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Enjoy your last couple hours of freedom, wagies. Mr Shekleberg is waiting.
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Jokes on you NEETie, I have 4 days off this week and I work weekends which means I get to go out and make the normies serve me.
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>Barely two free hours per day
>I just want to play a videogame or watch a movie
>I literally have to stop sleeping if I want to do it
>Feel like shit the rest of the day because of that


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Ive read about it on /x/ and surprisingly /pol/ but ive never heard about it anywhere irl. Whats it like? How does one do it? Any experiences?
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I layered it in between two beds of kief and weed in a bowl. I would recommend it if you can get the real deal. Personally I took a trip through my past dreams, and my oneitis walked me through them.
Not me but my friend is an avid dmt and psych user. Describes it as about 10 seconds after smoking you start trippin hard for ~45 mins. You lose sense of time and describes the trip as being shown something, rather than a more 'interactive' trip you'd associate with shrooms or lsd, since you're essentially unconscious for this experience. Very personal drug and not something you do at a party. He he would do it in his room by himself and I would just double check on him like 2 hours later.

unless you're experienced on your psychs with safe stuff and a trip sitter, stay away. That shit can scar you mentally.
so you stay inone spot the whole trip? you cant move around?

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What do you think about xer, robots?
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I would nut in xer mouth
gimme the rundown ya cunt.
she seems nice desu

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Someone told me that I should try drugs before I kill myself
How do I start my fellow robots?
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What kinda drugs? Psychs are great. Especially if you can get a good supply and microdose after you've experienced the spectrum. Makes life kinda bearable (Still have suicidal thoughts and existential thoughts) but it helps
I think heavier stuff, someone told me to start doing drugs because maybe I'll reevaluate my life
Don't. You won't want to kill yourself anymore, but it won't fix your problems either.

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>tfw power top born in a twink body
Worst feel
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>>tfw power top born in a skinny short female body
It could be worse.
>caveman body
>literally 5'4"

what did evolution mean here
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>get hit on by power top twink
>the personality is right yet i'm taller by 90cm
>this just does not feel right, abort abort.
I feel so vapid and judgmental now.

I have a deodorant that i use every 2hours so my parents don't have to have a bad smell everyday.
A set of pencils and paper for noting stuff down.
A huge pile of paper for universoty i haven't looked at yet although finals are around.
My keyboard and mouse for video games.
I don't really have a desk or a room though. I use the dinner table where i sit all day with my laptop. It honestly annoying when you have to turn up your volume toi max just to hear some ingame sounds, because my parents blast the TV 24/7. I have 0 privacy.... Any ways to move out and make quick cash?
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Aside from the cups from having Tea, i have my computer to the right, my two main displays attached to a stand. Another older monitor to the left with my ps3 behind

Lately I've had some old hot wheels cars to mess with sitting in front of my numpad, bought a model S to go with some of the classics from my childhood
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i have a few piss jars/mugs, 2 bin bags on the floor full of wank tissues and empty take out boxes and a shit load of dirty dishes
have you considered painting them? They would look a ton better

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>What is the gospel?
The gospel is the message that Jesus Christ, although existed in the very form of God, did not consider that equality something to be held onto and chose to leave that heavenly place, enter into his own creation and die for the sins of his people. But guess what he rose on the third day because death could not hold it's grip on the blessed son of God and when you are resurrected on the day of judgement the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead will also be the same spirit that raised you on the last day.

>How to enter heaven
One enters into heaven through faith alone, for Christ had already died for our sins and so what could we possibly add on to that? Are we to say that the blood of Christ is not sufficient and we are to add onto that? No, his blood cleansed us of sin and to be cleansed of your sins you first must believe and Christ will do the rest.

I invite Christians, agnostics, atheists and everything in between, that includes people of other faith, to discuss Christianity and learn more about the largest religion in the world. God bless! I the past I have tried to appeal to non-believers by kinda white washing but now, none of that but also be prepared because you might not get the answers you like although they might be true. I have also created a discord server which is mainly for Christians and non-believers looking for a discussion. It's not really meant for discussion, but if you do cause trouble, you will be removed from the server.

