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>they made Akuma into a manlet in tekken 7

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who /jack6/ here?
>he doesnt main Leo for the possibility he's playing a trap

hahahahahahhaha faggots
He's Japanese, what did you expect? Plus, why else would he be so perma-salty as to turn to the satsui no hadou?

For me, it's King and I've just started re-learning Paul. I love how Murrika he is now.

What is it about Arab men that makes European women get so wet and giddy?
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Their big moroccan cocks make their pussies tingle
It's that the Jews told them to, same as always. That and the two-pronged attack of thwarted masculinity, again, by the Jews
Their not white

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I'm sorry for your loss anon. Remember, time heals all w-

Actually you know what? I'm sure plenty of normies will console you like this to make them feel better.
But you'll still feel like shit. Nothing anybody says can make it better. Here or irl. It sucks.
Find a quiet place to be alone for a while, and cry your eyes out for a while. Drink. Do drugs. Start fights. Do whatever you want.
Just remember that nothing will bring your dad back. Eventually you will have to move on.
You can use it for your advantage though. Girls love it if you "open up" to them emotionally, and this could be it.
Death, death, death, death, death, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, suffer, pain, agony, defeat.
This. He dead. He wont come back.
Move on. Use it as an advantage.
Think about the future. Don t stay in the past.

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While feminism has a lot of issues, the one positive impact it has on our society is its shaming of beta male sexuality.

Beta male sexuality getting shamed will prevent betas from spreading their genes and harassing women.

Alphas on the other hand are encouraged to fuck all the women they want ensuring a stronger future generation
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i hope females gonna like it too when there will be no civilization just gangs,rapes etc...
Yes because we need more big dumb ass jocks.
>typing on a computer made by a beta male.
>using internet, microwave, canned food, medicine, clean water, equal rights.
The list goes on but "chad" is just trump with alot of muscles and tattoos.
Minus the businesses sense.
But go take a look at the middle east of middle africa if you want an all chad world.
You become sex slaves and we go back to the age of stone and strength,
No thanks cunt whore, I like my electricity and internet video games.
>world of chads OMG GURRLS SO HAWT
Again chads are just rich pretty boys...
Bitter beta detected

How's that pussyfree life going? Lol

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>tfw your parents buy your NEET ass alcoholic drinks every weekend
>tfw they've done it for like the last 40 weeks
>tfw you're an obese friendless virgin NEET
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Look it up.
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Sounds alright and makes me wish I was a russian gypo but I'm not so rap it is

Is that an SCP reference?

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Honest inquiry, why aren't you a cuck?
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Living with mommy in the basement is the most superior way of living.
How do I become a cuck
Because I can't be bothered to play VLR

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Just found a lump on my nutsack. Too broke to get it checked out by a doctor. What do?
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not worry about it. Chances are it's just a sebaceous cyst.
Stab it with a needle and squeeze it.

I love popping a big zit on my cock or balls.
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Read The Tibetan Book of The Dead and prepare for your imminent death.

The main symptom of testicular cancer is a lump or a swelling in the testicle. On the sack itself doesn't sound too bad, but I'm no doctor. Lump at the bottom of the testicle may just be the sperm tube (I have that)

If there is such a thing as a 10/10 it's her imo
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her tits are too wide apart, that's a 0.5 right there. don't even get me started on her face
I disagree and show me a 9+/10
literally a 10

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Why do girls always pick the jerks instead of nice guys like me?
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never seen this before

really made me laugh out loud
I'm surprised that sentence is original
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poor chad got cucked by roboto again

Why is incest such a hot fetish?
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Forbidden idea. Plus its rarely cute IRL and mostly for people who dont have siblings
cuz you r fucked up in the head m8
It's not incest they're not blood related. It's only taboo on paper. Also it's a shit fetish written by sad nip man children

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It's between midnigjht and 5 am. You lie in your bed, exhausted. You pull the bed sheets up. What are you thinking about robots?
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when mumkey jones is going to upload on his suicide channel
>It's between midnigjht and 5 am
It's 10:30pm here, but I'm still feeling "tfw you'll never be anyones best friend"

I will never be the sole person anyone wants to spend their time with. I'm forever a side character no matter what. That's what 5 years of being NEET has taught me.
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it's 2pm here in bongland but when I do get in bed I usually think about how I'm probably gonna lay there awake for the next 4-6 hours on 4chan & get 2 hours sleep max.

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How does sex in relationships happen? Do they have like a schedule where they always have sex on certain days of the week in the evening or can the guy whenever he feels horny just walk to the girl and have sex wirh her?
Sorry if its a dumb question I am asking seriously.
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I think chads just get it whenever he feels like.

Normies have to jump through all the flaming hoops first
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I thought it was usually "guy starts doing touchy-feely shit, girl either shoots him down if she doesn't want to or keeps going if she does"

this is second-hand anecdotal knowledge
depends. I also had a girlfriend who was hornier than I was, usually.
but otherwise you're right.

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hqdefault (1).jpg
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Fembots, why haven't you eaten cum yet??
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Don't ever do this - you'll get throat cancer
Looks disgusting and my exposure to my brothers room confirms it smells terrible. Smell heavily affects taste so if it smells bad it assuredly tasted bad. It'd also require sexual exposure to another which I couldn't care less about when it comes to men.

It doesn't taste terrible, but it clings to your throat and burns and makes you choke.

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Does anyone else only go out when they're wearing a jumper so nobody sees their scrawny arms, Or is it just me

Thats the only thing I think i'm insecure about. It's super hard for me to put on weight, also cant be bothered going to the gym.
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loads of us look like that, get over it. if you cba to workout it's either that or be fat. I look a little better because i worked out for a year or so last year and have sat on my ass and eaten lots, walked alot but not done hard exercise and i look better for the weight
embrace it breh. lots of grills like skinny bois whereas being fat isn't appealing to anybody.
I'm fat and I routinely only wear a t-shirt + jeans outside. My arms are hairy as fuck too. I do not give a shit

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im being forced to go to china by my dad. He said it's for my own good because western upbringing has made me complacent.
You were right pol. All the gooks are getting shipped back.
He wants me to stay in china for 6 months. Im going to die in china before I get the chance to come back.

Pic is proof of my shipment
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so just... don't go? he can't physically force you to get on the plane. think about it. stay in australia where it's somewhat decent, or go to china where everything sucks and the people are rude and awful
To be fair, Austrialia is hardly a western upbringing. Still, you should tell your chink father that you're not going to some second world hell hole just because he's got a sadistic boner for hard times.
He prolly has a huge gambling debt, and it selling you to a sweat shop.
You gotta go back
Stay there you fucking Chink

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