my dog on murder again
>See the fire come out the ass on the Lamborghini
>When you say you love a nigga, do you really mean it?
>When I was sleepin' on the floor, you should see how they treat me
>I pour the Actavis, pop pills so I can fight the demons
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Future is the best singer in the world
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>nigger music
fuck off retard
Based Future, 56 nights is still one of my favorite mixtapes ever

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Do you ever feel like this board is making you a worse person?
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in what way?i have been hating normies,chad,roasties,stacys ever since i was 12 without ever even visiting a forum ever in my life.
not really, I think I'm already a bad person and thats why I come here.

and stop making me want a tomoko gf.
No, I was already a piece of shit failure long before I even knew what 4chan was. If anything this place was comforting because it let me realize I was t the only one who ended up like this and maybe it wasn't all my fault.

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Hey, I'm an just an Aussie NEET with an edm producing hobbie. Is probably gonna go nowhere but
> I'm too autistic to show to anyone irl for feeback

Can any robot with music knowledge give me criticism / advice to make it better ?

Also if anyone else produces, you should post your stuff. Be interesting to hear what robots are doing
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what is it with australians and liking EDM
what makes you such plebs?
Everyone loves EDM.

heres the most recent track i had uploaded. its deathstep, not my normal stuff though.


as for your track, its pretty good, i dont have any real feedback, sorry for this.

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