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>might have a brain tumor
>not going to seek treatment

who else /DEVILISH/ here?
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go see a doctor. Even if you want to die letting a tumor kill you slowly isn't the way to do it.
You mean /retarded/?
You sure that isn't just /DUMB/?

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>browsing 4chan archive from over a year ago
>clearly remember making every post i see
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girl here
sometimes i find a post i made that has a lot of replies and i keep reading it over and over
>go through screenshots
>see some of the things I posted
>have no memory of it at all
>don't recognize myself in the slightest
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911 was an inside.png
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>stole liquor
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As a person who steals shit daily from Walmart, the idea of stealing liquor kind of spooks me, for some reason the only place in my neighborhood that sells liquor is a liquor store, and the guys that work there look like they would shoot me for looking at them wrong.
what do you steal from walmart anon? I used to walk into gas stations and steal a shit ton of candy all the time. I feel like shit when I think back on it
I steal PC video games mostly.

I often steal several things when grocery shopping at self check out.

Lots of candy.

I stole a razor naga one time, I opened the box in the store and just shoved the mouse in my pocket and walked out.

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Have any of you had to/wanted to fight someone in school but didnt because of fear of getting trouble?
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I wanted to but didn't because I was afraid I did not know how to throw punches.
I would've gotten my ass kicked in front of everybody.
No, I am a pacifist. I did want to murder a lot of people indiscriminately though.

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>be me
>doing math homework
>problems keep asking me to figure out whether or not something is convergent or divergent
>divergent keeps making me think of those divergent movies that shailene woodley is in
>keep thinking of shailene woodley
>keep thinking of shailene woodley's feet
>have the need to masturbate
>my homework keeps making me horny
>having a fetish is annoying when you have no self-control like me
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Well, you learn something new every day. Now I know there's an entire wiki devoted to feet.
That is my second home.
>tfw I actually contribute a lot to that site in terms of obscure Asian actresses with long toes

I spend hours perusing their social media and when I see so much as a toe peeking out of a shoe, it gets saved and posted to the archive. I hope they all know about the site, that people jack off to their feet.

>tfw Shailene Woodley doesn't respond to my very weird fetish-related things I message her on social media
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I graduated high-school a year ago, and I've been studying some basic math concepts tonight in preparation for some college testing. Holy shit, this is actually fun when it's not crammed down your throat. I've got a full piece of paper covered in equations front to back. I can't believe this kind of shit was taught over several months. I already feel like I could study 'advanced' subjects easily. If this is what it's like to pursue this kind of stuff as a more capable adult, I look forward to seeing how my brain functions in a higher learning environment where they aren't on your ass for homework each and every damn night.

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>was Durial321, dare I say it, /ourmember/?
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is old school runescape an /r9k/ approved game?
i play it sometimes
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Falador Massacre was a gift

I'm 18 and yet I still cry a lot of the time. Mostly from how my own family treats me. I feel like such a fag every time I cry. I hate my life.
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Guess my point is do any of you do this too? Does this happen often? Do you want to cry? Is it normal? Why?
Life is tough. Some are dealt much rougher cards than others, keep your chin up and get through it. You have the power to become happy, it is up to you to stand up and take charge of your life. Do what must be done for yourself. God be with you.
I know this feel to well

Literally this is the most original thing I have ever fucking made reeeeeeeeee

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why is everyone on here so fat?!
I am a hard body and I deserve another hard body

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Screenshot the thiccs and post em
You're a fat shit, Mac.
let's see ur profile so we can decide for ourselves what kind of attention you deserve
do it, pussy

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I love picking chicks with my bmw guys. How was your dayy
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>picking up girls in a german sedan
*breaths in*
>4chan filename
Fuck off
Also you have shit taste at least post a Tesla you fucking dipshit
I saw some normies walking down the street with smiles on their faces. Got so mad I threw my vanilla mocha at them and sped off.

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>tfw you've been so long without any sort of companionship that you think it must be because you're naturally happier without friends or a romantic partner, but in actuality your interpersonal skills have just atrophied to the point where you're just too lazy to make any sort of attempt to socialize, and instead of accepting this bitter realization, you lie to yourself to avoid taking any responsibility for your crushing loneliness, but as time passes the lies become harder and harder to mask as truths, and your solo hobbies begin to be less satisfying, ultimately resulting in you spending hours of your life on a Cambodian garment-sewing forum, hoping that the silly, ephemeral conversations with random strangers will make you feel less terrible, but deep down you know this is just another lie and is delaying the inevitable suicide attempt that will occur when you can no longer bear the shame of being such a miserable, pathetic failure of a person
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i was just going to say the same thing desu
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right in the ol feels op
I'd never kill myself.

Fucking normies are locked in here with me. If I'm dead, I can't leech. If Im dead, I cant drive slow on the freeway.

I enjoy loafing too. I'll never get tired of it.

My mind is not my own, there's someone controlling me...
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Do you have meds on you? Have you talked to someone about your mental health?
You're probably just being a faggot about it
Yea, it's god. He's in control of everyone dumbass.

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Better get to bed, wageslave. Otherwise your boss wont be able to afford that new boat hes had his eyes on
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Wagies work and work and all they can do is complain. They should be more grateful for their minimum-wage job.
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>"Smile more, You have a job!"
says the 52 year old white woman as you are mopping up shit at the car wash.
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Remember, wagie. Those customer feedback surveys won't fill themselves out.

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I have no friends because I stay at home

I stay at home because I have no friends
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you get friends from going out and doing things, being yourself.
Time to brake the cycle OP
I'm saying this partially for my own benefit because I'm on the same boat.

Life begins outside your comfort zone

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Congratulations, anon! You have received 1 (one) eyelash wish. How will you use it?
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cum in her eye
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Wish for a gf, duh

Is allowed

/b/fag here can someone explain what /r9k/ is about?
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It's about time to kill yourself my nigga
Imagine a feels thread in /b/, that's half of it, the rest are threads about disgusting/stupid things you do because you're a loser.
"Why can't I have a qt trap gf"
And more recently "femanon here"
"You have a friend? Fucking norman get out"
That's the summary

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