Thread: XIX

Cont of: http://boards.4chan.org/r9k/thread/37622352b
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Is it gay to attracted to traps and trannies?
Is it a sin to marry them?
Actually, cont of this thread: >>37622352

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I'm so fucking bored.

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I'm bored AND horribly hungover. I want to fucking kill myself and stab a knife in my head
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Do do push-ups,
Drink a glass of water,
Then take a nap anon preferably with a nice comfy documentary or some classical music on
Why don't you open a " wage cuck thread" and make fun of people who work and have interesting lives?

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Now here is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down
Now I'd like you to sit right over there
So I can tell you how I turned from a 24 y.o. khv to a backstabbing bastard who has to decide between a relationship material grill and a fuckbuddy for the next 6 months.

>be me
>24 y.o. khv studying mech. engineering
>share an appartment with my 2 best friends of 13 years, be like family by now
>be a bitter robot, lurking on r9k, hating the world, women, and myself
>be trying to drown the painful lack of social interaction by immersing myself in my studies
>be unable to convince myself that I don't need human/female warmth anymore as of lately
>try to go on a few dates here and there; zero success; literally get told by a grill that she hates when virgins try to approach her -> complexes ensue -> downward spiral
>get half a kiss in a dare as in "you kiss anon, and we buy you a drink"
>be M, one of my roommate buddies: good looking, be hopelessly in love with a tindermatch (let's call her J) 500km away who has been leading him on with false hopes for a year, despite me trying to convince him that she's bad news
>one day M gets her to chat me up on FB so I can see that "she's actually pretty nice" and not a manipulative bitch at all
>try to be brutally honest with her, she reciprocates, end up being completely open and onest to each other. She too is a virgin (at the age of 21), hates partying and drinking just as me, shares my love for the lord of the rings movies
>text for days and weeks to come; apparently she never had any feelings for M at any time; start to fall for each other because we both never had anyone to be able to talk that honestly and open with
>M gets suspicious, pissed at times as he notices that I'm hiding something; can't stop chatting with her because it was the first time I felt accepted for what I was.

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>M gets suspicious, pissed at times as he notices that I'm hiding something; can't stop chatting with her because it was the first time I felt accepted for what I was.
>finally admit that we like each other and want to meet, despite M; be in full rose-tinted glasses mode, be thinking she's the only chance for happiness for pathetic guy like me.
>I go for half a year to another city for my internship, she starts university with all of the partying and drinking that goes with it; become anxious as I realise that she could get any guy she wants if she wanted to, with alcohol (and her lack of experience with it) possibly facilitating things; become paranoid due to non-existent self-esteem
>things go full emotional rollercoaster: she goes crazy because of the smallest things just to turn more lovey dovey than ever before the following day
>november 9th: trump gets memed into presidency; she ends everything due to it being "too much, too distancy, too complicated because of M"
>be completely broken having the feeling that I've lost the only chance for happiness in my life; still try to be "civil" and "stay friends" with her
>start going to the gym, start drinking, start trying to go to bars/clubs in the new city with the few new friends i found there in a futile attempt to reinvent myself and change SOMETHING
>a few months later she tells me how she found a bf, lost her v card with him and how amazing sex with him is; hurts as hell as we wanted to lose our virginities together back then; lose last bits of hope
>around this time M tried to visit her as a surprise to finally meet the girl that fucked with his head for such a long time (turns out she's been sending him "i love you"s the whole time); get unsurprisingly rejected; blames me for sabotaging them, wishes a painful death for me
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>be on my lowest low; start viewing the internship city as my personal vegas ("what happens in vegas..."); start watching PUA-seminars as a way to deal with this shit; too anxious to try out anything of it
>get a match with a cute gamer grill (let's call her S) on tinder; "fake it till you make it" to the max in regards of self-esteem; make out on first date, second base on the second, she rides me on the third one;
>confess to her that she was my first on the fourth date; apparently she thought it was sweet and she didnt understand how it took that long for me
>realise that J wasn't the only one in the universe capable of liking me, that it's possible that I'm not an absolute piece of trash i thought i was; become dangerously close to catching feels for S, but due to me having to move back to my university town the following day it would be quite unwise...
>march '17: be back in uni town, notice that M ignores me completely and my other roommate buddy only says the bare minimum
>i fucked up: J gone, S gone, fucked up the two best friendships of my life
>fast forward to today: another tinder ONS in an catholic female dorm, a failed friendship with benefits (she claimed she couldn't keep a cool head with me), and now i have a netflix'n'chill evening coming up with one grill, another one expects a fuckbuddy-relationship; with my two roommates hating my guts it wouldn't work out anyway as they would sabotage me as soon as they find an opportunity

