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Hey robots

I'm very curious how ok and more importantly how successful is it to just ask a girl if she wants the D. Do you need to be a certain level of coy/hiding behind certain words. can it or has it ever worked?
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Women are insanely social so unfortunately asking it in simple terms will make her think you are socially oblivious and cause her to distrust you.

Yeah, you have to be coy. Though a single layer works well enough on most girls, just ask for netflix and chill or something to an easy girl.

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Are school zones really to protect children? Or were they invented by pedophile law makers who wanted an excuse to slow down when driving by elementary schools?
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Sometimes I forget that there are actual pedos here like OP...
Who actually slows down at school zones?
People who have photo radar installed in their school zones.

>qt co worker I have been talking to for awhile car breaks down
>out of all the people she comes and asks me for a ride home
>don't have a driver license or a car
>didn't tell anyone this because this is pathetic when you are 26yrs old man
>mom picks me and co worker up
>whole time car ride is very awkward
>mom is happy because I secretly told her that this girl is my gf
>mom asks co worker how long we've been dating
>"I am not dating your son"
>ride becomes more awkward
>next day at work everyone is looking at me like I'm retarded and calling me mamas boy
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Imagine being able to wake up with joy and desire to begin another day, not crawling out of your bed in a stupor of depression and stumbling toward the tasks at hand.
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Talk about your experiences with a sex worker, whether a street hooker, escort, brothel, rub n' tug, etc.

>be me, virgin beta neet
>go to legal brothel
>tfw 15 stunning beautiful women, all 10/10, line up in front of me and introduce themselves to me one by one
>I get to pick whichever one I want and fuck the shit out of her for an hour having amazing pornstar sex with a 10/10 goddess with huge natural tits

It really is like heaven
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My best experiences have always been with licensed brothels. The girls are required to be clean, they can't deceive you with their appearance and you aren't going to a stranger's home out of the blue.

The worst experiences I've had were always with independent asian prostitutes. The first one was wrinkly and old, lied about her appearance. The second one did the same, except she was old, fat and smelled like shit. I left without getting off because I was so disgusted. The third one wasn't bad looking, but when we were doing it, she let out two really loud, wet farts in succession. It completely ruined the mood and I just wanted to leave. The only time I enjoyed an asian escort was just a rub and tug. She gave a pretty good hand job.

In short, if you want to get off, brothels are the way to go. Avoid independent asian escorts. They're liars and are just plain disgusting.
Saw my first one over the weekend. Have to try it again with a different escort, had a shitty time with this one.
>scrolling through backpage, find a bbw, everything checks out
>she has a snapchat, and a handful of reviews online
>text her to set up, says she's available
>2 call system, local hotel 8
>knock on the door
>she opens up the door, it's her, but she takes good pictures
>she claimed she's 240 in her ads, but god damn, she looked about 350
>place donation on table, was $150 for a half hour
>got super nervous for no fucking reason, combined with how suddenly turned off I was with her appearance, couldn't stay hard at all
Basically paid for a cbj and a conversation, was pretty disappointed.
Oh well, maybe better luck next time.

On the bright side, I bought a fleshlight today, shit's pretty cash.
I'm getting a bit disillusioned with escorts. Virgin that I was, I enjoyed it for the first couple of years, but now I always walk out disappointed. Overall I probably prefer masturbating, I just wish I had a gf to do things with.

I'd avoid asian parlours as well. From what I've heard/read they're very cheap, but some of the girls will barely speak english, and that sets off alarm bells in my head.

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I am 18 years old and have not left home in more than 4 months and im a neet and i dont have friends or a girlfriend

I'm wasting my youth or it's just a meme?
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>4 months

normie out OUT OUT reeeeeeeeeeee
>I'm wasting my youth
Sounds like it. They may not actually be "the best years of your life," but there's probably a better way to spend them than what you're doing.

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You've been lookin a little stressed lately
I know it doesn't mean much comin from me but there's a lot to be positive about in this world
Sometimes you gotta look at the big picture, consider the things outside your world
Once you start noticing everything outside your world your world grows, and with it comes the good things in life
Take it easy man
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fuck off

l have the soulfuI eyes of a cow.
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And the body of an undeveloped teenage girl

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>Oh no, Anon's coming my way...
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I'm just going to my seat, you stupid whore. Stop thinking the entire world revolves around you.
>walk by without caring about her
>S-sorry. I'll just go around.

be me 26 lame-o
have associate in business management but nothing to show for it and not engaged in getting my bachelors. failed at selling drugs cause i take more than i sell. need to find job soon cause neetbux denied and have to pay for car and rent or atleast car so have someplace to sleep. sick of filling out 150+ questionnaires for shitty wagecuck jobs. literally taking drugs and watching bs shitshows like athf sealab squidbillies cause they numb me and have dark lols. refuse to try and commit suicide again. going through vicious cycles of depression then rage. only fuck sluts cause they easy but miss the feeling loved i once had. i just want to be able to support myself, my two cats and addictions.

Anyone else feel the same about any of this?
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I'm trying to make friends. Is minigolf a good choice for socializing?

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Yes if you already have friends to bring with you
Only if you're a dingus

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Who here /fallsinloveeasily/? Feels like i go head over heels for a new girl every week.

Coupled with the fact that i'm a pussy who can't work up the courage to talk to a girl it feels like torture.

Can anybody else relate to this feel?
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Im the exact same way. I swear all a girl needs to do is walk past me and my heart will skip a beat. the worst is when they're being nice and you can't tell if they're interested in you or they're just being polite because thats how they are as a person. Being polite as a person is even worse because then if I did end up talking to them or asking them out to coffee or something it would be super awkward for both me and the girl.

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Any feminine boys want to be my boyfriend please please
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Yeah but I have to lose a little weight first (like 15 lbs) before being cute again is that ok?
You better not be racist or any other memeshit unless you derived those beliefs from somewhere other than 4chan
Yes it's ok

How do I contact you
Lol just kidding I only wanted to feel even slightly desired for a split second, I'm not actually interested. But I do hope you find a real human qt with real feelings anon so here is a bump.

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Does anyone know if Anon is still around, or if the story is true?

Saw someone post it on Twitter and now I feel like shit. Fuck man. Fuck cancer. Fuck step parents. Fuck Canada.
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>be introverted kv no friends
>get a new job
>try to be more extroverted and to fit in more with my co-workers
>co workers have parties/ get togethers etc.
>never get invited to anything

Should I just kill myself?
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At least you're trying son. If you make some close friends shit rolls around eventually.

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