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blank post.png
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>I "chose" to come to this board
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This board is cursed.
i dont know how or why but i think this board is slowly messing with my head
all im wondering is how rare that pepe is

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Elliot london.png
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>the sister of Elliot is uncomfortable around him
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what a disgusting bunch of "humans"
lol hes a fucking turbo manlet

anyway he looks too feminine for girls to find attractive (im a girl). he looks like shit, and looks pretty creepy
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>he looks like shit, and looks pretty creepy
What do you mean he looks like shit? Did you forget to buy new glasses?

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the feels.png
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>male robot talks about having a gf and getting laid
>people tell him to rightfully fuck off this board
>female "fembot" or trannie talks about having a bf and getting laid
>FUCKING NOTHING from the fembots
>male robots have to do Kami Sama's work and tell them to fuck off themselves
Not calling you guys roasties, yet I'd admit that I don't believe in the fembot philosophy.
We talk about what makes a robot countless times here, but this for you women. What the fuck what would make a fembot and why don't you guys call out what you would see as a fake "fembot" here?
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because fembots are inauthentic robots by birth, it's not their fault but they'll never be robots.
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Lol, your asking the women of this board to start catfighting.

I lub it. We should instill our robotic women with pride too.
I need to know makes a fembot anon.
Not sure if you saw it, but either yesterday or a few days ago some roastie who fucked Tyrone and had multiple friends was calling herself robotic since she had a slight quiet personality.
Pissed me off how no fucking fembots called her out on that. Is that non-fembot behavior? Who the fuck knows if they never describe what a fucking fembot is.

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>watching porn
>the dog has a bigger dick than you
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>cat has new batch of kittens
>not a single one of them has white fur

>watching porn
>the girl has a bigger dick than you
really not even that fucking shit spelling was originial??

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How did my ice do this
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hot ice passed by
But seriously
Did you have something leaking over it?

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Can guys smell it when a girl is on her period? I know dogs can smell it when I'm on mine, and I always wonder about men.
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You're not a girl. Girls don't make jokes about illegal immigrants or even care.
Yes sometimes. Get some dry feminine powder spray. Works like a charm
I'm pretty racist despite being a girl though. I like Asians but other than that most non-whites seem like garbage to me.

I don't talk about politics much irl though, it is weird for a girl to be super into the far right

nobody can replace my friend
nobody can
i can never move on
my only friend left me because im trash and there's nothing to do
i have no purpose
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post your steam or discord then ill be your friend if you arent a normie
aya is my friend not yours

aya hates you
How many years did you know him?

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What age girls can I still have sex with and it be socially acceptable at 20?
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Half your age plus 7 is the standard rule that normans usually abide by
I came here to post this
Carry on
Don't listen to that guy, it's actually half your age minus 7 is the standard rule for social acceptable

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I don't even enjoy video games anymore, is there anything left for me in this world? Will i die here? On this board?
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Eventually you will. I too stopped finding video games and anime fun. I completely stopped playing and watching them and now I just spend all my time on /r9k/.
fuck glad to know im not the only one
oh no, video games are the only good thing on earth! might as well kill yourself retard!

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If I get really buff and go to a convention, what are the odds I will be approached by cosplay women who wanna "share their interests" with me?
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1. women go to cons for attention, they have no interests there aside from that
b. you're a faggot, and see above
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Are you intentionally this retarded?
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you've been trickered, anon

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>When mommy FINALLY goes black

Is there anything better than this?
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moms pussy belongs to sons cock not some dumb jungle bunny
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litterly the best thing that exists
can I watch mom?

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>mfw i remember "fake crying" in an attempt to get a girl to fuck me out of pity

it didn't work
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That's pathetic.

To be completely honest with you senpai baka
Your fake crying has turned into real now.

Why do Italians get so fucking defensive and emotional over food? You go to a Gordon Ramsay video about making pasta and look at the comments and you see "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT MICHELIN STARS THAT'S NOT HOW YOU COOK PASTA. I'M ITALIAN MY GRANDPA SHOWED ME, PASTA IS IN MY BLOOD, YOU COME TO ITALY I SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE PASTA"
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It's both a meme and a cultural thing, we're just half serious. Our cuisine is quite famous and widespread across the world so it's quite common to see bastardised versions of our dishes pretending to be real Italian food, which is if not disrespectful quite cringy (spaghetti with meatballs for example, or pizza with pineapples).
They've perfected sexual forwardness now they focus on the culinary arts
>Why do Italians get so fucking defensive and emotional over food?

its all they have

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Holy fuck is there anything I can do to not be terribly nervous all the time that isnt:

I feel like I can't even function anymore I'm a nervous wreck at work, I sweat, my heart feels like its going to burst, I have constant diarrhea, I might just need to kill myself.
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Here's your problem junkie, now go back to >>>/drugs/
Are you retarded? I asked if there was anything else I could try. I haven't tried these things, I don't want to.
Iearn how to read

>tfw want to cut myself again but afraid of ending up in a psych ward
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Tell us what's happening in your life right now, Anon. What's up?
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I just got out of a psych ward but still feel like shit.
Just take a shower and take a nap. Relax.

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