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What's the difference between teenage/young relationships and adult (21+) ones? 21 year old khv here.
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The only real love and affection happens in teenage relationships.

Even if you lose your KHVness, adult relationships will pale in comparison.
Probably this. 23KV here. I'm assuming that people become jaded or blase. You kind of know what to expect and you don't become super attached.

How many 20+ people are depressed when they break up?
I would think that teenage love is all based of physical attraction, no? Pernsinalities haven't fully developed yet. But then again I have no experience so I'm probably wrong.

"...and up next is Anon who will be reading a poem entitled 'Dear Normies'. Anon, the mic is yours, go ahead."
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The word normie has been appropriated by edgy Facebook meme accounts
my normie irl acquaintances use the word normie
This is what cultural appropriation feels like

This is how my ideal husband lookz like. Your thoughts, fags?
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Yeah right. If he went off the steroids he'd be a beta male in short order. Since his balls no longer produce test
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why are so many of these manlets jesus

>he doesn't know what post-cycle and maintenance drugs are

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Come share anything creative in the robot creativity thread
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look at my shitty art

t. schizophrenic robot

I had a theory that god is an eye reminds me of that, all gods ascend into the being of just an eye

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Any tips or advice so I don't end up like pic related?
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>any tips or advice
Viagra nigger.
Practice on putting a condom on now

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>summer is over
>2017 is almost over
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I wish it was 1995 again.
She felt good.
in no time you'll be 50 and wonder where the all the time you though you had went.
lol 50

i'm 25 and wonder where the fuck all the time i had went.

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Right lads, I've got a job for you wonderful retards. How do I fuck over my asshole friend in the best way (without breaking the law)?
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fuck his asshole, friend
You need to be more specific. How, exactly, do you wanna fuck him over? Do you just wanna prank him, or do you wanna ruin his life/job/relationship?
create an elaborate fake greetext with lots of pathos that demonizes your friend and post it on /b/ with his info

maybe 1 or 2 autists will send him a "fuck you" or something

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>tfw 27
>finally get a gf
>she's 16 (consenting age here)
>society and family disapproves of age gap
>have to split because of this

Almost had the love of my life. Ruined by normies interfering. I want out of this world now.
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good riddance you weird pedo fuck. just because its legal doesnt make it right.
>telling people you're dating
You got cucked. Don't get cucked again.

>begins scanning your items
what do you do?
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Pull my credit card out and wait to pay.
Get out my purse, don't say anything and wait. Maybe try not to look like a zombie, smilying a tiny bit.
Politely make small talk pay and leave. What do YOU do?

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Greentext right fucking now motherfucker
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Posting in a semi-legendary thread!
I forgot to say AF!
That's 4k
Explain yourself

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britfeel august 3.jpg
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Only 2 days to go until the rationed 2 days of freedom from wageslavery edition
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evein lads i hate you all how are you ?
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What are you all waiting for in the post lads?
I've got this thing coming, hope it's as comfy as it looks.
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These threads have improved since Ebin has gone.
Any of you lads seen any good movies recently? I'm bored and I need something to watch while eating my cheapo sains snacks

*breathes in*

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>Literally losers
>This is now an acceptable way to scientifically describe anything
The study found that men who are worse at video games are way more likely to harass females in video games. So yes, it literally studied losers (of video games).
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more shaming tactics.when will these feminists and beta cucks learn that this is not working anymore.

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Will antidepressants make >tfw no gf away? I'm losing it here.
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I saw her on omegle

Her eyes
Trust no thot
They might. Probably worth looking into if you're troubled
I don't know. I'm not depressed, but yet I'm nowhere close to being able to get a gf.
Maybe you should focus on getting happiness through other means rather than something as unachievable. as getting a gf.

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It's freeleech week on BakaBT. I want to try to do something nice for my fellow robots, so pick something and I will download it and upload it to MEGA/etc. for you. I will ask you to wait about a week before I post the link just so I don't run the risk of getting banned.
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The fourth season of Gunsmoke.
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I didn't see that anon, any of these what you are looking for?
Isn't bakabt closed now?

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So why do women have no actual interests?
It seems like they're never really passionate about anything. It seems they're only slightly interested in subjects, but it never occupied their life.

What goes on in their mind the entire time when it doesn't have any passionate interest or aim?
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I can't type 3 words without getting angry and then deleting my post.
And you do? Do video games really trump making memories traveling/nights out?
Married with kid here. What runs through my mind? Literally everything. What we'll eat, what school will be like, what chores to do first, what I'll eat, remember my meds, run errands, etc.

Sometimes I'll be occupied with a hobby, but I've lost some interest in nice hobbies of mine because of life. I really do wanna get back into them though. It's just a matter of putting time aside to just relax and do something I enjoy.

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