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>"I- uhhhhh- anon, could you pass my my syringe from under the dresser?? you can have a squeeze if you like"
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ugghhhh fucking tweakers.
>opioids constrict pupils
>grill has normal sized pupils

Nice try narc
get your shit together qt, I can help but you need to be willing.

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am i the only real robot in here thats left? all the time a thread of someone making it, everytime some grentext story of a faggot who has contact with non family releated females but thinks about him as a robot

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>no friends
>don't know any women outside my family
>late 20s and never ever been anywhere near intimate with anybody
I guess I am a robot, yes.
Shut up, faggot. You probably want a girlfriend and sex.
wizardchan ho

Should I kill myself robots?

Back pain because I've been sitting in a choir since yet as
Depressed all the time
My doggy recently died
And I live in Mexico

I need advice on how to make it look like it wasn't my fault or like if I disappeared I know people would say this is a very selfish thing to do but I have no one no parents family or friends just gonna end it but I still live with my aunt even if she's a bitch she don't deserve founding a death body.

Any tips on suicide forums or links?
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Are you kissless virgin?
Aren't you average height in mexico?
why not abuse the fact you're a third worlder and study hard to (relatively) easily get into an engineering university course and live life on as far an easy mode as you could get as a fat manlet?

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ITTI: Do you have a shitposting theme? A song you always listen to while you post here? Post 'em

ITTII: Do you have any hopes at all for your future? Plans? Jobs? Socially speaking? Post 'em

ITTIII: Where did it all go wrong? Do you even know?

ITTIV: Do you plan to commit suicide? How? Why? Will you leave behind a note?

My shitpost music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65W-t5jcrOs
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>Shitposting theme
Moth Equals - Influx (usually have this shit on repeat): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcu_SVGokco

>Hopes for my future
Well right now I'm in the process of joining the military. I have MEPS this coming Thursday. I'm not really sure what to expect but I'm hoping it works out well so I can call myself a soldier and finally get started on my life. Socially speaking, I'm going to try and not care too much about being cringing and failing a social interaction or being rejected. If you want to improve you have to act. This my goal: Acting, saying more.

>Where did it all go wrong?
Crappy parents, abusive parents, isolated home life, bullied school life. I was doomed from the start.

>Do you plan to commit suicide?
If the Army doesn't work out for some reason, I'm going back to square one and getting a minimum wage job just so I can save up and buy a gun and hopefully end it. 22 and working at some fucking retail hell while living with parents? Fuck that.

Well, the threads here.
No I usually just have spotify or pandora open.
Navy and hopefully soon. The last bit of weight just wont come off and I'm still weak.
I'd say around 2004 ish when my parents randonly secided they would give up on direction and let us do whatever. The siblings are brats and I'm a directionless depressive.
I'd rather not die since I want to get something out of existence but all options are always on the table.
Ay namefag has somethong in common with me. Good luck with meps. What are you shooting for?
you're supposed to make separate threads for each shitpost, not roll them all into one.

fucking amateur.

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Are Miami Vice and other 80s shows good? Are they at least better than today's TV?
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No. Columbo is the only police show from the past still worth watching.
>Are they at least better than today's TV?

I think that we are living in a golden age of television now.

I just finished watching Orange is the new Black, and it's totally kick-ass compared to anything I have ever seen from earlier decades.

The old shows of the 70s/80s/90s were incredibly tame. Their scripts were sanitized to make sure they didn't offend anyone. The result was that they effectively cut the balls off of any script that dared to be bold.

With internet distribution, we don't have that problem anymore -- scripts can dare to offend people now, and the result has been a phenomenal increase in quality.

I started noticing the new "golden age" of TV back when Arrested Development came out. Ever since then, I noticed a significant increase in quality of the best shows. (Maybe it started a few years earlier and I didn't pay attention.) Now, shows from earlier decades just seem like bland baby food to me.
TV is unwatchable these days but 80s TV isn't much better.

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im addicted to camgirls. help.

(i never tip though, that's beta shit)
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What site do you like?
If you're paying a lot of money for them, why not just fuck a prostitute?
chaturbate and mfc

i usually try to find hot girls and just download caps

>Be me, 19 and NEET
>Have fear of driving
>Debilitating panic attacks when sitting in driver's seat
>Parents disappointed in me
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>fear of shitting self for no reason
>dont eat before class/work/driving because so
>also never eat out
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Fear of encountering people on the street and they suddenly asking "what you've been up to wich University you studying?

Been Neet since 2014
>terrified of carnival rides

I had a near death experience at the county fair when I was a kid. I'll still go on rides if they're low to the ground, but I've been afraid of heights ever since.

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Has a roastie every microaggressed against you, /R9k/?

