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what do you think about suicide by hanging
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Not a fun way to go
There are better ways
Probably how I'm going to go in the end. It's cheap, practical and if done well, doesn't cause too much pain.

If you're thinking about it, OP, remember to do your research. Drop hanging is far too risky to attempt, and remember that if you're discovered and resuscitated before you're dead, there's a very high risk you'll have suffered permanent brain damage.

>women regret sleeping with a lucky robot that became famous after he became irrelevant

>women want him to go to jail for putting his almost virgin penis in them

Is he /ourguy/?
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I think he gave them methaqualone anon.
nobody wants to wake up with a sore asshole after a roofie, not even a dumb roastie...that's taking it a little too far.
I'm sure they do regret getting drugged and raped by him.

Whats the worst accident youve ever witnessed anons?
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>in my old junior school we had a railing then a path where the dinner que was. next to this was a big classroom window.
>one day a kid decides to stand on the bar and jump over his friends
>he went straight through the window and a pane of glass made its way up the inside of his leg
My dad once ended up shoving a screwdriver up his thumbnail a couple of summers ago
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Was 4 yrs old, got in a car accident with my mom, thought she died, Was alone for some time, felt abandoned due to me being young and not understanding my mom couldn't help me because she was out.

Mom in a coma for a month,
Lost memory
Me scarred
Nightmare every night for a year
Forgot how to swim/was to scared dying to do it
Forgot how to ride bike/scared
When I was 5 I was 12 kilos
Couldn't watch TV without getting nightmares(children shows)
Felt very guilty for the accident
Still at 18 feel like my mom will kill herself after I argue with her(irrational but subconscious disagrees)

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let's face it, no matter how much redpilled you're if a roastie offers herself you'd hardly resist
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I actually did and would resist.
And no matter how beta you are, if a girl seriously approaches you, you are an alpha in that moment regardless of what you do after. Just dont marry her and revert yourself into the beta once again.
when girls show me attention I glare at them and mutter because alpha
Fuck, don't marry

No need to be in celibacy

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A blowjob has to be the greatest form of acceptance that you can get from another human being. This person has literally taken your penis into their mouth for no other reason than to make you reach orgasm for nothing in return.
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>for nothing in return
They want your money.
I think the greatest achievement is having children. Its like a woman is saying `hey you are a cool person, there should be more people like you`. What is the point of living if you will never experience this feel?
you've obviously never given a blowjob to someone while horny as fuck. as a bisexual dude I can tell you it's deeply satisfying.

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Hello, anon(s). How're you this day? I'm curious to know how you've been lately. Describe yourself or anything you want to here. I'll listen.
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Did you have to resort to making threads after being banned for avatarfagging?

Hmmm? No, I still post with images regardless. I can also increase the output if you want? I don't really mind.
Are you weary? Maybe you should rest.

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You're probably fat. Stop eating so much shit and go for a jog fatty.
I'm not fucking fat, I just hate brightness and heat
You sound pretty fat. Have you tried going outside naked? Sun feels great on your skin. Also playing around with your sweaty lubed up balls is a lot of fun.

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>be around girls every day
>they tell me about their ex's penis size & bad performance.
>they tell me about all the cringey things their boyfriends told them.
>this shit is obviously stuff that they were supposed to keep between each other
>some even share how they had a suicidal boyfriend
>another said her boyfriend cried in front of her about how she had more partners than him.
>they all laugh at all these stories.
>one day one of them shared a love letter she got from her friend.
>everyone read it and laughed, some sad that's sweet
>others said it was creepy

U-uh..guys? You didn't tell any woman something embarrassing...did you?

I-if you did, chances are she gossiped about it to everyone in her circle.
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>tell women something

not in 9 years, do I look like a normie to you?
Literally everyone knows this, and e everybody gossips
>and e everybody gossips
this. Men talk about their exes just the same

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What does /r9k/ think about my creation?
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Fucking Eurofags. That toilet is not sanitary.
At least we don't shit in burgers
Thank you for the literal shitpost.

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Love niggers so much and hate when anyone talks bad about them?
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It comes from the idea that everyone is equal. Since niggers are clearly not equal they think whites are cheating. Stupid fucking liberals
Becuase they've got niggers in a political chokehold. The nigger population thinks of the democrats like some sort of savior; when in reality the republicans fought a war to free them from democratic enslavement.
you have to understand that people dont actually give a single fuck about anybody but themselves
they do this shit to get points from other people
thats why every time you see some white woman "defending" black people its online
do you think that during your pic ANYBODY stood up and said "hey thats enough you better stop it" no , even if it meant getting beat up they did nothing]
it took a fucking president to actually say it , cause nobody can fuck up the president

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How do you deal with the fact that American culture is getting more and more degenerate?
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Shameless self bump

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destroy every fast food chain in the country
i just become a relic with religious values that don't mean squat to anyone because people are perfectly content associating with lowlifes.

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>Ain't nobody praying for me
Has any other album expressed loneliness, faithlessness, hopelessness and anger so accurately?
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pure poetry, I can really feel the emotion
i dunno, lemme listen to it and find out.

ehh, nevermind, i'll just listen to Staind.
>Deuteronomy 28:28 says "The Lord shall smite thee with madness and blindness and astonishment of heart"
>Why God, why God do I gotta suffer?
>Pain in my heart carries burdens full of struggle
>Why God, why God do I gotta bleed?
>Every stone thrown at you resting at my feet
If you don't feel this album, you're not a real robot.

Hi robots,

my brother is one of you, a neet who has never had a job or a girl friend. He's 25 years old and I want to help him get on the right path in life and stop hiding at our parents place.

He spends all his allowance on video games and anime figures. He only comes out once a day to get food and showers once a week if we're lucky.

I know he browses this board from time to time so I wanted your advice. If there was someone willing to help you out of your situation how would you want them to help you?

I just want my little brother to be normal again ;_;
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my advice? push that fucker outta the nest
set goals like getting a job and showering and losing weight
if they arent met punish him the way the army does, make him do it OVER and OVER and OVER until it becomes a normal thing
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You can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped. I don't want to be helped. I want to wallow in self pity and enjoy y lazy lifestyle secretly if I'm being honest.
He took the Redpill, there is no going back

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If everything goes according to plan then this will be my last thread.

I don't really know what to say or if it even matters.

Maybe this is enough.

goodbye /r9k/

I'm not a robot.
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Nice dubs, theyre cool
What's your plan famiglia?
Cool now OP check me back

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I just spent 600 bucks on cam girls. Why do I like to spend my hard earned cash on a feeling of superiority that lasts for like a second? Maybe it's because I'm still kiss less, and hand hold less . Do any of you guys like to peruse any cam sites, or find yourself spending an abnormal amount of money on pornos?? Please I feel like I can't control myself, I'll get the urge to jerk off, then I become dissatisfied with normal porn videos I find on the web. And when I buy tokens to make it rain OK cam girls I get a rush almost like I know what I'm doing is bad. It's not even like the girls on the cam sites are SUUUUUPER hot, but I think it's that they'll do anything for porn tokens. Any1 related?
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No i cant relate, im not a dribbling retard like you OP
>on pornos

kys already.
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I don't think you guys understand what it's like for YOU to be the catalyst for a girl to do something. I can tell her to do whatever and she'll do it for and price.

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