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How far would you travel for sex?

I maybe have a sure thing lined up but it involves a 3 hour car journey, and then I have to 3 hours back. This seems like a lot of effort, and even the gas money I spend on it, I'm not sure I really want to spend that money either to be honest.

So would you do it? I am kind of desperate but it's 6 hours. Quite obvious it'll be the first time I meet this bitch in person, she doesn't have a car, so I'm told.
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I travelled 11,000 miles once.
People in my city typically drive 2-3 hours to the nearest amusement park. Seems about legit. But is the sex 100% going to happen?
Okay I'll bite. For how much sex exactly? Because that must have been like 50 with a different girl twice a day.

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How do I make girls stop messaging me on fb?
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post some shit saying you wish pedophilia was legal
Ignore them or block them.
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How do l make girls stop messaging me on fb?

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>Post entry level job opening
>"Minimum 3-5 years professional experience required"
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Ya shit sucks. I know a couple people with engineering degrees who had to start at technician level jobs before they networked into an actual engineering job
Ah you mean
>we've already given this job to somebody else through internal networking but we're still required to advertise the position
Get good and apply for it anyway, even if you have no 3-5 years experience.

Some employers might ignore you outright, but others with more time on their hands might give you a chance if your CV is good.

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What is the nicest thing someone has ever said to you?
What is the cruelest thing someone has ever said to you?

Both irl, of course.
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Nicest thing: I think somethin a girl told me in middle school, last time I ever had a contact with a gurl, now I'm in high school and it sucks
Cruelest thing:I have a collection of insults that people, even relatives, tell to me
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"He's like a machine"

>regarding my work performance

"You're really fucking ugly"

>on several occasions
I love you too.

Go live with your trainwrecks of friends and leave us alone

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How often do you go out to eat?

Asking because I was recently arguing with some fucktarded normie who said the average young adult goes out to eat literally every single meal, and that only middle-aged or old people ever prepare meals at home.
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I'm spanish and I prepare every single meal.
You americans disgust me with your degenerate food habits.
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>can't prepare a meal
Pretty much every meal. I never cook.

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> tfw you just want to be a good cute little waifu
> tfw being cute doesn't pay the bills
> tfw cant work because of disability
> tfw you have to camwhore to pay bills
> tfw you try to cosplay and make youtube videos and stream videos but those don't bring in enough cash to stop being a degenerate

how do i become a useful member of society
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>how do i become a useful member of society
be my wife?
> tfw cant work because of disability
What disability?
She omits the fact that she has a bf.

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Discuss this image, Iads.
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Angelina Jolie?
you're not original

Guess that boy on the right's ethnicity.

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If dubs I get a heart attack and die
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No anon donut do this
you failed, i didn't
Please destiny, be merciful to my pitiful soul

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Does anyone want to form an r9k overwatch team on xb1?
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>form a team
>Xbox One
Jesus fucking Christ
>Xbox One



Warning, the video has screaming. Worth watching, just don't wear headphones.

Also, lol Overwatch.
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Overwatch more like OverBOTCH haha

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Who else here /vanilla as fuck/ ?
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== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
90% Dominant
75% Voyeur
67% Master/Mistress
64% Owner
62% Primal (Hunter)
62% Sadist
59% Degrader
59% Switch
53% Masochist
49% Experimentalist
49% Submissive
47% Ageplayer
44% Pet
43% Daddy/Mommy
40% Rigger
39% Vanilla
39% Primal (Prey)
39% Brat
37% Exhibitionist
36% Rope bunny
35% Girl/Boy
17% Non-monogamist
8% Degradee
1% Slave
Being asked what I like is confusing. Does the thought of hurting someone I love make me excited, if I think about it? Sure. I don't want to do it, though. I'm sure seeing her have sex would excite me too, but that doesn't mean I wanna be cucked.
99% Brat
93% Primal (Hunter)
87% Master/Mistress
86% Girl/Boy
80% Primal (Prey)
75% Dominant
75% Pet
74% Switch
68% Degrader
67% Daddy/Mommy
65% Degradee
62% Submissive
60% Sadist
55% Vanilla
55% Owner
49% Rigger
49% Experimentalist
35% Rope bunny
31% Slave
28% Ageplayer
27% Masochist
8% Exhibitionist
6% Voyeur
1% Non-monogamist

I don't understand how I got 1% on being polyamorous scum. Rest makes sense though.

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>thesis due by end of May
>have a near breakdown 2 weeks ago because there's so much to do, so little time
>literally only barely feasible that I'll finish it on time
>not touched it for the past week
>don't care or really think about it

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How is this a fembot feel if it doesn't involve your vagina?
>very capable of doing paper that's due in 2 weeks
>can't bring myself to start it until the last minute
>turn in paper late
>professor says it was one of the best papers in class and she would have given me an A+ if it wasn't late.
>stressed about thesis
>"muh fembot feels"

How the fuck can being stressed out by a thesis be an only-female thing? Smh, get a fucking grip

so, i have this problem.
I like sex, or I like the idea of sex. Because i do get turned on but when I am in a sexual situation i tend to freeze, like I cant Relax.

Does anyone know this feeling? And how to get rid of it?
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Find someone you are comfortable. Sadly that's very difficult.
Yeah I like playing thrash metal in my room but my hands shake when I show people recordings.

Look for the right people.
I can't get hard, that's the real problem
first time I fucked a girl I was like semi-hard in missionary position then she said she can ride me for a change so I got on my back and as she grabbed my dick she was like wtf? you aren't even hard.
haven't had sex since

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>Tfw unironicly just submitted an essay comparing Don Quixote to Batman for my world literature final
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you could probably get away with comparing any post-cervantes literature to quixote

Literature classes are a huge joke anyways. I bet you there's plenty of dumber things in other people's essays.
>he doesn't know about the malediction

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Why is wedlock the worst class in standard and what can we do about it?
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Get out priest

What are some R9k approved movies?
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I'll start https://youtu.be/pn83z339XWw?t=341
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These, plus I'd also add Manhunter (1986). Dolarhyde is basically Wojak.

the smurf movies
school of rock
Bend it like Beckham

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