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>be me
>get dragged to some social event with my family because I "never leave my room"
>normies everywhere
>don't even know anyone
>told I am allowed to drink
>drink tons even though I'm a lightweight
>normies playing cards against humanity
>9/10 Stacey tells me I'm not allowed to play because I'm weird
>yell YOU'RE A FAT SLUT really loud
>tip over table
>drinks and cards and booze fly everywhere
>some Chad comes up starts pushing me
>brother tries to calm situation down
>try run away but I only make it a dozen yards before I projectile vomit all over the side of some normies car
>end up being taken home
>apparently "won't be invited back"
>parents expect me to phone Stacey and apologise for what I said.
>said we need to have a serious discussion later

How fucked am I robots?
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>9/10 Stacey tells me I'm not allowed to play because I'm weird
This is not something that happens past age 18.
It happened. I puked like 2 burgers and a whole bunch of potato salad and vodka at some normies car all over the windows.
are you fat and unhygienic?

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0915 - gnLOIIa.jpg
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>been jobless an entire month now

fuck i don't want to go back into the rut and be jobless for a year or more again
but i hate working so much
but i don't want mommy to pay for me being alive anymore i'm 24 fucking years old
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trust me man, ive been on the pattern of work for a year and a half then be jobless for a few months to a year. Right now im jobless as well. Its alright man just get your resume together, shave get a haircut clean yourself up, go out and get that job. work for at least 5 months once you get it. I reccomend buying cheap land on freshwater and living in a trailer with solar panels n shit. I cant live in the city for much longer its a trap.
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i been thinking recently about how i just wanna be a lighthouse keeper as a job
basically sit in a house and make sure the light works
but only if i can get good internet but i feel like tha twouldn't be hard in this day and age
become a homecare worker.

Easy money. high demand for able bodied men since dudes often don't want women taking care of them with personal stuff.

good if you need a place to sleep to.

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What is r9ks favorite anime and why is it Elfen Lied? This show really got to me, so many feels.

What are some r9k approved animes and shows you all find comfy and/or entertaining?
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the only good thing about that anime was the loli rape scene and the opening theme song
My favourite is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
>inb4 normie taste
Haven't watched much anime though. I'm open for suggestions, but nothing too "weebish" please.
Obligatory Welcome to the NHK!

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Hispanic robot here. Don't like dating most women of my own ethnic group because reminds me of my mom and feels incestuous--most of the time.

Should I just bite the bullet, and hook up with the next white girl with emotional/daddy issues? As long as she can dress herself, has a cute face, and is height weight proportionate, should I just take the next one I can find? Would that stop me from being a robot?

>also, why do I sometimes don't think as highly of women that might be attracted to me, as the way I think highly of women who aren't? Like if a woman isn't into me, somehow that makes her more attractive in my eyes--and if she is,somehow that makes her less attractive in my eyes. Is that fucked up?

>If pic related is twirling her hair at me and obviously staring at me in interest, should I get with her and make that bitch happy? Also, what about my own autistic tendencies to be alone?
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I wish a girl would show interest in me I'm so lonely
>Don't like dating most women of my own ethnic group because reminds me of my mom
That's fucking retarded
OP here.

I don't know what your life situation is man, but I know also how it feels to be lonely.

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wakey wakey.webm
1MB, 640x480px
do women like willies?
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Not that one that's for damn sure
no only boys like willies
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I like that willy

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>10 year old brother is almost my height (I'm a 5'6" male)
>he's projected to be 6'2"+

Should I be happy for him or embarrassed?
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Who gives a shit? Acquire currency and fuck bitches.
Somebody respond to my thread, please. Thank you.
Is he your stepbrother? If you got fucked on height he more than likely will be too. I doubt unless your dad is 6'5 and your mom is 5'2 that you would end up 6 inches shorter than a literal child.

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>tfw an uninteresting loser
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Stop being a depressed uninteresting loser then, just be yourself and talk to people and man up.
You forgot "All you need is confidence" and "Girls like a guy who doesn't quit"
Just be yourself, loser.

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>Head over to local mall
>Go to weeb store to pick up a few figurines and posters to stick in my shittyapartment
>Walking out of store with weeb shit in hand
>Then all of a sudden
>Some Stacy cunt from uni I tried and failed to hit on using the nice guy meme shows up
>Know that's a load of horse shit now but past me was not so wise
>Passes right by me while holding hands with her chad bf
>Don't give two fucks about her anymore but for some reason the fucking cunt and her bf laughed at me as I walked past
>Like I'm nothing but a goddamn joke to them

Why are normies such judgmental piles of filth despite lecturing others about "Having an open mind bruh" or "being yourself man?" I want nothing more than for all of them to get a taste of their own medicine and feel what its like to be alienated every waking hour of every single day.
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How do you buy weeb shit in public? For that matter, why were you buying weeb shit in public? You should've just bought it on the internet. Youre a retard and deserve to be laughed at

Live in shitty area. Every time I've bought something online fucking niggers steal the package.
>fucking niggers steal the package
why don't you just get a P.O. box you fucking autist

Person with BPD here
what's it like dating people with my disorder?
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You will leave me, or you will torment me because you want me to leave you and you aren't strong enough to do it yourself.
in my experience my partners are sad and never understand why I leave them. I dont either.
coin toss

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Opinions on Costco? Is it storekino?
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Costco is gigantic scam for gigantic American people with gigantic families who eat gigantic bags of pizza rolls
Right now is a good time to buy stock in the company.

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>tfw no gf
>tfw no gf to get boba together
>tfw no gf to take out to kbbq
>tfw no gf to take out to ramen
>tfw no gf to take out to thai food
>tfw no gf to study with
>tfw no gf to go on walks at night with
>tfw no gf who enjoys listening to me play guitar
>tfw no gf to watch anime together with
>tfw no gf to go on roadtrips with
>tfw no gf
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>not liking boba on a chinese recipe website

this sounds comfy as fuck anon, where are you from?

United States is my city, hbu?

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How was your day guys?

I watched youtube and read yuri listening to music all day wallowing in my loneliness. I got a workout in too which is nice. I have been going every day mostly.
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AnimePencilGirl 2.jpg
99KB, 853x960px

I know theres some lonely robots out there who want to talk.
Had a good tendie dinner.
Have a can of drink for tomorrow feels good man
practiced driving earlier

got home, watched some streams for a little while, then took a nap

woke up, took a night walk and here I am

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Is it wrong for me as a white guy to want an asian gf, because I think they're much more cuter and more willing to desire a close relationship than western women?

WIth all western women I've met, I always felt they are are cold, unloving and at every moment about to betray you.
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>tfw think white women are cuter but know asians are far more likely to not be complete whores.
>I think they're much more cuter
>WIth all western women I've met, I always felt they are are cold, unloving

If White people don't want you, Asian people don't want you even more 2bh

Want to know how easy it is for women? Even UGLY fat girls? I posted this on Whisper 5 minutes ago
I live in the Western US btw. It is almost midnight
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Within those 5 minutes, I have 56 MESSAGES
What a shitstain of an app.

Anyway, let's see it.
Don't be a faggot. Or is that you? Don't be a faggot. Or do. I don't know.

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who /bipolar/ here?

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It most certainly does not feel good man

lol somebody's hypomanic
Maybe, but I'll never know. When I feel depressed I don't want to talk to anyone, and when I feel good I don't need help.

I've read the DSM and the time scales are all wrong. I feel like I flip flop too fast and irregularly to have BD.

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