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I eat literally nothing but bread.
I eat three loaves of bread a day, and it's real cheap too.

>buy my bread from save-a-lot (white trash grocery store)
>one loaf of cheap bread is $0.99
>decide to start buying three loafs a day, since the bread is right by the registers
>every single day for the past four months, i have bought three loafs of bread, no more, no less
>there's a new girl that's worked for three days
>do my daily bread shopping today
>go to pay for my meal
>girl says "why do you buy bread every day?"
>i have never spoken to a cashier before at this store
>"maybe we can talk over a loaf?" in a broken voice void of confidence
>internal cringe of a thousand english class speeches
>she has the most disgusted look on her face, dots her eyes down to my new balances, to my kekistan hoodie, and ends her optical evaluation at my Make America Great Again hat
>she says "l-let me go get my manager"
>nope the fuck out

What the fuck do I do? The other store makes you pay $2.50 for a loaf.
I don't have the money for that shit. But I don't want to be BTFO by the store manager either.
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ever thought about making bread yourself? its easy, costs literally nothing and tastes way better
How would I do that?
I don't have a stove or oven.
ive done the math and it costs about the same as cheap store white bread. its a lot nicer of course

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how do i gape my ass for my bf
he sticks it in my ass and nothing happens when he pulls out

pls halp
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Are you a guy?

Or are you a girl?
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What should happen? Shouldn't he just fuck you there and take it out when he has had his relief
its his fetish

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if you're a person that went to this school, and not Theresa Soley; you TOTALLY LOST THE GAME
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Fuck off cunt

Fo real.
fuck u lil bitch I bet u still live in tosa
dood that lucas rumiinski is a wiggamocoptulussignamogopulusitiousdflkajsf

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What do you do when you're feeling down? I feel like I'm a really angry depressed right now for no reason, so I can't collapse on my bed and just go to sleep.
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I smike and listen to upbeat music.

>I feel like I'm a really angry depressed right now for no reason
Are you about to get your period?
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I usually just jam out to whatever music speaks to me. which means I listen to lonerism on repeat

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give each other advices, comment on good things in life, say what makes you happy
think happy : )
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negative thoughts lead to death.
Being happy gets you laid.
all you need to do is get happy, approach her and even if you fug up, know that it is not the end of the world, that there are billion girls out there and that you only improved your sociability by making those small steps forward

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i'm right depressed lately guys, i marginally enjoy some things in life more than i don't enjoy other things, and it's enough to keep me from killing myself, but my god if i don't want to just step in front of a bus every day
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I'm on a waiting list for CBT, but I don't know when I'll get to it. It's months long.
Does that shit even work?

unoroingla comment

can any of you robots suggest me a top tier anime?

I have watched around 500 animes over the years and cant find anything that catches my interest
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Real robots watch k-dramas.
Which genres do you prefer? Any anime type that you hate?
I guess i prefer things that will make you cry

also I am extremely tired of slice of life since I have watched so much of ot

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How do I stop loving my girlfriend? She's holding me back from being a true antisocial NEET and I really want to be one. How do I force myself to stop loving her?
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Let her fuck another guy.
She already did early on. As heartbreaking as it was, it didn't stop me from loving her
xd cyka blyat idi nahoi ruski csgo vodka blyat xdddd

tfw used to enjoy competitive games a lot and being good at them but now my depression has made it harder for me to get into the right mindset to play competitively

pic related
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i know that feel annon, ive been through the same thing, i used to play CS, was fairly good at it too (LEM) and one day... i just gave up, it was no longer fun, it was just stress inducing.
Competitive games are not so fun anymore because of so many people use cheap tactics and exploits. It's like they are not in the game for fun but to be the best on the leaderboard.
Then you have call of duty who sells so well because it's super fast paced and people get killed in an instant. This kind of gameplay can make everyone feel like a badass when getting a kill is so cheap.
IQ is mai waifu do not steal

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my co worker said my wallpaper was inapropiate, opinions?
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literally nothing inappropriate about it.
Nothing inappropriate about it, but it is unprofessional and you won't be taken seriously
If you cannot see what the problem is you are too fucking autistic to be working with other people.

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How do I know if a "massage parlor" offers more than just massages?
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You have been muted for 4 seconds
Try to find one of those tantric things, that offer yoni massages (and the equivalent for guys obviously, forgot what's it called)
>yoni massages (and the equivalent for guys obviously, forgot what's it called)
Prostate massage.

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*blocks your path*
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to kill some niggers, where did you think i was going?
>*unsheathes katana*
>*teleports behind giga nigga*
Hue, Nothing personal, kid...
hey guys this is my new sonic character nigga the gorilla please don't steal

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if you can read this its because you are a nice person <3
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If I can read that post it's because I happened to be browsing /r9k/ when you put the post up.

I'm not a nice person, if I was I'd have plenty of people who cared about me. I wish I was, but I'm not.
Award for worst post of all time
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you're just too blinded by your hatred for yourself to see that other people care about you

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So anons, on your day of retribution, what would your shirt say? How would you stand out?
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>natural selection
Wew lad try this one on for size
is it autistic that I want that natural selection shirt? I've thought about buying one before but I'd be scared that someone'll recognize it/ask about it.
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>"Hakuna Matata"
People will associate Hakuna Matata to my heroic actions. Disney's first gay couple would be crushed. Disney and the gay community would probably suffer the consequences of it. Too bad I wouldn't be around to see it.

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Does it seem impossible to anyone else to work a 9 to 5 job? I feel like I can barely take care of myself let alone do a full time job. How do the normies do it?
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9pm - 5am
hi, its not so bad, just love the thing you are doing. that or just do your best at everything you do. even if you hate it, at least u can say well i did my best, and take a little joy in that, and slowly your personality starts to change and then you dont hate anything anymore. doing your best starts to become second nature, and iono but the sun shines a little brighter

But how do they muster up the energy to do it every day for years and years?

I honestly just want to lay down and die when I think about what my life is going to be.

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