In the meantime i confessed everything i did to M. For one moment he showed some amount of understanding ("you were in love; the manipulative bitch played us both") but went back to despising me 5 minutes later. The atmosphere in our apartment is as toxic as ever. I feel as miserable as ever as I am truly a treacherous piece of shit who backstabbed his best friend for the possibility of getting some pussy. I would gladly turn back time to not accept J's first text. I would give anything to make it right again, but alas, it seems like i fucked up for good.

Now I'm apparently trying to drown this feel of worthlessness by catching up with everything i missed in the 24 pathetic years of my life.

What do we learn from this?
1: bros b4 hoes
2: bros b4 hoes
4: no, seriously, a good friend is worth a thousand times more that a grill
5: if you get dumped, if you are broken, if your heart is torn to shreds: use this frustration to build yourself up anew. Change something. Let the rage fuel you
6: "fake it till you make it" works
7: it IS a numbers game
8: women don't make you happy

Ask me anything

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Anri 6.jpg
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In no more than 5 greentext lines, describe the perfect woman
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>gives me infinite amounts of money at (my) will
>gives me infinite amounts of love at (my) will
>gives me infinite amounts of sex at (my) will
>leaves me alone when I tell her and she doesn't get upset about it
>she is Anri Okita
only needed one line
you forgot
>can shapeshift into whatever form i want to fuck at any given moment

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Chad, normie or robot hobbie/job?
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Wrestlers are chads no doubt. FANS of wretling, however, are huge faggots
^faggot asking for a stone cold stunner
>Wrestlers are chads no doubt
I don't know about that. Super famous ones yeah for the most part. But wrestling attracts some sincerely deranged people. Everyone has stories about the guy who wallpapered the inside of his car, or always kept a coin in his boot so he could 'Kick death in the face and he'd be contractually obligated to leave me the fuck alone' whatever that means of the guy who murdered his entire family before killing himself

t. deranged former smalltime wrestler

>tfw no alternative hipster gf
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Im black btw
I wanna give that preppy white bitch the BBC!!
That seriously looks like Mormon underwear
>tfw no qt mormon gf
Shouldn't be too hard. They're all ultra liberal race traitor trying to get back at daddy for not giving them enough allowance out of the trust fund.

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>tfw 19 year old khv jobless beta still living at home
>tfw dad is a teacher & gym dork turbo alpha
>tfw dad sympathizes with a rough kid from school
>tfw rough kid is 19, alpha, has a car, gf & job heading to good uni
>tfw you see the shame in his eyes
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You're your dads failure, not your own.
Tell him to khs for producing such a worthless piece of shit you are.
I'm thinking of kmy rn.
Although your dad is a turbo alpha, he didn't teach you how to be a man and expected you to become one magically. Some people need direction in life, throw boiling water at your dad.

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I am constantly harassed by auditory hallucination posing as a grill in her 20s.
It sometimes multiplies itself and talks with other girls.
They keep being so mean like showing me strange and scary images so I cannot even sleep.
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Hearing voices at night must be the scariest thing ever. I am sorry anon. Do you take meds for it?
I do. I don't hear things when I am on medication.
But the effect seems to be wearing off recently, so maybe I would need more drugs.
That sounds awful man, can you talk to them and they talk back, or do they just talk and ignore you?

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Are these 4 only worth-while anime movies that exist? It looks like rest is fan-service dumb weebshit without depth.
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What about JimJam's unusual journey?
cool, a status-whoring thread

le cat soup le XDD. i want to watch cartoons and not lose face with my SWPL friends, please tell me how to maintain my image with the persons whose presence is slowly driving me to suicide. i have to stay constantly soused on rum and xanny in order to function
Where's that logh or patalabor or five star stories my dude?

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