Feels bad, man.
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whad do you mean by this, my dude ?
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Like when they do a subtle gesture that makes you feel marginalized such as not making eye-contact with you because of your race or gender.

Pic related
Holy mother of autism! Nigger you aren't some sort of psychic .. you have no clue why they are behaving a certain way unless you communicate with them! People have bad days and other shit going on in there lives. Get over yourself the world does not revolve around you! Go to >>>/adv/ NOW!

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post IDs and what not
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haven't seen one of these in a long time

most people got banned and mods are really harsh on those threads nowadays
i don't see what it changes or how it hurts anyone, but i guess keeping the terrible terrible "circlejerkers" from interacting positively makes them feel like they're doing actual work instead of taking care of all the agendaposters
whatever, angry frog threads sure are better than people trying to make friends

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pepe poopoo nod.gif
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I'm going to a free speech rally in a couple of weeks and I want to put together a protest sign featuring the old school, poo poo Pepe, who I personally prefer to the newer Nazi Pepe. I've got some images, but now what I need is a good slogan. I've deduced that the formula for a catchy chant is two lines, one with four syllables and one with seven syllables.

"Poo poo, pee pee,
1 2 3 4 5 6 7."

So, put your creativity to work and help me figure out what to plug in for those seven syllables. Here's what I've got so far.

"You can't take our liberty."
"Behead those who disagree."

One's straight-forward and the other is sarcastic, but both are much too serious. I want something light-hearted.

I can also do "pee pee, poo poo," but I haven't thought of any good slogans that end in "oo."
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>using memes irl

cringed desu

why even live robotos???
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why wont she love me???

im sad
hold me robot friendos...
ummmm op......,

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Have you drank the liberal all gender coolaid yet /r9k/?
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This is a fake. No way this is real.

Nice try OP.
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Please tell me this is fake.

Where did you get this?

Oh jesus fucking christ it's real.

This shit is sickening. Post this on /pol/ to increase coverage.

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So i have to get a CRN screen on the first of may. Its an evaluation of my alcohol and drug use. I also have to get a urinalysis. And apparently it detects alcohol on this body upto 80 hours after your last drink.

I drank about 8 ounces yesterday night. What can i do to flush it out? Im drinking apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and coconut water. I forgot to get cranberry juice, but im drinking cherry juice also. Ive got ONE day to clear myself.
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That shit doesn't work, also are you under 21(not that I give a shit, it would just make more sense). I know of a vitamin you can get that flushes out dmt of your system, so it might work with alcohol, just look it up. You just need to make your liver more active somehow and drink a lot of water, good luck Anon.
Couldn't you not drink for several days before the drug test, especially if it was important? I can go weeks without drinking. You alcoholics, man.

Look into something called "NAC supplement". Ask your CVS or Vitamin shop/GNC if they have it. It helps the liver process out drugs, tylenol and booze in particular.
>80 hours
It can detect alcohol use up to 5 days, you tard. 80 hours is lowballing it.
Alcohol isn't illegal, so why are you sweating it?
And unless you have access to dialysis equipment, the immunoassay used to detect the alcohol metabolite (ethyl glucuronide) is nothing you can beat.

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I'm so fucking depressed and angry.
It's Saturday night and I'm locked away in my fucking room in my laptop on 4chan.

Nothing makes me happy anymore
I smoke weed to try to scape from my misery
>tfw I'm high as fuck and I'm more miserable than I've ever been
>I drink alcohol to not give a fuck about my shitty life and just be happy with my misery
>tfw drunk as fuck
>still feeling fucking miserable
Music used to make me feel good as fuck when drunk, now I don't know what the fuck to play because nothing can cheer me up

I'm starting to think that it's time for me to lose my virginty, I mean, I'm 26 years old and I've never kissed a girl before. I don't wanna fall for the girlfriend meme, but I think that if I had female company right now, I wouldn't be feeling like this, I feel so miserable and invisible, nobody gives a fuck about me

Currently crushing on a girl that I work with, and I think she likes me too, but I'm too much of a pussy to ask for her number without spelling all my spaghetti all over the floor and having to quit my job just because of that. I know that if I ask for her number, she'll give it to me, but I just don't know how to ask for it without making it obvious that I'm desperate as fuck
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>but I just don't know how to ask for it without making it obvious that I'm desperate as fuck

In what way do you think you'll sound desperate?
losin virginity is fast track to faggot town. itll make you weak
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If I constantly think about having a fatal heart attack, will it happen?
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Probably not, qt pie.
Don't think so, having every meal at McDonald's might help though.

Follow your dreams and anything is possible.
If you could will your own death, people wouldn't need the noose.

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