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Robot who guck only black girls here. Let me tell you something about black girls.

Black girls crave for acceptance and dick from white men. I have only fucked black girls for the past 5 years. On the first contact you think that they hate you as a white man, but if you make them compliments, you have them very fast in your pocket and you realize how much they love white men and have waited for them. You can fuck them after the first date.

Pic related, my latest date I fucked after 3 hours.
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they have much less tolerance for autism though so no thanks
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Nah, not even true. I'm pretty average looking and fucked many black girls. I don't even have a nice body or big dick. Pic related, lel.
there's LITERALLY 6 THREADS about encouraging sex with black women
the shill is fucking real

I'm having a crisis, anons. For a while now, I've been planning to become a therapist. To do so, I would need to earn a PhD (or a PsyD, but it's at the same level of education). There's a number of reasons along the way that I came up with to try and justify this decision. Really, though, it just boils down to the fact that I needed to study something, so I chose the subject I had the most interest in. I chose becoming a therapist specifically because I'm good at understanding people. Because of the nature of the job, a desire to help people and an empathetic nature, you would think, would be a requirement.

On the inside, though, I don't think I actually care about people. I'm not a psychopath. I do possess the ability to express empathy, I just don't often do it. Because of personal issues that I can't boil down to a few words or sentences, I've closed myself off to people. I've internalized all the pain, loneliness and neglect I've experienced and blinded myself to my own empathy, partially intentionally and partially unconsciously. My logic was that if other people won't love me, then I won't love them. It was an act of defense.

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Because of all this, I find it hard to care about people's problems. I can understand them very well, but I just can't find it in myself to give a shit. I'm the kind of person that would talk to my friends about my own issues, but when it's their turn to do the same, I have to force myself to listen and comfort them.

I just don't think I can move forward with this career. This lack of empathy would impede my ability to do my job and I would be miserable, having to sit in a chair and listen to people tell me all their problems, day in and day out, until I retire. On top of all this, the thought of having to force myself to go all the way up to a PhD level of education which would take a large amount of effort as well time, not to mention the debt it would leave me in, is too overwhelming to even process.

But, I don't know what else to do. I was told all my life that going to college was the only way to earn a proper living. I don't know what I'd do if I quit. All of this is killing me on the inside. Not caring about people makes me so fucking empty. I just don't know what to do.
bump i need help please

How far along into the education are you ?

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>tfw a group of girls looks at you
>tfw you can hear them laughing

i am 5'6 and ugly but im not deformed
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>not deformed

What did he mean by that?

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Who else hip/waist ratio here?
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I <3 skinny girls
the girl you posted is a fat uggo
Everyone's is different and yes.

The face matters too.

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I just came across the following links today:



And a whole host of other boats just being given away, literally.

So, If you were down to your last few bucks and wanted/needed to abandon society, would it be possible to get one of these free boats, haul it out to a cheap piece of land, and live there for a time? Locate a nicer one that's build for a live-aboard, fill the water tank and go to it.

Sure, it's not awesome, but I'm talking if you were in desperate straits. I'd certainly do that instead of sleeping rough.

Hell, if it floated, you could just dock it and pay a slip fee. I'm sure that would be better than rent in many parts of the country.

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Can you sail a boat though?
No, this would not be for sailing. It's just a cheap shelter that seems way better than a tent. That's the idea. Either keep it on the trailer on land or docked if you had the cash for a small monthly fee.

Would it be a small fee, though? I've seen a few vids about this, some people claim to not pay anything, but I find that highly suspicious, so I'm erring on the side of caution.
I just looked, there's a marina near me that has rates posted online. For full-time, long-term stuff, you'd pay $7.75 / ft. per month plus $100 / month.

So a 20-footer would cost you $255 a month. And you get access to power and water if you want to pay extra.

Rents around here start at around $700, so it seems like a really cheap deal.

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I'm fucking sick of this shot, how do I kill myself?
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shit* sorry
a gun you fucking retard

Don't do it pham

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Do anons here have any strategies or suggestions? It's been a long time and I'd really like to quit
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Depression kills your sex drive.
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26 days of nofap here.

I managed to quit by occupying myself with other things, like working out and playing vidya.

Also waifuism.
Week of nofap here

I managed to quit by fucking a girl...

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If you knew an abortion came out of a woman's vagina would you still feel a desire for it?
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I know unrelated kinda, but I wouldn't want to fuck a woman in general if she ever had a baby in there. I find it digusting humans come out of there. I want the hole to be pure. Anyone else relate?
What are you saying?
No i'd throw it out right away

i can't stand babies or children, let alone a fucking fetus

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>tfw cant relate to normies and their shitty sex fueled TV shows
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Rick & Morty is as normie as you can get.
Then just watch GoT.
Do you hate it simply because 'everyone' is watching it?

I used to be like that too. My friend really tried to convince me to watch it, but I told him no because it was popular and 'normies' watched it. Then I got bored and decided to pick it up. Was surprised how good it was. Must've looked like some cringy shit by saying that.

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Is it true that intelligent qts (for example PhDs, doctors) are more likely to be virgins past 25yo?
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I would argue that it's less likely, having never met a single intelligent virgin chick in my life
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It's gotta be true. They're dedicated to their research and don't have time for chads. Plus growing up smart probably means they're bullied a lot and doesn't hang around with stacies.
PhD is no guarantee of intelligence, believe me. Some one the biggest fools I know, fellow faculty or not, have PhDs and MDs. Focusing on a niche area of microbiology to finish a dissertation does not make you intelligence, nor does it require much of it.

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The black race is currently being bred out of existence in America due to their unsustainable rate of out marriage. They are already 20% white and over time it will become more and more watered down
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arent white people being bred out? most white plus whatever doesnt look white and most halfies relate to the non white sides culture.
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Most halfies don't have a strong white patriarch to raise them right and show them the superior culture and heritage

You could change that though anon. Become a trendsetter.
No. Whites have a much larger population. Blacks have a much lower population so it's them who are being bred out.

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nerdy cute.png
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Why do I always fall for girls like this?
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cause you are hoping she believes you are her looks match,

she is sitting there hoping she can get covered in 10/10 Chad's cum
I always develop crushes on girls like this. I always do.
I fool myself into thinking because they are eccentric and weird and most normiechads wouldn't want to fuck them that somehow I have a chance.

>I get fooled by their interests in anime and gaming
>I get fooled by sense of fashion and looks into thinking they are innocent
Every god damn time.
because straight cut bangs are the best hair cut and it makes all girls look cuter

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Reminder that you could be a crackhead living on the streets and still be in better living conditions than 50% of the world

why should no gf matter
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>not being a crackhead in a third world shithole
Way to set the bar, anon.
Hey, wanna shut the fuck up?
My bad, please continue with your failthread.

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why not just take estrogen and become a cute girl anon-kun?
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why not just take PCP and become invincible, anon-kun?
don't you want your own breasts anon-chan? you'll have the boys all over you!
but I am mister robot, wish me luck!

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Asian bois btfo. No wonder Asian women prefer white men.
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asian boy is hotter and unmutilated
What was that white boi?
how does one white dude with a big dick equal all whites have big dicks, research says otherwise.

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